Run Sweetheart Run Ending, Explained: Does Cherie Defeat Ethan?

Directed by Shana Feste, ‘Run Sweetheart Run’ is a horror film about Cherie, a hard-working single mother who meets Ethan, a client of her boss. A night of casual dinner quickly turns into a harrowing experience after Ethan assaults Cherie. As a result, Cherie is forced to flee into the streets of Los Angeles and survive the entire night while Ethan stalks her like prey. If you are wondering how this cat-and-mouse chase ends, we’ve got you covered! Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Run Sweetheart Run.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Run Sweetheart Run Plot Synopsis

‘Run Sweetheart Run’ opens with Cherie complaining to HR about misappropriate behavior at her workplace. She works at a law firm and serves as an assistant to James R. Fuller, a partner at the firm. While Cherie’s concerns are addressed, her work schedule reveals that she is not valued as an employee. However, Fuller behaves caringly towards Cherie. He politely asks her to attend a business dinner with a charming client, Ethan.

Cherie returns home and takes care of her young daughter, Luze. She is separated from her boyfriend, Trey, and lives alone with her daughter. Therefore, Cherie calls a friend to babysit Luze while she attends the dinner. Cherie meets Ethan at his luxurious mansion in Hollywood Hills, and the two quickly get along. Cherie realizes that Fuller has set her up on a date with Ethan. Given her past experiences with Trey, Cherie is skeptical about dipping her toes back in the dating pool.

Soon, Ethan wins over Cherie with his charm, and she becomes comfortable in his presence. Therefore, she decides to spend the night at Ethan’s place. However, Ethan assaults Cherie, and she is forced to flee his home, leaving her belongings behind. After stumbling by herself for a few blocks, she receives help and calls 911. However, the police arrest Cherie for public intoxication and imprison her. Cherie shares a cell with a woman who is aware of Ethan’s true nature and warns her.

Ethan visits Cherie at the police station and pays for her bail. He challenges her to survive the night while he hunts her down. Cherie escapes to Fuller’s home and receives comfort from him. However, Fuller’s wife warns Cherie that Ethan is capable of smelling her blood and implies that he is a supernatural being. Therefore, Cherie faces the tough task of saving her life and returning to her daughter. Whether Cherie survives the night and defeats Ethan forms the rest of the plot.

Run Sweetheart Run Ending: Does Cherie Defeat Ethan?

As the narrative progresses, viewers learn about Ethan’s true nature. After Ethan kills Trey and his friends, he reveals his true face to Cherie. He is a vampire-like demon who preys on women and maintains patriarchy in society. She eventually makes her way to the Grand Spa, where Cherie expects to receive help from the First Lady. Cherie learns from the First Lady that the latter is on a mission to hunt down Ethan. She has been planning to kill the demon and stop him from preying on women but needs someone to become bait. Since Ethan is attracted to Cherie’s blood, the First Lady wants her help to defeat Ethan once and for all.

Cherie reluctantly agrees to help the First Lady. The First Lady tends to Cherie’s injuries and prepares her for the final fight with Ethan. The women decide to lure Ethan out in the open and use his weakness against him. Ethan is susceptible to the sunlight and cannot openly interact with the world after daybreak. Therefore, Cherie and the First Lady plan to trap him inside an amusement park. Cherie arrives on the site and lures Ethan out with her blood. She opens her wounds and allows Ethan to smell her blood. As a result, Ethan quickly arrives on the scene to devour his prey.

After a brief fight with Ethan, Cherie realizes she cannot defeat him with brute force. Therefore, she gives up the struggle and willingly allows Ethan to consume her blood. However, the move is merely a distraction, and Cherie uses the opportunity to distract Ethan just as the sun starts rising. The sunrays force Ethan to free Cherie, and he retreats inside the carousel. The First Lady and her group arrive on the scene and destroy the carousel, exposing  Ethan to the sunlight. In the end, Ethan s reduced to ashes, and Cherie prevails. She defeats the dangerous demon against all odds and proves she is not just another victim. By killing Ethan, Cherie reclaims her self-dignity and overcomes her internal demons as well.

Does Cherie Reunite With Luze?

Throughout the film, Cherie is forced to spend the night on the streets as Ethan hunts her down. She is warned that she cannot go home as Ethan will follow her. As a result, if Cherie goes home, she will inadvertently jeopardize her daughter’s life. Moreover, it is evident that Cherie’s blood is special, and it has benefits for Ethan. Therefore, there is all the more reason for Cherie to keep the demonic vampire away from her daughter.

Ultimately, Cherie succeeds in defeating Ethan and kills him with the First Lady’s help. As a result, the nightmarish scenario is behind Cherie, and she decides to return home. In the film’s final moments, Cherie reunites with Luze, making for a heartwarming moment. Despite her own traumatic situation, Cherie never risks her daughter’s life and is motivated by the desire to meet Luze. Hence, the mother-daughter subplot receives a satisfying conclusion while underlining another aspect of Cherie’s life that anchors her during her nightmare.

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