Where is Press Your Luck Filmed?

Press Your Luck‘ is an American game show which first premiered in 1983 on CBS. It has become iconic over time, and many remember watching the series while growing up. Due to the attached fondness, the long-running series has been revived on ABC, keeping the classic elements intact. True to its form, ‘Press Your Luck’ pits three opponents against each other. They have to answer questions in order to win spins on the Big Board. Contestants can then use these spins to win some cash while trying to avoid the ‘Whammy’ since it could take all their winnings and leave them with nothing.

The winning contestant has to go to a new bonus round, where they face the ‘Whammy’ in a final battle for a grand chance at winning the fortune. Since there are viewers present, their enthusiastic cheering drives much of the show forward. Curious about where ‘Press Your Luck’ has been shot? We have got you covered in that regard.

Press Your Luck Filming Location

‘Press Your Luck’ has been shot at Television City Studios, specifically the Genesee gate. It is at 7800 Beverly Boulevard, Hollywood. It has a rich history and happens to be one of the two CBS Television Studios in Southern California. Since 1961, it has been the master control facility for the west coast TV network operations for CBS. Among the numerous notable projects that have been shot at the Television City Studios is the Tom Hanks and Liv Tyler movie ‘That Thing You Do!.’

For a game show like ‘Press Your Luck,’ the studio setting is optimum since all of the action takes place inside. Moreover, these sets have seating arrangements that are handy as episodes are taped in front of live audiences. The series has been using Television City for a long time, and many netizens have reminisced about the iconic line from ‘Press Your Luck,’ which informs viewers that the show is live from the location. You can check out a tweet about it below.

There are other benefits of shooting in an established studio, which might not become immediately apparent. For starters, there is a trained crew of professionals on hand who can help with the shooting and post-production process. Moreover, the studio’s resources help after the filming is complete, as well. Since it is shot in Los Angeles, it is easier for the network to host the participants too.

Thus, ‘Press Your Luck’ has chosen the filming location wisely. Naturally, due to its rich history, the series had a head start filming here – when there weren’t so many options. Nonetheless, the location continues to serve the purpose of the game series adequately – thus removing the need for any change in filming spots.

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