Shake, Rattle & Roll Extreme Ending, Explained: Who Survives?

‘Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme,’ an anthology Filipino horror film— part of an overarching franchise, follows three separate narratives about different groups of people who find themselves stuck in grueling, terrifying situations. The storylines— Glitch, Mukbang, and Rage— all explore varying corners of horror, from a classic bloodthirsty devil and gluttonous cannibals to a blown-out zombie apocalypse. Thus, the film maintains intense high-stakes situations through its runtime, dabbling in satirical comedy or familial drama as necessary. Consequently, viewers must be intrigued by the distinct premises, compelling them to wonder about the various cast of characters and their fates. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Glitch Plot Synopsis

The first horror tale that unravels within the film begins in California in 1993. A young girl, caught in an ugly custody disagreement, employs the help of her new friend, Larry, the devilish goat, to kill her caretaker in cold blood. Years later, on the other side of the world in Metro Manila, Philippines, Ingrid Salvador, a single working mother, raises her two kids with the help of her in-house Nanny, Hasmin.

Ingrid’s youngest daughter, Lyka, who recently lost her father, struggles with her grief, and her mother’s demanding, if lucrative, job worsens the girl’s loneliness. Furthermore, her older half-brother, teenage Patrick, continues to send jibes her way, refraining from hiding his blatant distaste toward her. For the same reason, Lyka easily falls prey to Larry the Goat, the homicidal spirit who tricks her into inviting him into her life through an online video.

The following night, a thunderous argument between Ingrid and Patrick— planted in place by Larry’s spirit— leads the latter to run away from home. Simultaneously, the house residents begin to feel Larry’s villainous spirit among them. Hasmin, inclined toward religious beliefs, attempts to bring up the issue with Ingrid to no avail. Eventually, her persistent praying leads to a confrontation between her and Larry that reveals the Goat’s true nature to Lyka as she witnesses her friend ruthlessly behead her nanny.

Glitch Ending Explained: How Does Ingrid Kill Larry?

Hasmin’s death marks the beginning of chaos in the Salvatore household. While Lyka attempts to hide from Larry in her bedroom, Patrick’s girlfriend, Margot, arrives at the house and promptly falls victim to the demonic goat. Meanwhile, Lyka curses at the goat she once considered her friend, invoking his wrath toward her as well.

Nevertheless, before Larry can harm Lyka, Ingrid and Patrick coincidentally arrive at the house at the same time, with the mother attempting to save her daughter from the demon. The family’s battle against Larry remains bloodied, and the Salvatores continue to be at a disadvantage against their supernatural foe. Nevertheless, the situation tips in their favor once Ingrid grabs onto a lance displayed on the Holy Family statue among her Christmas decorations.

According to Hasmin, the Church blessed the decorations and statues within the house. Therefore, the statues’ weapons remain imbued with the same but opposing energy as Larry, allowing Ingrid to strike the demon. In the end, Patrick almost dies at Larry’s hand before Lyka helps Ingrid arm herself with an angel statue’s sword, whose strength allows Ingrid to kill Larry. As such, the family manages to survive, ridding their house of Larry’s spirit.

Mukbang Plot Synopsis

The second tale, within the horror anthology, finds the viewers in a luxurious mansion belonging to Raye & Robin that becomes the spot for an influencer collaboration to promote various social media channels. From middling influencers like Adelle and Ashley, alongside their assistance Beyonce and Hannah, to a big-time celebrity/actress, Vee, join the pair at the house for a planned Mukbang video. Famous chefs Kino and Issac also arrive at the house to prepare the grand meal for the group and film their own content.

The connections between the group remain superficial, with everyone’s focus on brand deals, live streams, and content creation. However, after Beyonce finds himself following Robin into a mysterious room outside, he learns an awful truth about Raye, Robin, and the housekeeper, Mr. Ishiko, that leaves the former changed. Soon, Vee’s boyfriend, Lionel, an integral part of her online brand, arrives. Since he only showed up after Vee complained about him standing her up, the air remains tense between the pair.

Still, as the night settles in, everyone gathers together to enjoy the grand meal, an activity that creates plenty of content for them. Even though they notice a weird texture in their meat, none dwell on the same and eat to their heart’s desire. Even so, everyone can spot Beyonce and Hannah’s particular attention toward the food.

Meanwhile, evil spirits, operating with Raye and Robin, continue to prey upon the individuals, cornering them before attacking their bodies and taking on their likeness, with Mr. Ishiko chopping up their mortal form in his hidden lair. Eventually, one spirit goes after Adelle, only to be deterred by the iron pan hanging from his neck. As such, the man’s frantic flee for his life informs the group of the house’s horrors, leading to a cat-and-mouse chase.

Mukbang Ending Explained: Is Mr. Ishko a Cannibal? Why Does He Kill The Influencers?

Even after the group comes face to face with the evil spirits—- the hooded and clawed figures as well as those that appear as their friends— everyone remains oblivious to the reality surrounding them. Instead, everyone’s first priority becomes their escape from their lives.

However, the influencer group has unwittingly walked into a grave threat. Raye and Robin are actually in cahoots with Mr. Ishiko, the housekeeper, who wants to bring demonic spirits into the world by providing them with human vessels. In order to do so, Ishiko supplies dubious food supplies to the group— human flesh disguised as animal meat— to prep their forms for the demons’ takeover.

As it turns out, Ishiko himself is a demon who exists in the mortal realm in an old man’s body. Consequently, he wants to help his fellow demonic brothers cross into the living world. Still, in order to do so, he first needs to prepare possible hosts for his brethren by turning humans into cannibals. Therefore, after killing Raye and Robin, who are replaced by other demons, Ishiko sets up the Mukbang idea to trap other humans in the mansion.

Since all the influencers have already consumed human flesh— believing it to be otherwise— Ishiko’s demons simply have to hunt them down and eat their hearts to take on their form. Gradually, each influencer perishes to the demons, leaving Vee as the final survivor. Nevertheless, grossly outnumbered in the remote mansion, even Vee fails to survive. In the end, Vee dies at the hands of Mr. Ishiko, who sheds his older form and takes on Vee’s likeness.

Afterward, the demonic spirits, wearing the influencers’ faces, keep Kino alive, threatening to deliver him to his death unless he cooks cannibalistic meals for them. Furthermore, Ishiko and his comrades continue to post content as influencers— focusing on mukbangs— extending invitations to their followers for a visit to the mansion. The demons are planning to trick more people into arriving at the mansion so that the rest of their supernatural population can grow.

Rage Plot Synopsis

The final installment of the horror film follows a group of young adults on a road trip as they make their way to Santa Clara. As their drive intersects with the community of their long-time friend, Coy, the young man suggests Trina and her friends take a detour to the river and watch the meteor shower that has been occurring recently. Therefore, despite Trina’s insistence on sticking to the schedule, her friends convince her to greenlight a trek to the river.

At night, Coy exits from the group, unwilling to worry his family, leaving everyone else to watch the stars falling down the sky in flaming red arcs. The phenomena make for a scenic night until one of them, Bong, ends up coming in contact with the red rocks that fell from the sky during the shower. As a result, the man turns into a feral zombie and attacks Shai. Soon, other zombies also close in on the group, sending them down a dangerous path.

Eventually, Coy returns to the group with news of the town’s turn into a zombie-land. Still, the group ends up retreating to the village to get their van from its parked spot near the city square. Consequently, they are met with a horde of zombies who take particular glee in executing and infecting humans. Nonetheless, the community leader arrives in the nick of time, fending Trina and her friends against the zombies.

However, after the captain provides them safe shelter inside her remote house, Trina learns the woman is also dangerous and plans to feed them to her zombified son, Echo, whom she keeps chained in her basement. As a result, after a tense battle, Trina manages to overpower the community leader, condemning her to become Echo’s lunch.

Afterward, the group— now accompanied by Faya, the pregnant woman who was kept hostage at the captain’s house— decides to flee to Santa Clara. Nonetheless, in order to do so, they first need to make their way across town and gather a set of keys to the factory’s truck.

Rage Ending Explained: Does Faya Survive? What Happens To Her Baby?

Trina and her friends’ quest across town to earn their freedom from a zombie-occupied area remains filled with obstacles. The zombies are attracted to sound and mob together to hunt down other humans. Thus, the first morning, the group barely makes it to the local high school before needing to hide in the location to shake off the bloodthirsty undead on their tails.

Afterward, nightfall brings similar complications when the group successfully escapes to the factory but loses Coy. Furthermore, Faya’s water breaks, sending her into an untimely labor. As a result, Moze and Alfie are forced to search for the truck’s keys in the upper offices while Trina attempts to deliver Faya’s baby without catching the zombies’ attention.

Eventually, Moze and Alfie locate the keys to their freedom, but the latter ends up infected by the organism that emerges from the meteor and resides within every zombie. Throughout their hellish journey, Alfie has been the one least equipped for violence, unable to pick up a weapon in steady hands. For the same reason, he asks Moze to kill him before he turns into a homicidal maniac himself.

Ultimately, Moze also sacrifices himself to cause a distraction, passing the truck keys to Trina and compelling her to flee the town with Faya and her newborn baby. Although the pair manage to escape after mowing down the zombies in their paths, Faya’s body gives out to the trauma of her medically fraught labor and the zombie attacks that followed. Thus, Trina leaves Faya’s dead body in the truck, taking the baby with her to travel the rest of the way to Santa Clara and reunite with her mother.

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