10 Best Princess Movies on Netflix Right Now

Do you love Disney movies? Are you one of those people who obsess over royal weddings? Have you wished to fate to make your paths cross with a beautiful royal and make them fall in love with you? Is rom-com your favourite genre? Have you secretly written a fan-fiction where all your dreams about being the princess of a small European country come true? If yes, yes, yes, yes and yes, then I believe that you’ve already watched most, if not all, of the films on this list.

But you and I both know that these are not the kind that you can just watch once and be done with! These films might be cheesy and yes, definitely predictable, but they are fun and grand and colourful, and above all, who cares if they are not the best that cinema has to offer. If they get you in a jolly mood, they’re totally worth it. With that said now, here’s the list of really good princess movies on Netflix that are available to stream right now.

10. The Princess and the Pony (2011)

Princess Evelyn is sent to live with her aunt in America. However, here, she won’t be living the lavish and royal life that she is used to. She needs to conceal her identity for her own good and that’s why living as a normal person is something she’ll have to accept. For now, at least! But the person who has known what it means to be royal can’t so easily familiarize themselves with the mundane. At her aunt’s house, Evelyn soon gets bored and begins to get more miserable by the day. Until one day, she finds a purpose that gives her a sense of direction. She comes across a pony that is treated savagely by the owner. The princess decides to do something about it.

9. Mirror Mirror (2012)

One of the two, and not the better one, versions of Snow White’s story in 2012, ‘Mirror Mirror’ stars Lily Collins as Snow White and Julia Roberts as the evil stepmother who tries to take her kingdom. The film follows the usual plot of the story; however, there are a lot of differences between this film and ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, which is a bit further up in the list. Cinematographically and in terms of the humour, this film provides a rather unique experience. The portrayal of the characters whom everyone knows by heart by now is a lot different from the ones that you’ll have seen before. The director has taken the liberty to humanize them more than the other adaptations have, making the nature of their motivations more complex than simple greed or jealousy. The rest I’ll leave on you to deduce.

8. Once Upon A Holiday (2015)

If you are reading this list then sometime in your life, you must have fantasized about being a king/queen or prince/princess of someplace. This is obviously because you are not one and would like to know how the other side fares. Similarly, some prince or princess must also wonder what it’s like to live like common people. What would a royal do to experience the life of a regular person? If they have never had their picture plastered over every tabloid in the whole world, i.e., if they can pass off without recognition, then all they’ll need to do is go around and have a look.

Katie Hollingston is the princess of Montsaurai, a small country in Europe, and she is tired of following the protocol and having her bodyguards accompany her everywhere. When she comes to New York on a tour before Christmas, she decides to ditch her royal crew and roam the streets to explore it like a normal person. And then she meets Jack, who helps her navigate a world she hasn’t been a part of before.

7. Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

Ever since Disney took charge of telling fairy-tales, these stories have become a symbol of damsels in distress waiting for their knights in shining armours. But it wasn’t always about singing and dancing and finding true love that’ll rescue you from some evil witch in your life. Most of these stories are based on the tales written by the Brothers Grimm, and instead of being all colourful and bright and lyrical, these stories really were pretty grim.

‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ tries to break away from Disney’s reputation by bringing back the darker tone of the story. The basic storyline is the same where Snow White runs away from her evil stepmother who wants her magic mirror to tell her that she is the “fairest of them all”. A huntsman is sent to kill the princess, but instead of killing her, the Huntsman becomes her protector and further helps her in getting hold of an army with which she takes back her throne.

6. Maleficent (2014)

Villains are generally the characters who didn’t get to tell the story from their own perspective. Once you shift the lens and get a different point of view, the villain of the story changes according. ‘Maleficent’ offers one such shifting of perception to give you the story of a character you’ve known before but never understood. Inspired by the story of ‘Sleeping Beauty’, this film’s protagonist is Maleficent, a fairy who is the queen of a magical realm.

Initially a kind and open-hearted person, Maleficent’s view of humanity changes when she is betrayed by a man who betrays her to become a king. She now becomes cold and oppressive, and when the king has a daughter, she curses the infant to fall into a dreamless slumber on the day she’d turn 18. Even though she acts out of spite, Maleficent isn’t truly a vile person, and as she keeps watch over the princess, she develops affection for her. Despite her change of heart, she can’t take back the curse.

5. The Princess Switch (2018)

Vanessa Hudgens stars in this film as both Stacy, a baker from Chicago, and Lady Margaret, the countess who is betrothed to the prince of Belgravia. The chance meeting of the two women allows them to switch identities for a couple of days because the countess wants to get a sneak peek into the normal life before she’s married to the prince. So, Margaret lives Stacy’s life as a normal girl and Stacy gets to experience the royalty. During these days, Margaret and Stacy fall in love with each other’s suitors. But when the time comes, they will have to switch back.

4. The Princess Diaries (2001)

Mia Thermopolis lives with her mother in San Francisco. She is unpopular at school, has friends who are equally unpopular; she lacks confidence and her shaggy appearance doesn’t help her cause. She finds herself totally unworthy of anything, and this is why when she is revealed to be the heir to the throne of Genovia, she finds it very hard to believe. Her grandmother, the current Queen of Genovia, decides to tutor her to the ways of princesses and Mia receives a terrific makeover. But nothing comes without a price. She soon realises that the perks of being a princess are just the tip of the iceberg. A lot of responsibility comes along with this power, with rules and regulations and restrictions. Mia has to decide for herself — how does she want to live her life?

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3. The Princess Bride (1987)

Starring Robin Wright as Buttercup, ‘The Princess Bride’ is one of those films that didn’t receive much success on its release but later became a cult favourite. It starts with a man reading a story about a girl from Florin to his sick grandson. Buttercup and Westley had been in love since forever and had planned to get married. But before that, Westley wanted to make something of himself, so he boarded a ship to another land where he could try his luck and become rich. Unfortunately, his ship is attacked by a pirate and Westley is reported dead. After a few years, Buttercup catches the fancy of the prince of Florin and believing Westley to be dead, she agrees to marry him. However, it soon turns out that her true love is alive and well. Now, if she decides to go back to him, will the prince simply fall in line with her wishes?

2. Enchanted (2007)

Watching all these princess trotting and twirling in their ball gowns and glass sandals and relying on their princes to save them from bad people trying to steal their kingdom away, one wonders how they’d fare in today’s world! ‘Enchanted’ gives you a slight idea. The film follows the story of a girl named Giselle who falls in love with Prince Edward of Andalasia. The day they are to be married, which is literally the day after they meet each other and instantly fall in love, Giselle is thrown in a well by Edward’s evil stepmother who doesn’t want the throne to pass over to another queen, which is what will happen when Edward finally gets married. The well lands Giselle in New York City, a place completely different, from aesthetics to modernity, from the one she has lived in.

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1. Tangled (2010)

One of my all-time favourites, ‘Tangled’ follows the story of a princess who is stolen from her crib when an evil witch discovers the baby’s hair has the power of healing and regeneration. Rapunzel is brought up by Mother Gothel in a tower far away from the kingdom and deep into the woods, a place that no one knows about. For eighteen years, the girl lives with Gothel believing her to be her mother and loving her like one. But, of course, she can’t help but feel something calling out to her from the other side.

Every year, on her birthday, her parents, along with the whole kingdom, release floating lanterns in her memory. Rapunzel watches them from afar not knowing what they are and what they symbolise. When Gothel refuses to take her to see the lanterns, Rapunzel decides to find out some other way to leave the tower. Her chance comes in the form of a thief who is running away from the kingdom because he stole her crown!

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