Outlander Season 6 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

After rescuing the Sons of Liberty members from the British soldiers, Jamie returns to Fraser’s Ridge with Claire in the sixth episode of Starz’s historical series ‘Outlander’ season 6. An epidemic affects the Ridge severely, causing several deaths. Claire falls ill, alarming Jamie, Brianna, and other relatives. Malva comes forward with an astounding revelation that shakes the core of the Fraser household. The episode ends with a shocking development that will most likely change the fates of the Frasers and Christies. If you are interested in a detailed look at the same, let us share our thoughts after a quick recap! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

In the sixth episode of season 6, titled ‘The World Turned Upside Down,’ Claire realizes that an epidemic has broken out in their settlement. She tries to treat as many patients as she can and finally falls sick herself. Bedridden, Claire fights the illness while suffering from delirium and nightmares. After scaring Jamie and her other relatives, she starts to slowly recover. Brianna tells her mother that she is pregnant. From Jamie, Claire comes to know that Tom has been ill. She goes to see him and realizes that only they had the same illness, even when they haven’t been in contact with each other, while other settlers were suffering from another disease.

Claire asks for Tom’s fecal sample to conduct a test to know more about their illness but he dismisses her. Tom visits Jamie with Malva and Allan while he was about to leave for a Sons of Liberty congress. Malva reveals that she is pregnant with Jamie’s baby. To a stunned Claire, she adds that she had a consensual sexual affair with him while Claire was suffering from her illness. Jamie dismisses Malva’s revelation as a lie but Malva retaliates by revealing the positions of his private body marks. Tom asks Jamie to draw up a contract that would make him responsible for Malva and her unborn child’s livelihood and security.

Upon hearing Malva’s accusation, Claire stoops to distress. Jamie promises her that he has nothing to do with Malva. When Claire asks him about his faithfulness, Jamie confesses to being intimate with Mary MacNab when Claire returned to the 20th century. Jamie assures his wife that it was the only time he had been unfaithful to her.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 6 Ending: Is Malva Dead? Is Her Baby Dead or Alive?

Malva and her baby are dead. Upon listening to Jamie, Claire believes that her husband is not the father of Malva’s baby. She tries to talk to her apprentice regarding the same but Malva dismisses her. Days after her revelation, Malva arrives at Jamie and Claire’s house. Claire, who is having trouble with the visions of the late Lionel Brown, chooses to not talk to Malva and shuts the doors. She also inhales ether and falls unconscious for a while. After walking up, Claire steps out of her house and sees Malva’s dead body with her throat slit.

After confirming that Malva is dead, Claire tries to save the baby by making a cesarean section. She takes the baby out of Malva to rescue the same from dying but fails to do so. Malva’s baby dies, leading Claire to unbearable anguish. Malva is most likely killed by the real father of her baby, possibly to hide the truth about her pregnancy. Considering that she is killed on her way to see Jamie or Claire, Malva must have decided to reveal the truth to them, motivating the killer to put an end to her life before that happens. In return for the affection Claire has shown to her, Malva may have decided to withdraw her accusation and expose the real father, which eventually costs her life.

Malva’s death may pave the way for severe consequences in Claire and Jamie’s lives. Since she makes a C-section and takes the baby out, Claire may get accused of killing Malva and her child. The C-section she makes may get misinterpreted as her way of killing the baby to save her husband from disgrace. Since the settlers have already started to isolate Jamie and Claire, Malva’s death may add fuel to their doubts regarding Jamie’s involvement in the predicament. If that’s the case, their peace-filled settlement may become a hostile environment for the Frasers.

As the Revolutionary War gets closer, Malva’s death may intensify the disagreements between Jamie and his settlers. Claire may even get arrested if her attempt to save Malva’s baby is deemed suspicious. The lack of eyewitnesses to confirm Claire’s side of the story may turn out to be an unfortunate-yet-influential factor in her possible trial.

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