Qorin Ending, Explained: Does Zahara Free The Girls Of Jaelani’s Control?

Directed by Ginanti Rona, ‘Qorin’ is an Indonesian horror film that stars Zulfa Maharani, Omar Daniel, Aghniny Haque, and Cindy Nirmala, among others. The movie follows the story of Zahara, a senior at an orthodox all-girls boarding school. When headmaster Ustad Jaelani announces a mandatory test required for graduation, all the seniors in the school have to perform a ritual, summoning their demonic doppelgangers, Qorin Jinns. Now Zahara and the other girls must fight for their lives against evil mystical creatures and their past traumas. If you’re curious to know where this horror-infused journey takes Zahara and her classmates, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Qorin.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Qorin Plot Synopsis

Plagued by dreams of an ominous figure approaching her, Zahara spends her nights living through nightmares and her days trying to maintain her model student reputation. With her two best friends, Gendhis and Icha, Zahara recites her prayers and attends her classes inside her strict religious school under the guidance of Umi Yana and Ustad Jaelani. One day, the usual status quo of her school is challenged when a new, rebellious student, Yolanda, enters the picture. Meanwhile, it also starts to become evident that something eerie is going on with Jaelani due to his questionable demeanor and influence.

Nearing the seniors’ graduation, Jaelani puts forth a mandatory test involving a ritual in which the students would have to perform the forbidden Jinn arts and summon their Qorin Jinns. The girls are hesitant to participate in such activity, but when Yolanda questions Jaelani’s motives, Jaelani swiftly shuts her down by commenting on her lack of trust. Later, Zahara and Yolanda follow the school caretaker, Mr. Malik, up a trail into the woods. There they witness Jaelani performing magic on a girl and record the event to take back as proof.

Despite everyone’s efforts, the girls have to partake in Jaelani’s ritual. They prepare shrouds containing nail cuttings and other things and present them to Jaelani, who guides them through the ritual. After the session, Zahara encounters the wicked sight of her possessed friend Icha. The next day, Zahara and Yolanda try to go to the police and inform them about the mistreatment happening in the school. However, when Yolanda tries to sneak into the internet cafe, Umi Yana catches her. She refuses to believe the girls’ claims of facing abuse and confiscates Yolanda’s phone.

At the same time, Zahara comes across the Qorin Jinn of an expelled student, Sri. Lanter, Yolanda finds Icha arguing with her boyfriend at the school’s gate. The boy is physically hurting Icha. However, when Yolanda tells him to go away, Icha is angry with her and accuses Yolanda of not understanding her situation. Back in Jaelani’s office, he calls Zahara in to have a talk with her. Seated in his office, Zahara is visibly shaking with fear and tearing up as Jaelani questions her for going to Yana with complaints about him. He then threatens to expose what had happened between him and Zahara in the shack to everyone if the accusations continue, and Zahara flees.

The next night the strange happenings around the school continue until a girl named Jiji is murdered in the corridor with Yolanda’s knife. As Gendhis confronts Yolanda about Jiji’s murder, a possessed Icha interrupts them with her attack. The next day, Yana tries to put a stop to Jaelani’s ways by contacting his father-in-law, Kiai Mustofa, but his number is unreachable. At night, Icha’s outburst finally breaks the camel’s back, and every girl in the dormitories starts being haunted by visions of their Jinns.

Qorin Ending: Does Zahara Free The Girls Of Jaelani’s Control?

Jaelani already holds power over the girls due to being their headmaster. He uses his position to rape the girls and then manipulates them into keeping quiet about it. Zahara has trauma about her assault for the entirety of the movie and is constantly on edge around Jaelani. Similarly, Jaelani also took advantage of Icha. However, he wishes to have even more control over the girls and have them obey him blindly. Therefore, he makes them participate in the Qorin Jinn rituals. Once the Jinns start haunting the girls, Jaelani can completely control them and assault them without any resistance.

When Yolanda, Zahara, and Gendhis successfully restrain Icha after she attacks them, Gendhis stays behind to keep watch on Icha while Zahara and Yolanda leave to get Umi Yana’s help. Before they can find her, Yolanda is attacked by her own Qorin Jinn, and two others attack Zahara. While running away from her doppelganger, Yolanda finds a book in Jaelani’s office about Jinn Arts and rips up one of the pages from it. Meanwhile, Yana finds a passed-out Zahara. After waking up from another nightmare, Zahara breaks down and tells Yana about how Jaelani has been sexually assaulting the girls in the school.

As the Qorin Jinns continue to attack girls all over the school, Yana tries to help them with prayer and holy water. Eventually, everyone takes shelter inside the mosque. They realize they must leave the school to escape from Jaelani, but before they can, Jaelani interferes. Yana asks the girls to flee while she prays and tries to defeat Jaelani. Before her prayers can work, Jaelani kills her and goes after the girls again. When the Qorin Jinns start to haunt the girls again, Yolanda recites words from the page that she found in Jaelani’s book, and her Qorin Jinn disappears. She goes to confront Jaelani, who is trying to kill his wife, Hana. Meanwhile, Zahara also recites Yolanda’s words from where her page fell to the ground.

After escaping her Qorin Jinn, she goes to the bridge where Yolanda and Jaelani are. There she finally faces off against Jaelani, her abuser. Zahara tells him she isn’t scared of him anymore and stabs him in the neck. She pushes him off the bridge and into the river, ridding the school of his abusive influence.

Does Yolanda Die?

Yolanda is a distinct individual who stands apart from all the other girls at the school with her short dyed hair and resilient attitude. It is because of her that Zahara is able to find the courage to stand up against authority and abuse and take charge of her life. After her boyfriend tries to abuse her, Yolanda pushes him off a cliff in self-defense. Following his death, Yolanda tries to take her life when the guilt of his death becomes too much. She overdoses but survives and is sent to the boarding school to be made more obedient. Still, she’s set in her ways, challenging authority and being true to herself.

When the mass Qorin Jinn attack happens, Yolanda’s Qorin Jinn haunts her and tries to harm her by cutting into her own arm. Yolanda’s arm mirrors her Qorin’s and starts bleeding as well. Umi Yana saves her by getting her out of the Qorin’s clutches, and when Yolanda can see clearer, she realizes her arm is fine. Having swerved death so many times now, Yolanda’s fate finally comes to an end on the bridge.

When Yolanda saves Jaelani from strangling his wife to death, she pulls out her knife against Jaelani. But she is no match for his powers, and Jaelani stabs her. She dies in Zahara’s arms, thanking her for her friendship.

Do The Qorin Jinns Die?

Though the movie seemingly ends with Jaelani’s death, there is an added mid-credit scene. In the mid-credit scene, the girls are burning the shrouds they had previously assembled. When teaching the girls about the Qorin Jinn, Jaelani tells them they are look-alike entities that accompany their human counterparts. He tells them summoning them will help the girls learn high-level spiritualism. However, once the haunting starts, it becomes obvious that the Qorin Jinns are only there to wreak havoc on the girls’ lives.

By burning the shrouds, they hope to undo the spell Jaelani had cast on them that led to the possessions. As they toss each shroud into the fire, the Qorin Jinn continue to loom around ominously. Among the others stands the Qorin Jinn of Yolanda. Even Yolanda’s death hadn’t killed off her demonic counterpart. The menacing scene suggests a dark future for the girls where they will never truly be free of their Qorin Jinns, even after death.

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