Scott and Courtney: What Happened to the Love Island Games Couple?

Over the course of its first season, Peacock’s ‘Love Island Games‘ saw many couples being formed and, in some cases, getting eliminated together. While their on-screen journey certainly caught the interest of the world, their time after the show has also been something the fans cannot help but ponder over. Consider Scott van-der-Sluis and Courtney Boerner, whose story in the show was certainly a unique one and has since left the viewers wondering if the two decided to continue their romance after the show ended.

Scott and Courtney’s Love Island Games Journey

Courtney Boerner was one of the many ‘Love Island‘ franchise stars who entered the show in hopes of finding their partners. Previously, she had been a part of ‘Love Island USA‘ season 4 but indeed did not find what she wanted. Following her entry into the series with cast members from across the world, Courtney was certainly spoiled for choices. One of the men who was interested in pursuing her was ‘Love Island USA’ season 2 star Johnny Middlebrooks.

Courtney Boerner and Johnny Middlebrooks

Indeed, when the first recoupling came around, Courtney chose to partner up with Johnny, which deeply hurt Jessica Losurdo. The latter had been coupled with Johnny for quite some time and was pretty miffed that Johnny had not been clear about his intentions with her. When Courtney disclosed during the recoupling that Johnny had told her that he was just waiting for someone like her to enter the competition, almost everyone was shocked beyond belief. The new couple then got the opportunity to go on a romantic date, which they certainly enjoyed.

Not much later, six new bombshells entered the show, including Aurelia Lamprecht from ‘Love Island Germany’ season 4 and Scott van-der-Sluis (‘Love Island UK’ season 10 and ‘Love Island USA’ season 5). This sparked a new romance in Johnny’s life, and he started to get close to Aurelia. While Courtney also seemed open to new connections and was getting to know Scott, she seemed more interested in maintaining her bond with Johnny.

Hence, Courtney was blindsided entirely when Johnny actively started to pursue Aurelia, upset that he had not been upfront about it to her. During the next recoupling ceremony, he did chose to partner up with Aurelia. However, thanks to Scott’s own interest in Courtney, she was not eliminated and then paired with him. Despite her anger at Johnny, Courtney did try to establish a genuine connection with Scott. The Welsh football player was also quite open about his admiration for Courtney, boldly declaring that how he felt for Courtney was something he had not experienced in his previous ‘Love Island’ appearances.

As the finals neared, Scott and Courtney continued to get to know each other. However, during the carnival games challenge, they soon realized that their position within the villa was quite shaky. Almost every other contestant chose to make them vulnerable, something that highly upset Scott and Courtney. This is likely what prompted Scott to boldly declare that Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba were the most prominent power players in the competition. Ultimately, he and Courtney were up for elimination with two more couples. With Jack and Justine’s decision to save Mitch Hibberd and Zeta Morrison, Courtney and Zeta said goodbye to the two. That said, they did make a comeback when the time came for eliminated contestants to vote in order to finalize the couples entering the finals of season 1.

Are Scott and Courtney Still Together?

As of writing, Scott van-der-Sluis and Courtney Boerner have not shared any updates about whether or not the two have continued their on-screen romance. The pair do follow each other on Instagram, which indicates that, if nothing else, they are at least still on good terms with each other. That said, the two do have certain obstacles to overcome to make their relationship work, a major one among which is likely the fact that they live on the opposite end of the Atlantic Ocean.

Recently, Courtney has also been open about her sexuality as a bisexual woman. In the Peacock show, she was certainly interested in seeing how her connection with Kyra Green might take shape, though that avenue likely closed when Carrington Rodriguez chose Kyra as his partner before Courtney got her chance. Meanwhile, Scott has undoubtedly had many jokes thrown his way, including some comments from narrator Iain Stirling about his back-to-back appearances in the ‘Love Island’ franchise in 2023. However, his further participation in the franchise is highly dependent on his yet-to-be-disclosed romantic status, especially in regard to Courtney.

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