When Will Real Bros of Simi Valley Come Back on Facebook Watch?

‘Real Bros of Simi Valley’, which is developed as a parody of popular reality tv shows like ‘Jersey Shore‘ and ‘The Real Housewives‘, is a scripted television drama, set against the backdrop of Simi Valley, California.

Directed by Jimmy Tatro, it airs on Facebook Watch and follows the lives of four buddies as they navigate their lives after ten years of graduating from high school. Its four-episode first season was released on YouTube in 2018, followed by the second season which premiered on Watch.

After two successful seasons, the series was renewed for a third installment. Here’s everything we know about ‘Real Bros of Simi Valley’ season 3.

Real Bros of Simi Valley Cast: Who is in it?

Jimmy Tatro, who is the director, co-writer, and one of the executive producers of the series, first started this project on his personal YouTube channel. Tatro’s breakthrough role came with Netflix’s true-crime spoof ‘American Vandal’. His other acting credits include ‘The Guest Book‘, ‘Modern Family‘, and ‘Bad Education’, alongside Hugh Jackman.

Tatro is one of the stars in ‘Real Bros of Simi Valley’, portraying the character of Xander. He is joined by Tanner Petulla (Bryce), Nick Colletti (Duncan) and Cody Ko (Wade).

Supporting cast members include Colleen Donovan, Maddy Whitby, Peter Gilroy, Monette Moio, Monica Joy Sherer, Eric Walbridge, and Christian Pierce. Pierce also serves as one of the co-writers and an executive producer.

All of the lead cast will be returning for the third season.

Real Bros of Simi Valley Plot: What is it about?

‘The Real Bros of Simi Valley’ parodies some of the fan-favorite reality shows on tv, including ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘The Real Housewives’. It is about four friends residing in Simi Valley, California and chronicles their journey as they try to figure out their lives, a decade after graduating from high school.

The first season follows the bros while they figure out their long-term dreams. We witness Xander’s younger brother Wade leaving for a community college to pursue his goal of studying photography. On the other hand, Bryce recovers from a serious injury that had hindered his dream of becoming a professional skater. Meanwhile, Duncan is on the verge of getting engaged to Tessa and Xander learns that his girlfriend Molly is carrying his child.

The second season picks up the story from where it left off in the first installment. The events take place two months later with Xander celebrating the first birthday of his son, Hawke. The bros have a get-together and engage in their familiar mischief with Bryce finding it difficult to get along with the toddler, Hawke.

We also see Xander’s emotional struggles as he tries to cope up with staying away from his little brother Wade. He even literally tears up, expressing how difficult it is to live without his younger sibling under the same roof. Gradually, the focus shifts to Wade and we learn how he is getting on with his life in college. He meets the spiritual Aldiss, who introduces himself as the new roomie.

Dani, Bryce’s romantic interest and her friend, Andrea are also seen on Hawke’s first birthday. Season 2 definitely is successful in giving new angles to the existing storyline. The jokes get better and more frequent while the cast grows with introductions of new characters.

Season 3 is expected to carry the story further, diving more deeply into the regular struggles of our four protagonists.

We do know that Facebook Watch develops titles that are geared toward the teen audience and reality fans. But ‘Real Bros’, with a tad different premise, manages to get you hooked instantly. It is extremely hilarious and a subtle satire of reality shows.

Here, youngsters behave like youngsters rather than matured individuals created by a middle-aged writer. They are raw, emotional, and confused — making the characters relatable, especially for Gen Z. The series offers a simple concept with millennials making fun of their own generation.

The episodes are short, and hence, you can binge on an entire season at one go. Most of the action is centered around the four guys and their relationships with their wives or girlfriends. The majority of the dialogues are accompanied by multiple cans of beer, weed, vaping and text-based romantic relationships. The bros try to avoid sensitive conversations with fragmented sentences, usually punctuated by “dude.” Even the issues addressed across the episodes are internal and usually innocent.

Across the series, we can relate to the gamut of problems that actually plague the current millennial generation, including steep housing prices, careers going down the drain, fewer options for men not interested in attending college, and a hypocritical cultural set-up which focuses on youth but does not understand their struggle of sleeping until noon and jumping back to the real world. So, yes, if you want a reality check, with the right dose of humor, then give this Facebook gem a watch.

Real Bros of Simi Valley Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Real Bros of Simi Valley’ season 2 premiered on Facebook Watch on November 30, 2018, and came to an end on February 1, 2019, after 10 episodes.

The good news for the fans is that the show has already been renewed. ‘Real Bros of Simi Valley’ season 3 will release on the social media giant on February 14, 2020. So mark your calendars. If you loved its first and second season, we bet, you would definitely enjoy the third as well.

‘Real Bros’, after its release, was nominated for the 10th Shorty Awards under the category of best web series. Season 2 garnered more than 4 million views after landing on Watch. Hence, considering the steady growth in its viewership numbers, we are positive that this show will continue for several more seasons.

Real Bros of Simi Valley Trailer:

Facebook Watch has not released an official trailer for season 3 yet. Till we wait for one, you can watch the trailer for ‘Real Bros of Simi Valley’ Season 2 below:

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