Sanditon Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

Viewers love the period drama TV series ‘Sanditon’ for its intriguing characters and the surprising twists and turns of the narrative. Some of them can be seen in season 2 episode 3, where protagonist Charlotte is finally able to break the ice with Alexander Colbourne as well as with his niece Augusta. Furthermore, questions arise about Clara’s claims regarding her child’s father and tensions arise between her and Esther.

Georgiana and Charles also have some rather interesting encounters and Alison gets increasingly smitten by Captain Carter, who resorts to taking Captain Fraser’s help to woo her. As Tom plans to cement business relations between him and Colonel Lennox, the latter begins keeping secrets that may pose a problem ahead. Now, let’s get a closer look at the ending of ‘Sanditon’ season 2 episode 3 after a quick recap of these events, shall we? SPOILERS AHEAD.

Sanditon Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

The episode commences with Charlotte arriving at the Colbourne estate, where she is tasked with looking for a mischievous Leonora who has gone into hiding. While searching, she runs into Alexander, who is trying to tame his petrified horse, Hannibal. He gets rather impressed when Charlotte is able to calm the poor animal and assists her in finding his daughter.

On the other hand, Tom and Arthur prepare for the Midsummer Fair and even manage to procure an elephant to showcase, thus causing excitement in town. However, their hopes are shattered when that plan falls through and they hurry to find a replacement to not disappoint the townsfolk. Thankfully, Colonel Lennox comes to their rescue and proposes a replacement for the elephant at the fair.

Elsewhere, Georgiana awaits a letter from her workers in Antigua but instead receives a beautiful sketch of hers made by Charles. Enraged that he did not ask her permission, she goes to confront him and states that he drew a glorified image of her. Charles then assures her that he just sketched the way he sees her and that he wishes to know her better. But when Mary discovers his interest in Georgiana, she warns her that he is unworthy of her and her status.

Meanwhile, Alison hopes to find more in common with Captain Carter and asks him about his travel anecdotes and war experiences. He hesitantly tells her about a traumatic incident at Bittersour, and she gets further impressed by his bravery. Although, he confides in Captain Fraser about the lack of abilities Allison desires and seeks his help to write her a poetic letter. The latter feels rather uncomfortable as he too likes her, and can see that her perception of Captain Carter is wrong.

As another day of work commences for Charlotte, she and the girls sit outdoors for a picnic in the Colbourne estate while studying flowers. Augusta then opens up about her mother’s death and Lucy, Alexander’s late wife. As he passes by, Leonora requests him to join in, and remembering Charlotte’s previous advice of paying attention to the girls, he obliges them. As the four of them spend some sweet time together, Alexander and Charlotte’s conflict begins to dissolve.

On the other hand, Lady Denham calls for Edward to confront him about fathering Clara’s unborn child, but he vehemently denies her claims and accuses the latter of lying. He also steals a letter that has arrived for Esther, hinting that he still wishes to cause trouble for her. Later, Colonel Lennox unveils the main attraction at the fair — the army’s air balloon being used for aerial watching — and invites everyone for rides. While others are hesitant, Charlotte volunteers for a ride and goes up with Colonel Lennox. The balloon experiences a minor mishap, but Arthur manages to save them.

Amidst all this, Charlotte and Colonel Lennox share a tender moment of closeness. Apart from this, Arthur convinces Georgiana of Charles’ kind intentions and good nature, and hence, she visits the latter and permits him to paint her. Afterward, the shopkeepers in town start complaining to Tom that the army has not yet paid any of the bills for the provisions they take and implore him to speak for them. Colonel Lennox completely evades the matter, thus rousing Tom’s suspicion.

Sanditon Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: Does Clara Have Her Baby?

Ever since Clara returns to the Denham household, Esther begins doubting her intentions and passes all sorts of retorts on her, given their turbulent past. Furthermore, she is extremely hurt as Clara’s child symbolizes Edward’s betrayal and thus, she refuses to accept it. When Edward refuses to take responsibility for the baby and accuses Clara of being a liar, Esther feels even warier about them both. She thinks that they are deliberately concocting some scheme with the pregnancy to dupe Lady Denham again.

After Edward rejects Clara and her child, Lady Denham becomes mildly sympathetic towards her and agrees to provide for the baby. While she leaves for the Midsummer Fair, Esther decides to stay back to keep an eye on Clara. Later, both women end up engaging in a heated argument over their controversial equation and Clara ends up going into labor.

Seeing no one around to help, Esther hesitantly drags Clara up the stairs to help her, but her harshness hurts the latter. Eventually, she puts aside her resentment and supports her, despite it causing her to relive past trauma. Clara gives birth to a baby boy, and while she refuses to nurse him, Esther holds him lovingly in her arms due to her desire of being a mother.

What Happened Between Alexander and Colonel Lennox?

When Charlotte reveals to Colonel Lennox that she works for Alexander, he shows his disdain for her employer. At the Midsummer Fair, he finally shares their troubled history and reveals that he used to be in love with a woman named Lucy. Alexander allegedly took her away from him and married her. Eventually, Lucy died due to undisclosed reasons, but Colonel Lennox feels that her husband destroyed her life.

Charlotte is rather confused at this information, as Augusta previously mentions something similar about Lucy being unhappy with Alexander. He as well dismisses the matter and refuses to speak about his late wife. Though, it is confirmed that Colonel Lennox holds him responsible for Lucy’s death and fears that he would harm Charlotte too, so he warns her to be careful.

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