Resort to Love Ending, Explained

‘Resort to Love’ is a romantic comedy that follows an estranged couple who find themselves unwittingly brought together on a tropical island after a disastrous breakup. The situation is made all the more comedic considering the two are reunited whilst attempting to move on from their failed relationship. Hilarity ensues, as does social awkwardness, tears, emotional breakthroughs, and the general gamut of feelings that films of this genre generally encompass. The ending, however, is quite interesting and, though it is hinted at, is nonetheless satisfying and not as generic as one would expect. Let’s take a closer look at the ending of ‘Resort to Love’ and see where each of our main characters ends up. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Resort to Love Plot Synopsis

The film opens with Erica and her friend and agent Amber excitedly discussing the release of music megastar Cre’s new album, on which Erica has done the vocals. She hopes that it will be the start of her path to stardom, but things don’t go as planned, and Cre cancels the launch. Erica is shattered, and we then learn that she is also in the aftermath of a disastrous breakup with her fiance. In a bid to get her out of her rut, Amber organizes a spot for her on the inhouse band of a luxurious seaside resort in Mauritius, and after some cajoling, Erica agrees to go.

Upon reaching the lush tropical country, our glum leading lady is taken around the majestic resort by the domineering in-house manager, who is quick to familiarize her with the strict code of conduct that the employees must follow. However, Erica’s biggest problem is that as part of the hotel band, she will have to sing at weddings— a subject that’s been sore for her since her own engagement broke off. Things are made infinitely worse when she realizes that her former fiance Jason seems to have picked the very same resort for his own wedding. A game of awkward eye signals begins as Jason attempts to hide from his current fiance Beverley that he and Erica were engaged just over a year ago.

Erica herself is flustered with the situation but enjoys watching Jason squirm as she sits down with the couple to discuss their wedding song. During this time, she also finds solace in her ex’s older brother Caleb, who seems more level-headed than Jason and helps Erica come to terms with the situation. A few sparks fly between the two but those are not acted upon, even though Caleb spends the night in Erica’s cabin. The next morning, however, Jason comes to Erica’s room and is crushed when he finds his brother there.

Resort to Love Ending: Who Does Jason Finally Marry?

Erica and Jason finally have a heart-to-heart on the beach, where they come clean about their feelings and realize that they are not meant for each other. Unfortunately, Beverley sees them together on the beach and is shocked when Jason’s intrusive mother reveals to her that the two were a couple. Heartbroken, Beverley calls off the wedding and leaves for the airport, intending to fly back home. As luck would have it, Erica soon finds herself in the same shuttle that’s taking Beverley to the airport and convinces her to come back to the wedding as Jason is truly in love with her. Beverly then promises to go back, but only if Erica does too, to which the singer eventually agrees.

The film closes amidst the idealistic wedding of Jason and Beverley, who seem truly in love. Erica sings a touching song at their wedding, and we then see her on a video call with Amber, who enquires about her music career. Erica seems to have more important things on her mind and is then seen jumping into the ocean with Caleb, where they kiss.

So it looks like Jason finally realized that his true love is Beverley. Throughout the film, he comes across as indecisive and flakey, which is intensified during the rehearsal dinner when both Jason and Beverley seem to be getting cold feet. Even Caleb remarks that he is going to be keeping his eye on his younger brother in case he decides to do “something stupid,” referring to his brother’s tendency to run away from serious situations as he did with Erica.

However, despite Jason and Erica having a brief spark and almost kissing on the night of Beverley’s bachelorette party, the reason he shows up at her cabin is not to continue their rekindled romance but to tell her that he truly loves Beverley. Later, as Erica explains to the sobbing bride-to-be on the airport shuttle, Jason is the kind of man who looks for stability and wants a home, just like Beverley, who is a self-described “traditional” wife and wants kids and a home with a white picket fence.

Erica, on the other hand, is nauseated thinking of a life so idyllic and is drawn towards following her passion for music. Therefore, as Beverley eventually realizes, Jason is the perfect man for her, and she, the perfect wife for him, which eventually convinces her to come back to a fawning Jason, and the two are happily married.

Who is Erica With at the End?

Erica finally realizes that Jason is not the love of her life. During their heart-to-heart on the beach, she says as much, claiming that loving him would not be this difficult if they were, in fact, destined to be together. Therefore, she finally begins to move on from her breakup and lets go of the deep sadness that has been holding her back for almost a year. This also allows her to finally open herself up to Caleb, who has hinted that Jason is not right for her on more than one occasion. Moreover, she finally begins to respond to his pointedly flirtatious comments. Though she was initially attracted to him, she can now reveal it instead of just smiling to herself while lying alone in bed.

In the film’s closing scenes, it seems like Erica has well and truly moved on from all the things that were keeping her preoccupied. She doesn’t seem stressed about her music career, and her jumping into the ocean with Caleb is highly symbolic of how she is now living life— carefree and wholeheartedly, with a partner who cherishes her for who she is. Erica and Caleb’s relationship is left undefined, which is just as well as it seems to emphasize that Erica’s obsession with her past relationship was unhealthy. She’s definitely come a long way from lying on her couch, drinking wine, and watching videos of the night Jason proposed to her. The watery kiss with Caleb is all that we need to know about how things between them are.

What Happens to Erica’s Music Career with Cre?

Just before she jumps off a boulder with Caleb, Erica is told by her friend and advisor Amber that the megastar musician who let her down months ago is now back out of hibernation and planning on making another album. The pre-Mauritius Erica, the one that Amber knows, would’ve been giddy with excitement at the prospect of getting even the slightest chance to become a famous musician. However, she now tells Amber that she’s occupied with other things at the moment (which turns out to be having fun in the sea) and that other opportunities will come when they have to.

Once again, as with her approach to relationships, Erica’s evolved feelings about her music career tell us how much she’s changed. It seems like she’s begun to enjoy life instead of constantly fretting about how much she’s sacrificed to get to where she is. Her ambivalence towards Cre shows us how she’s moved on from letting her life be run by people who don’t care about her, and it’s quite easy to draw parallels between the music megastar who dashed her dreams of fame and Jason, who broke her heart.

It’s quite likely, though left unsaid, that Erica is still singing at the resort (she was broke, after all, and needs a job). However, since the job is seasonal and lasts only 4 months, she will likely move on soon enough, though it is difficult to say whether she’ll stay on in Mauritius or go back to America. The film leaves these aspects ambiguous (knowingly or unknowingly) to emphasize how our leading lady has now learned to live in the moment.

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