Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 5 Starts Filming in Yonkers in the Summer

The filming of the fifth season of Starz’s crime drama series ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ is set to begin in Yonkers, New York, this summer. Sascha Penn, who created the series as the second spin-off to ‘Power,’ continues to serve as the showrunner, with Rob Hardy returning as a director. The fifth installment was greenlit ahead of the fourth season premiere.

In the third season finale, Lou and Raq confront their past during rehab, leading to a heartfelt moment of reconciliation. Marvin faces the FBI’s accusations at Gerald’s funeral and tensions escalate. Kanan deals with the unexpected news from Krystal. Jukebox and Iesha share a tender moment, while Malcolm faces interrogation. Raq narrowly escapes a deadly ambush, prompting concern for her safety. Jukebox contemplates her future amidst family drama and Famous becomes entangled in a murder investigation. Raq’s world is rocked when Kanan is kidnapped, leading to a high-stakes confrontation with Ronnie. Raq kills Malcolm to stop the FBI from hunting her down and Kanan puts a bullet in Ronnie’s head for trying to kill his mother. The installment ends with Unique showing up after his near-death experience.

The upcoming fourth season is poised to delve deeper into the strained relationship between Kanan and his mother Raquel, offering further insight into the evolution of the future crime lord. Unique may try to regain what he has lost to his brother Ronnie. With Raq back in the drug scene, it won’t be a surprise if tensions re-emerge between the two of them, despite their romantic relationship. Lou may return to the streets of Queens as a changed man and Marvin may find a way to escape from the FBI with the help of his sister. By killing Ronnie, Kanan proves what he is capable of, likely forcing Raq to accept him as a part of her empire. Given the prequel’s focus on Kanan’s transformation into the formidable figure depicted in ‘Power,’ seasons 4 and 5 may navigate darker territories as they unravel the character’s trajectory.

In the fourth installment of the series, Mekai Curtis and Patina Miller are expected to feature as Kanan and Raq respectively, along with Joey Bada$$ as Unique, who is confirmed to return. We may also see London Brown as Marvin, Malcolm Mays as Lou-Lou, Antonio Ortiz as Famous, Hailey Kilgore as Jukebox, and Tony Danza as Stefano Marchetti. Omar Epps (Malcolm Howard) and Grantham Coleman (Ronnie) may not return after their respective characters’ deaths. Following Shannon Burke’s death, the returning cast members will not include Shanley Caswell as well. Considering the startling deaths in each season of the crime drama, it is too early to predict the cast of season 5.

Yonkers, where the shooting of the fifth installment will start, is a captivating city on the Hudson River. The region has served as the backdrop for previous seasons of the show and other productions such as ‘Evil’ and ‘The Many Saints of Newark.’

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