Prime Video’s House of David Begins Filming in Greece in May

Image Credit: The Movie Times/YouTube

The filming of Prime Video’s faith-based series ‘House of David’ is set to begin in Greece in May. The show is based on an idea by veteran producer Jon Erwin, who executive produces the show with Chad Oakes, Mike Frislev, and Jonathan Walker. The rest of the crew and cast of the project are currently under wraps.

The series revolves around David, the Biblical figure who would eventually rise to become king of the Israelites. The narrative follows the once-mighty King Saul, who falls victim to his own ego. A prophet then prepares to overthrow him and anoint David, a shepherd boy, as the second king. “As Saul’s fury grows, David navigates love, violence, and politics in the court of the very man he’s destined to replace. Two kings. One Kingdom. The outcome is war,” reads the official logline.

Erwin previously produced ‘Ordinary Angels,’ starring Hilary Swank and Alan Ritchson, ‘Jesus Revolution,‘ and ‘American Underdog.’ He is executive producing the show via The Wonder Project, a banner he launched with the entertainment executive Kelly Merryman Hoogstraten. The series is the first project that comes out of the collaboration of Amazon MGM Studios and The Wonder Project. The series is being produced by The Wonder Project and Amazon MGM Studios in association with Nomadic Pictures and Argonauts, along with Kingdom Story Company and Lionsgate Television.

Talking about the project, Erwin stated, “With ‘House of David’ being the first project under this new deal, we’re setting the stage for a series of compelling, values-driven movies and TV shows. This is a milestone for The Wonder Project, and we’re thrilled to be working with a company that understands and supports our mission and our audience in such a groundbreaking way.”

“We are very excited about the scope, scale, and storytelling involved with ‘House of David’ and look forward to sharing this epic and many others with our global Prime Video customers,” shared Vernon Sanders, head of television for Amazon MGM Studios.

Greece, the series’ primary filming location, has previously served as the backdrop for several noteworthy projects, including Molly Manning Walker’s BAFTA Award-nominated ‘How to Have Sex,’ Netflix’s ‘One Day,’ and Ruben Östlund’s Oscar-nominated ‘Triangle of Sadness.’

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