Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

Rick and Morty‘ season 6 continues to treat viewers with unexpected scenarios in the sixth episode. However, the episode, titled ‘Juricksic Mort,’ also promises a return to the tried and tested formula from the past. It sees Rick dealing with the arrival of intelligent dinosaurs on earth who become the new overseers of planet earth. However, Rick is irked by their benevolence and tries to get rid of them. If you are wondering whether Rick succeeds in his plan and how he obtains his goal, we’ve got you covered! Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Rick and Morty’ season 6 episode 6! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

The episode, titled ‘Juricksic Mort,’ opens with Rick driving Morty to school. The latter comments on their dimension-hopping this season. However, Rick takes Morty’s comments as a taunt and reassures the teenager that he will fix the portal gun. At school, Morty’s teachers and students are alarmed after the arrival of an alien spaceship on earth.

The aliens are intelligent species that resemble dinosaurs and come to earth in peace. After they learn that their fellow dinosaurs have been wiped out from the world and replaced by humans, they deem humans unfit for overseeing the planet. As a result, the dinosaurs, who generally like to help civilizations, take over the responsibility of administrating the earth.

Meanwhile, humans essentially retire and enjoy their free time. They are free to make more Marvel movies and enjoy their lives peacefully. The dinosaurs tackle and fix world issues such as hunger and economic crisis. They eradicate capitalism and bring a sustainable equilibrium to society. However, Rick and the Smith family start feeling useless and essentially become Jerries.

On the other hand, Jerry writes a book that becomes a manifesto for the dinosaurs, but he does not receive credit for his work. The President of the USA meets Rick and admits that he is bored because of the peace brought by the dinosaurs. As a result, he asks Rick to get rid of the dinosaurs. Rick agrees in exchange for getting to host the Oscars ceremony. The President reluctantly agrees, and Rick takes on the task.

Rick reveals to the world that the dinosaurs attract a giant screaming meteor, their mortal enemy, to any planet they go. Therefore, the planets they claim to help prosper are essentially doomed by the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are shamed and called on numerous news shows to provide clarification. However, they were unaware of this phenomenon until Rick revealed it. Hence, the dinosaurs are forced to leave the planet, and humans return to their usual jobs.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 6 Ending: Does Rick Stop the Meteor? Where Do the Dinosaurs Go?

After the dinosaurs leave the earth, Rick hosts the Oscars. However, he abandons the ceremony after learning that the aliens are hiding on Mars and planning to sacrifice themselves to the meteor. Rick realizes that the dinosaurs are trying to sacrifice themselves to save the earth. As a result, they will take selfless action and reclaim their respect in the eyes of humans. However, Rick anticipates their plan arrives to stop the dinosaurs. He tries to convince the dinosaurs to abandon their plans. However, they refuse, and Rick joins them in the sacrifice, not wanting the aliens to be the only “virtuous” ones.

Rick’s addition lessens the impact of the dinosaurs and their sacrifice. One of the dinosaurs is unable to accept this and destroys the meteor. Thus, Rick’s little game proves that the dinosaurs weren’t actually benevolent and were merely enjoying the “Godly” status they received because of their helpful nature. However, after Rick foils their plan, they return the favor by fixing the rift in the multiverse that Rick was avoiding fixing. However, Rick is enraged at them for fixing the rift and claims that it would have formed a great three-episode arc for the show to cover.

Ultimately, Rick sees through the dinosaurs and their facade and cleverly dispels the alien creatures from earth. He then fixes the portal gun and promises Morty that they will soon be going on some old-school adventures. As a result, portal-hopping is back, and viewers can expect to see the technology in the upcoming episodes. In the post-credits scene, the dinosaurs land on a distant planet and find themselves bored. Since they are essentially retired, they spend their time skating. All things said, the episode uses the dinosaurs to highlight that selflessness and selfishness are the two sides of the same coin. While Rick realizes this concept, the dinosaurs help him accept it. As a result, Rick is motivated to finally fix the multiverse and the portal gun.

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