Quasi Ending, Explained: Does Quasi Become the King?

Hulu’s ‘Quasi’ is a comedy-drama movie directed by Kevin Heffernan. The film is the brainchild of Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanske, collectively known as the Broken Lizard. The period film is a satirical take on Victor Hugo’s 1831 French novel ‘The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.’ However, the movie drastically deviates from the book and only shares its protagonist with the source material. Instead, the film is a raunchy and zany romp that follows the titular hunchback as he gets caught up in a deadly conflict between the King and the Pope. As Quasi attempts to escape a grim fate due to his inadvertent involvement in the conflict, hilarity ensues. The movie’s ending sees Quasi’s quest reaching its climax, and viewers must be wondering if he turns his fortunes around. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Quasi Plot Synopsis

‘Quasi’ follows Quasimodo, aka Quasi, a hunchback who formerly worked as the bell-ringer at Notre Dame. Quasi is an outcast and has only one friend, Duchamp. The duo works for Lucien, the head of the torture room. Quasi and Duchamp operate the rack, a torture device created by Quasi that stretches the victim’s limbs. However, Quasi is unhappy with the state of his life and yearns for love. Elsewhere, Queen Catherine is the latest bride of King Guy, who rules over France. The King is disappointed to learn that Pope Cornelius will visit his kingdom.

On the other hand, Catherine is tired of the King constantly undermining her. Catherine tours her new kingdom and visits the dungeon where she meets Quasi. Catherine is drawn to Quasi’s ability to rally his co-workers against their boss, Lucien. After praising Quasi, Catherine returns to the royal palace. Later, Quasi has drinks with Duchamp and their new friend, Michel. Duchamp listens to Quasi lament his physical deformities and how they affect his chances of finding love. Feeling sorry for his friend, Duchamp gives Quasi his lottery ticket.

The winner of the lottery will get to meet the Pope. To everyone’s surprise, Quasi wins the lottery and is summoned by the King. Meanwhile, Duchamp feels jealous of his best friend. The King speaks to Quasi privately, tasks him with killing the Pope, and threatens to kill him if he refuses to carry out the order. A dagger has already been planted at the confessional for Quasi to use for killing the Pope. However, when the Pope arrives at the confessional, Quasi reveals the truth. In turn, the Pope tasks Quasi with assassinating the King.

As Quasi gets wrapped up in the conflict between the Pope and the King, the latter learns of his failure and gives Quasi one last chance to prove his loyalty. Catherine, who fears the King will soon dispose of her just like his former wives, visits Quasi and learns of his predicament. Catherine decides to help Quasi escape the complex conflict, and the duo formulates a plan. During an event, Quasi pretends to attack the King and the Pope with two daggers. However, the act is stopped by Duchamp as per the group’s plan. Quasi fakes his death and escapes into a cave deep in the woods, while Duchamp expects to be hailed as the hero who saved the kingdom.

Quasi Ending: How Does Quasi Save Duchamp? Are the Pope and the King Dead?

After Quasi fakes his death, his plan to make Duchamp the hero backfires as the kingdom sees Quasi as the savior. As a result, Duchamp’s jealousy grows, especially after he discovers Quasi is secretly spending time with the Queen. Thus, Duchamp exposes Quasi in front of the King. However, the King believes that Duchamp is Quasi’s best friend and prepares to hang him. Consequently, Quasi is forced to come out of hiding to save his best friend despite their earlier fight.

In the end, Quasi rallies his friends and attacks the King’s guards to stop Duchamp’s death. In the process, Michel dies, and Quasi is captured. However, Quasi appeals to the public after the King orders his execution. Quasi reveals the King ordered him to murder the Pope while the Pope also asked him to assassinate the King. The revelation shocks the public and causes a fight between the King and the Pope. As the duo argues, it is revealed that the two were formerly lovers. Thus, the King and Pope’s hatred for each other actually stems from their unfilled love story.

The King and the Pope attack each other and mortally wound their opponent. However, in their final moments, the two profess their love for each other and try to kiss but die due to the blind hate they carried for each over the years. Ultimately, the conflict between the King and the Pope culminates as the two meet their deaths. Moreover, Quasi successfully saves himself and Duchamp from dying in the conflict with the help of his friends and Catherine. Quasi and Duchamp resolve their differences and mend their friendship.

Does Quasi Become the King?

In the film, Queen Catherine likes Quasi, and the two quickly grow close. Before Quasi executes his grand plan, Catherine expresses her attraction for him. Later, when Quasi and Catherine spend time in the cave, Catherine tells him about one of her cousins who was born deformed with a hunchback. The baby was abandoned and presumed dead years ago. However, after meeting Quasi, Catherine grows convinced that he is her long-lost cousin. Moreover, the revelation fuels her attraction for Quasi, and the two have sex. Later, Catherine discovers a birthmark on Quasi’s back, confirming that he is of royal blood.

During the film’s climax, Quasi successfully foils the King and the Pope’s plans by pitting them against each other. Furthermore, his heritage is revealed to the general public. As a result, Quasi is crowned as the new King and takes Catherine as his Queen. Ultimately, Quasi receives a happy ending as he and Catherine rule the kingdom as the people’s King and Queen. Moreover, Quasi also fulfills his desire for love and no longer feels ashamed because of his deformed appearance. Quasi won the hearts of the Queen and the subjects with his honesty, determination, and caring personality, qualities both the King and the Pope lacked. Thus, the film ends on a high note, with Quasi becoming the one true King.

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