Lifetime’s Friday Night Sext Scandal: Filming Locations and Cast Explored

With director Gail Harvey at the helm, ‘Friday Night Sext Scandal’ transports us to Westmorland School, where a new football athlete becomes involved in the team’s depraved practice of collecting nude photographs of female classmates. Shawn is a rising star on his school’s football team and has become a part of its prestigious inner circle. The core members invite the newcomer to participate in a game of hunting explicit pictures of girls from their school, which they upload on a secret website to trade amongst themselves. Initially dismissive of the practice, Shawn suffers a knee injury and fears losing relevance among his teammates.

Unbeknownst to his family and best friend, Lucinda, Shawn goes on his own secret hunt. However, when the website is discovered, the victims, including Lucinda, find themselves being ridiculed and shamed. As Lucinda uncovers the truth behind the football team’s game, Shawn faces guilt and the judgment of his loved ones. With the Lifetime thriller drama taking us through authentic school backdrops and football fields, some may investigate where shooting for the movie actually took place.

Where Was Friday Night Sext Scandal Filmed?

The film was shot in locations around Ottawa and Smith Falls in the province of Ontario. Principal photography reportedly began under the tentative title ‘Teens In Trouble: Hunted’ between November 16, 2023, and December 6, 2023. Talking about building chemistry and having a great environment behind the scenes, actress Keana Lyn Bastidas said, “I felt so safe with Anthony. He is such a bright person and so positive on set. We also had a fabulous director Gail Harvey and producer Caitlin Delaney. It made the environment super comfortable.” Let us take a look at the specific sites employed in the creation of the Lifetime movie.

Ottawa, Ontario

The majestic capital city became the primary filming location for ‘Friday Night Sext Scandal,’ with most of its scenes shot around its urban landscape. Nestled along the south bank of the Ottawa River, the city features a picturesque blend of historical structures, modern architecture, and diverse natural landscapes. Some of the exterior shootings for the school’s buildings and football stadiums were carried out in Ottawa.

Ottawa is a hotbed for filmmakers looking to capture the beauty of its scenic locales as a backdrop to their narratives. Boasting a roster of gothic revival architecture, antiquated districts, bustling commercial streets, rugged wilderness, and small towns in its periphery, Ottawa is a versatile filming destination. Apart from ‘Friday Night Sext Scandal,’ the city has increasingly drawn Lifetime productions to utilize its film-friendly infrastructure. These include ‘The Boarding School Murders,’ ‘Yes Chef Christmas,’ ‘Laughing All the Way,’ ‘Would You Kill for Me,’ and ‘My Husband’s Worst Mistake.

Smiths Falls, Ontario

To create the site for the movie’s school scenes, the film crew ventured southwest of Ottawa to the small town of Smiths Falls in eastern Ontario. The Westmorland High School building seen in ‘Friday Night Sext Scandal’ is actually the Ontario Hospital School building on the Rideau Regional Center road. Situated to the east of Smiths Falls, the Ontario Hospital School is no longer functioning and has been permanently closed. Thus, the building became a perfect set to lens interior as well as exterior shots to depict Westmorland High School. The production team did extensive work to change the inscription of the institute’s name at the entrance, spruce up the unused hallways and classrooms, and bring them to life for the scenes.

Friday Night Sext Scandal Cast

Anthony Timpano leads the film by stepping into the role of Shawn Martins. Anthony began his filming career with an appearance in Nicolas Cage’s ‘A Score to Settle,’ followed by roles in ‘Tribal,’ and ‘Love, Lights, Hanukkah!.’ You may have seen him as Rob in ‘Imperfect High,’ Bingo in ‘Riverdale,’ and Dustin Yates in ‘Nancy Drew.’ Starring alongside him is the stunning Keana Lyn Bastidas as Lucinda Martins. The Toronto-born actress is recognized for essaying Callie Shaw in ‘The Hardy Boys.’ She also makes appearances in the TV series ‘Titans,’ ‘V-Wars,’ and ‘The Boys.’

Devyn Nekoda takes on the supporting role of Brooklynn. The experienced actress is known for her work in ‘Scream VI,’ ‘Annedroids,’ and ‘Backstage.’ Other cast members include Connie Manfredi as Cara, Tara Nicodemo as Lucinda Martins, Jamie Champagne as Woodley, Noah de Mel as Tyler, Colby Frost as Hallway Jock, and Matthew Benin as Mason.

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