P-Valley Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

The tenth episode of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ season 2, titled ‘Mississippi Rule,’ follows the declaration of the winner of Chucalissa’s mayor election. Even though Andre Watkins leads considerably at the initial stage, the result astounds him and his followers. Hailey Colton AKA Autumn Night tries to take advantage of the referendum result but The Promised Land chooses a different way to proceed with their casino and resort plans. Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda’s relationship arrives at crossroads as the latter contemplates joining Tina Snow on tour. Episode 10 of the season offers an engrossing end to the second season of the show and here’s our magnified look at the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

P-Valley Season 2 Finale Recap

‘Mississippi Rule’ begins with Britney Watkins confronting Andre and Hailey. Andre makes it clear to his wife that he loves Hailey and wants to envision a life with her. Britney tries to understand whether their marriage can be saved. Andre awaits the election result as he leads considerably at first. However, Pastor Patrice Woodbine gets elected as the new mayor of Chucalissa. Andre, despite losing the election, announces that he is staying in the city by opening a new law firm. Mercedes Woodbine receives one of the photographs Farrah Haynes has exhibited along with a cheque for being the latter’s model.

Hailey contacts Georgie Batson and demands $15 million for the sale of The Pynk after the unfavorable referendum result for The Promised Land. Georgie lets her know that she doesn’t want the strip club anymore as the casino and resort get approved to get built on Corbin Kyle’s farmland by creating a waterfront. A disappointed Hailey confronts Uncle Clifford concerning the same. Uncle Clifford gives her $250,000, the money she had spent to acquire the strip club, and asks her to leave the place. With no other option in front of her, Hailey leaves. Andre, who visits his father in prison, tries to call Hailey but she disappears from his life.

Keyshawn attempts to leave Chucalissa with her children but comes to know that Derrick has them under his custody. She arrives at her home, only to witness an officer from child protection. The officer asks her to report to the department for six months since they suspect that she has been physically hurting her children. She realizes that Derrick orchestrated the same to not let her leave Chucalissa with the kids. She hurts him in front of the officer and a cop and gets arrested. From prison, she calls Diamond and instructs him to kill Derrick. Ernestine returns from the hospital and arranges a party to celebrate the same.

P-Valley Season 2 Finale Ending: Do Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford Stay Together?

Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford’s reunion after Big Teak’s death give them an opportunity to mend their broken relationship. Lil Murda acknowledges Clifford’s love and they extend their support for one another as they both go through tough times. However, Lil Murda’s opportunity to join Tina Snow for a tour threatens their togetherness. Clifford starts to think that Murda deserves a chance to pursue his ambitions even if it means leaving Chucalissa. As someone who has known the depths of the rapper’s talent, Clifford encourages him to join the tour by leaving her. She doesn’t want to come between her lover and the heights he deservedly can reach.

Clifford thinks that Murda shouldn’t waste his life by choosing to be with her. As far as she is concerned, they both have their ambitions and concerns to follow and she asks him to follow them rather than choosing to stick with the relationship. She fears that if he chooses to be with her, he will regret the same since choosing her means saying no to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, Murda doesn’t think the same. As someone who has lost Clifford once, he doesn’t want to repeat his mistake by prioritizing his career over her again. Thus, he decides against going on the tour and shows up at Ernestine’s party.

Even though Clifford tries her best to change Murda’s decision to stay with her for the sake of their relationship, the latter takes a stand and remains with her. During the party, Murda and Clifford kiss in front of their acquaintances, which indicates that Murda is finally ready to acknowledge Clifford as his lover in front of the world. As Murda musters the courage to do the same, Clifford accepts it, showing that she wants to be with him as well. Thus, they stay together, deciding against parting ways.

Why Do Big Bone and Big Bawse Abduct Diamond? Who Really Are They?

Big Bone and Big Bawse abduct Diamond in connection with Montavius’ death. After witnessing Keyshawn’s return to Diamond’s life, Big Bone sends a photo of him with Montavius’ ring to an anonymous someone. Big Bawse seemingly is the one who receives the image and he has arrived in Chucalissa to abduct Diamond to find out what really happened to Montavius. Big Bawse does possess a ring similar to Montavius’, which indicates that the ring is shared by members of Montavius’ gang. Big Bone can even be someone sent by Montavius’ gang to find out about the latter’s death.

Big Bone may have pretended to love Diamond to know more about Montavius’ death. The ring seems to have given her the evidence that Diamond is involved with Montavius’ death. Since Big Bone and Big Bawse do not kill Diamond right away, it’s clear that they want to know everything about the death of their fellow gang member. Since Diamond doesn’t have any motivation to kill Montavius, they may try to find who really killed him. Considering Diamond’s nature, he most likely will not reveal that Mercedes killed Montavius. Instead, he may direct them to Hailey, who disappears from their proximity.

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