Our Mother’s Secret Affair: Filming Locations and Cast Details

‘Our Mother’s Secret Affair’ is a Lifetime thriller film that spins the tale of an unlikely family reunion that comes under threat from a dangerous killer stalking a mother and her daughters. The tranquil lives of Diana Parker and her daughter Francine are changed forever when they become victims of a terrifying break-in one fateful night. However, what initially appears to be a random intrusion takes an unexpected turn when they discover that the intruder is none other than Diana’s biological daughter, Kasey, who was given up for adoption years ago.

Before the long-lost family members can catch up, it becomes clear that there is an unknown aggressor who knows Diana’s secrets and will stop at nothing to prevent the family from reuniting. As the clandestine threat looms ever closer, Diana and her daughters must band together to uncover the identity of their ill-wisher and put an end to their deadly game before it’s too late. Under the direction of Roxanne Boisvert, the suspenseful narrative of the movie is made more memorable by the quaint neighborhoods and homes that serve as its backdrops. Furthermore, performances by cast members serve to heighten the thrilling experience.

Where Was Our Mother’s Secret Affair Filmed?

‘Our Mother’s Secret Affair’ was comprehensively filmed in Ottawa, Ontario. Principal photography began in August 2023 and was wrapped up by early September of the same year. The cast members seem to have really enjoyed their time behind the scenes and took to social media to share their experiences. “Had the very best time filming this movie in Ottawa. I feel so blessed to have worked with so many talented, smart, fun, and kind people,” wrote lead actress Ashley Leggat in the caption of a picture she shared on social media.

Ottawa, Ontario

The capital city serves as a captivating filming location for ‘Our Mother’s Secret Affair,’ employing suburban shooting sites across the city. Ottawa’s diverse neighborhoods, such as the ByWard Market and Wellington West, offer filmmakers a variety of urban backdrops, from bustling outdoor markets and eclectic street scenes to charming historic districts and trendy modern architecture.

During filming, some of the production team were seen visiting the East Block, located at 111 Wellington Street, on Canada’s Parliament Hill. A symbol of Canada’s democratic governance, the Neoclassical-style structure is one of the three main buildings that make up the Canadian Parliament complex.

In addition to its historic charm, Ottawa also offers filmmakers access to a range of natural landscapes and outdoor settings. Gatineau Park, located close to downtown Ottawa, offers breathtaking vistas of forests, lakes, and rolling hills, presenting a picturesque backdrop for outdoor adventure. Some Lifetime movies that were shot in Ottawa include ‘Friday Night Sext Scandal,’ ‘Laughing All the Way,’ ‘Would You Kill for Me,’ ‘The Boarding School Murders,’ ‘Yes Chef Christmas,’  and ‘My Husband’s Worst Mistake.

Our Mother’s Secret Affair Cast

Ashley Leggat headlines the film as Diana Parker. Acting and dancing from a young age, Ashley landed her first role as Clara in ‘The Nutcracker,’ and went on to star in the shows ‘Real Kids, Real Adventures,’ ‘The Zack Files,’ ‘I was a Sixth Grade Alien,’ ‘Ace Lightning,’ and ‘In A Heartbeat.’ You may remember her from ‘Life with Derek’ as Casey MacDonald, ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’ as Marcia, ‘People Hold On’ as Julia, and ’11 Cameras’ as Kelly. Ashley’s latest work includes essaying Carmen Silva in ‘Hudson & Rex,’ Ivy in ‘Murdoch Mysteries,’ and Casey MacDonald in ‘Life with Luca.’

Laura Afelskie and Laura Provenzano star as the long-lost sisters Francine and Kasey, respectively. Afelskie can be seen in ‘Painkiller,’ ‘Secret Santa,’ and ‘In the Dark.’ ‘Our Mother’s Secret Affair’ is Provenzano’s second movie after ‘Yesterday Will Hurt.’ Andrea Pavlovic adds to the film with her acting chops as Lynda. Andrea is known for her work as Kris in ‘In a Violent Nature,’ June in ‘Learn to Swim,’ and Juliette Lee in ‘Daddy’s Perfect Little Girl.’

Also starring in the movie is Tim Progosh, who takes on the role of Andrew. Progosh has also acted out parts of Coach Briggs in ‘Friday Night Sext Scandal,’ Ronald in ‘An Ice Palace Romance,’ and Jeremy in ‘Laughing All the Way.’ Supporting actors of ‘Our Mother’s Secret Affair’ include Nate Colitto as Jake, JaNae Armogan as Megan, Pip Dwyer as Elle, Tianna Nori as Peg, Scott Gibson as Trevor, and Rodrigues A. Williams as Don. Other cast members seen in the movie are Tonjha Richardson as Officer Jenson, Frank Fiola as Detective Balun, and Susan Hamann as Gloria.

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