Apples Never Fall: 8 Similar Mystery Shows to Watch

Based on Liane Moriarty’s novel of the same name, ‘Apples Never Fall’ follows members of the affluent Delaney family as their matriarch disappears under troubling circumstances, pointing to the involvement of an insider in the incident. Stan and Joy Delaney have built a fortune on the foundations of their tennis academy, but now they plan to retire and spend more time with their family, consisting of four adult children. One night, their door is knocked on by an injured woman claiming to suffer from domestic abuse. She is suspiciously allowed to remain at their house for the coming weeks.

When Joy suddenly disappears, evidence points to kidnapping or murder, and Stan becomes the primary suspect in the investigation. The siblings themselves struggle to make sense of the occurrence and question whether they really know anything about their own parents. The Peacock mystery drama is an enthralling watch with brilliant performances from its leads. For those seeking additional enigmatic stories, here are some shows like ‘Apples Never Fall.’

8. Fool Me Once (2024)

Maya Stern is a former combat pilot who is grieving the loss of her husband and sister. She installs a nanny cam to watch over her daughter while she is away and ends up spotting her supposedly dead husband playing with her. When she explains what she saw to her family, they attribute her claims to psychological trauma built up over her profession and loss. However, Maya Stern trusts her senses and sets out to uncover the truth.

Written and produced by Harlan Coben based on his 2016 book, ‘Fool Me Once’ is a riveting tale of suspense, deceit, and mind-boggling secrets. Similar to ‘Apples Never Fall,’ the story involves a family member’s disappearance that has more to it than meets the eye. As the plot progresses, both series’ characters realize that there is an entire side to the missing person that they weren’t aware of.

7. Stay Close (2021)

Megan, Broome, and Ray are living seemingly idyllic lives. Megan is a mother of three, Ray is a celebrity photographer, and Broome is a detective. However, each of them has a troubled side to them. With the appearance of Megan’s old friend Lorraine, the trio’s past catches up with them as she reveals news that turns their world upside down. Adapted from Harlan Coben’s novel, ‘Stay Close’ explores themes of deception and the consequences of secrets and choices. Such themes can also be found in ‘Apples Never Fall,’ and both series have a slow-burn mystery that is incredibly well written and acted.

6. Safe (2018)

Created by Harlan Coben, ‘Safe’ follows a widowed surgeon who goes on a search for his missing teen daughter, unveiling the dark underbelly of seemingly idyllic lives within the community. Tom Delaney lives with his daughters in a gated community. When the elder daughter, Jenny, doesn’t come home after a party, Tom takes it upon himself to investigate. However, his search leads him to unexpected revelations about his friends, neighbors, and even his own family. Much like ‘Apples Never Fall,’ ‘Safe’ features the search for a family member, which unexpectedly unearths secrets about nearly everyone.

5. The Stranger (2020)

The Stranger’ is a mystery thriller series that narrates the story of Adam Price, a happy family man whose world is thrown into disarray when an enigmatic stranger reveals a devastating secret about his wife. Soon after Adam confronts his wife about her lies, she disappears without a trace, leaving Adam to uncover the dark realities of her past and his town. Based on the eponymous novel by Harlan Coben, the series has similar plot elements to ‘Apples Never Fall,’ with the matriarch disappearing and leaving their family to wonder if they even actually knew her. The two miniseries have a focus on secrets and their ability to keep a family together as well as tear them apart.

4. Little Fires Everywhere (2020)

Little Fires Everywhere Season 1

Under the creative direction of Liz Tigelaar, ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ revolves around the seemingly idyllic Richardson family and the Warrens, a mother-daughter duo who seem intent on ruining their lives. Based on Celeste Ng’s 2017 book of the same name, the series takes us to the town of Shaker Heights, where Mia Warren and Elena Richardson increasingly find themselves at odds with each other, involving an all-out career assassination and a legal battle over custody of a baby. Similar to ‘Apples Never Fall,’ the series features an affluent family with long-buried secrets that come to light in a tumultuous situation, threatening to engulf everyone around them in flames.

3. Succession (2018–2023)

From the mind of Jesse Armstrong, ’Succession’ introduces us to the Roy family, owners of a global media conglomerate, who navigate the cutthroat world of the corporate elite. The series centers around the domineering patriarch, Logan Roy, and four of his ambitious children vying for his favor and greater control over their family’s assets. Alliances are made and broken overnight as flawed characters play power politics with any tactic at their disposal, including blackmail, deception, and perhaps even murder. Those who liked ‘Apples Never Fall’ for its aspect of an affluent and dysfunctional family imploding on itself, will enjoy the ever-expanding games played by the Roys for ‘Succession.’

2. Bloodline (2015–2017)

Crafted by creators Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler, and Daniel Zelman, ‘Bloodline’ transports us into the dark and secretive world of the Rayburn family, owners of a picturesque Florida Keys inn. The plot kicks into gear with the return of the prodigal son, Danny, igniting tensions among siblings John, Meg, and Kevin. As the family clashes over their differences, they dredge up long-buried resentments and expose a murky past filled with crime and fractured relationships. With haunting cinematography and gripping performances, ‘Bloodline’ will appeal to those who like the atmospheric storytelling and subtle acting in ‘Apples Never Fall.’ Both shows revolve around families with skeletons in their closets that come back to haunt them.

1. Big Little Lies (2017–)

In the creative hands of David E. Kelley, ‘Big Little Lies’ chronicles the lives of a group of women living in Monterey, California. While appearing outwardly perfect, they harbor hidden hatreds that result in drama and crime. The show centers on three mothers, Madeline, Celeste, and Jane, who come to know each other after their children start attending the same school.

Jane is a newcomer with a rowdy child, whose effect on the others leads to a schoolyard scandal and their involvement in a murder investigation. As it goes back and forth in time to unveil its grand narrative, ‘Big Little Lies’ and its widely acclaimed storytelling are sure to capture the attention of mystery drama enthusiasts who like ‘Apples Never Fall.’ Their narratives are filled with twists and turns that keep us on the edge of our seats.

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