Overhaul Ending, Explained: Does Roger Win the Final Race?

Netflix’s ‘Overhaul’ is a Brazilian action-drama movie directed by Tomas Portella. It features Thiago Martins as Roger Matos, a struggling truck racer who is forced to enter the criminal underworld after he is on the verge of losing his racing team. As the narrative progresses, Roger realizes the emotional price he must pay for being involved in criminal activities. Eventually, Roger’s attempts to escape a life of crime coincide with his aspirations as a truck racer, leading to a high-octane climax. Whether Roger archives his dream of becoming a truck racing champion and his eventual fate form the ending of ‘Overhaul.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Overhaul Plot Synopsis

‘Overhaul’ follows the life of Roger Matos, a truck driver who competes in the BR Truck Racing Championship. Roger’s racing team is marred with a lack of finance, resulting in a string of losses to his rival, Debora, aka The Queen. Roger discusses his poor financial situation with his pit crew chief, Danilo, who raises his daughter, Barbara, by himself. After losing another ace, Roger turns to his father for financial help. However, when his father turns down help and dies in a car accident, Roger learns of his father’s unpaid debts. Roger discovers that his father owes money to a criminal overlord, Odilon.

Odilon contacts Roger and demands he pay the debt by selling his father’s shop and working under him. Roger reluctantly accepts Odilon’s offer with his racing team’s future on the line. Roger is introduced to Smokey, who runs an illegal goods smuggling business and steals consignments of electronic items to sell them on the secondary market. Roger is tasked with driving the consignments from their pick-up point to a dropoff point while adding the police. Roger teams up with Danilo, and they perform several jobs for Smokey while using the money they earn to improve their racing team.

Over time, Roger and Danilo’s criminal undertakings with Smokey result in a string of victories on the racing circuit. However, while stealing another consignment, Danilo is shot and killed. Roger is forced to look after Danilo’s daughter, Barbara, and attempts to quit a life of crime. However, Odilon and Smokey coerce Roger back into working for them by kidnapping Barbara. As a result, Roger must perform one last criminal job to save Barbara. At the same time, the police, led by Afonso, a fan of Roger’s racing, are closing in on Roger and the criminals involved in the smuggling racket.

Overhaul Ending: Does Roger Win the Final Race?

During the film’s final act, Roger is forced to steal a consignment containing weapons to save Barbara’s life. The gig coincides with his final race of the season, which Roger needs to win to become Champion and fulfill his lifelong dream. Roger realizes that Smokey will never keep his word and teams up with Afonso and Debora to stop the criminals from hurting him and his loved ones. While Roger steals the consignment, he escapes with it after Smokey releases Barbara and Debora gets her to safety. Roger leaves the container at a warehouse, setting up the criminals to be caught by the police red-handed.

Roger then competes in the final race of the BR Truck Racing season but quickly falls to the last spot as he is distracted by his criminal activities catching up to him. However, Barbara takes the crew chief role and encourages Roger to fight and make a comeback in the race. The race goes down to the wire as Roger slowly but steadily makes up ground and the lost time. By the final lap, Roger is competing with Debora for the first place. In the final lap, Barbara helps Roger with a tricky maneuver that helps him outclass Debora, and he finally wins the race. Roger and Barbara celebrate their victory, but the celebration is cut short when Roger’s crimes catch up with him.

Why Is Roger Arrested? What Happens to the Criminals?

During the film’s climax, Roger realizes that he will never be able to escape the criminal underworld, and his association with Odilon and Smokey will jeopardize Barbara’s safety. After learning that Afonso works for the federal police and has evidence of his misdoings, Roger decides to set up the criminals for their downfall. Roger steals the weapons consignment and leaves it at a warehouse where Afonso’s team is already waiting for the criminals. When Smokey and his men track down the consignment, they are ambushed by police, leading to a gunfight. Smokey and his gang are forced to surrender.

On the other hand, Roger finally achieves his dream of winning the Championship. However, shortly after the race, Odilon confronts him. Afonso and his team arrive and take Odilon in their custody. Ultimately, Roger is also arrested for aiding Odilon and Smokey in their criminal endeavors. Before leaving, Roger confesses to his crimes in front of Barbara. However, he promises to live an honest life once he serves his sentence. Roger decides to pay the price of his actions and redeems himself by helping Afonos end the reign of the smuggling racket. In the process, Roger must face the punishment for his crimes. Roger accepts his fate and is sentenced to 2 years in prison. Thus, Roger’s life as a criminal ends with the realization that despite the razzle-dazzle of the underworld and the quick money, the path leads to devastation and despair.

Does Roger Adopt Barbara? Does He End Up With Debora?

In the film’s final moments, Roger is released from prison and picked up by Debora and Barbara. A subplot in the film revolves around Roger’s inability to grow up and make mature decisions. Therefore, it is evident that he is unfit to look after Barbara. When his search for Barbara’s biological family ends, she is forced to enter the foster care system. However, Barbara gets kidnapped, leading to the film’s climax. During the climax, Roger makes a mature but difficult decision to surrender to the police and repent for his crimes.

Roger’s decision signifies that Roger has grown up, and his bonding with Barbara and desire to protect her catalyzes this change. In the final moments, Debora reveals she has officially adopted Barbara. Debora and Roger have a booming romantic relationship fired by their professional rivalry. After Debora helps Roger escape his criminal lifestyle, they grow closer. Ultimately, Roger serves his sentence and gets a happy ending. He ends up with Debora, and it is implied the couple will raise Barbara together.

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