The Curse of Oak Island: 8 Must-Watch Similar Reality Shows

In the gripping reality TV show, ‘The Curse of Oak Island,’ viewers are transported to the mysterious shores of Nova Scotia, Canada, where an intriguing mystery unfolds. Created by Kevin Burns, the show follows the daring expeditions of Rick and Marty Lagina, two brothers obsessed with unraveling the secrets hidden beneath Oak Island. The island has long been rumored to house buried treasures and historical artifacts, inspiring generations of treasure hunters. The Lagina brothers, along with a team of experts, employ cutting-edge technology, historical research, and sheer determination in their quest to unearth the island’s secrets.

As they dig deeper into the island’s enigma, they face numerous challenges and unexpected discoveries, all while confronting the eerie curse that has plagued treasure seekers for centuries. It is a thrilling journey into the heart of a centuries-old mystery. If you’re captivated by its blend of history, suspense, and the relentless pursuit of hidden riches, we’ve curated a list of shows like ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ for you to enjoy.

8. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (2020-)

‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch,’ created by Brandon Fugal, is a fascinating reality TV series that taps into the mysteries surrounding a ranch in Utah, infamous for its paranormal activity and unexplained phenomena. Much like ‘The Curse of Oak Island,’ the show follows a team of dedicated investigators and scientists as they strive to unearth the enigmatic secrets of this eerie location. Both series share a common theme of relentless pursuit, where experts employ cutting-edge technology and historical research to uncover hidden truths, making them gripping, suspense-filled explorations of the unknown.

7. Treasure Island with Bear Grylls (2019)

‘Treasure Island with Bear Grylls’ is an adventure-based reality TV show where contestants are marooned on a remote island. Created by Bear Grylls, the series challenges participants to work together using survival skills and resourcefulness to locate hidden treasure. Stranded in a demanding, unforgiving environment, the cast must overcome various obstacles and harsh conditions to uncover the treasure.

The show combines elements of survival, teamwork, and treasure hunting, offering an exciting and unpredictable journey as the contestants race against the elements and each other to claim the ultimate prize. Both ‘Treasure Island with Bear Grylls’ and ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ involve teams on a quest for hidden treasures while facing challenging environments and relying on their resourcefulness to uncover the secrets.

6. Mountain Men (2012-)

Mountain Men,’ created by Jason Carey, is a reality series that profiles modern-day outdoorsmen living in remote wilderness areas. It explores their self-reliant lifestyles as they hunt, trap, and gather resources to survive. Similar to ‘The Curse of Oak Island,’ ‘Mountain Men’ showcases the challenges these individuals face in their quests, whether it’s unearthing buried treasure on Oak Island or battling the elements in the untamed wilderness. Both series offer a glimpse into the resilience and determination of those who choose to live off the grid and take on formidable challenges, making them compelling explorations of human endurance and the pursuit of goals.

5. Gold Rush (2010-)

Gold Rush,’ a series created by Mark Burnett, documents the adventures of mining crews as they seek gold in the harsh terrain of Alaska and the Klondike. The show highlights the high-stakes nature of gold prospecting and the trials and tribulations faced by these teams in their pursuit of riches. Similar to ‘The Curse of Oak Island,’ ‘Gold Rush’ explores the relentless determination and perseverance of individuals driven by the allure of hidden treasure. Both series share a common theme of risking it all in the quest for wealth, making them gripping tales of adventure, hardship, and the unwavering pursuit of valuable resources in challenging environments.

4. Bering Sea Gold (2012-)

Bering Sea Gold,’ a series created by Thom Beers, delves into the daring lives of gold miners who brave the treacherous Bering Sea to extract underwater gold deposits. Much like ‘The Curse of Oak Island,’ the show portrays the intense dedication and relentless spirit of individuals who risk everything in pursuit of valuable treasures. Both series revolve around the perilous quest for riches, whether it’s diving into frigid waters off the Alaskan coast or excavating an enigmatic island in search of historical artifacts. These shows offer thrilling narratives of adventure, determination, and the pursuit of wealth against formidable natural challenges.

3. Treasure Quest: Snake Island (2009)

‘Treasure Quest: Snake Island,’ created by Brian Meere, follows a team of adventurers on a perilous quest to find hidden treasure rumored to be buried on the deadly Snake Island in Brazil. Similarly to ‘The Curse of Oak Island,’ the series combines historical clues and cutting-edge technology as the team navigates treacherous terrain and faces dangerous obstacles in their pursuit of riches. Both shows share a common theme of unwavering determination, teamwork, and the relentless quest for buried treasure, captivating viewers with their suspenseful explorations and the thrill of discovery in challenging environments.

2. The Lost Gold of World War II (2019-)

‘The Lost Gold of World War II’ is a reality TV series that explores the hunt for hidden treasures in the Philippines. Created by Phil Lott and Ari Mark the show follows a team of experts and veterans in their quest to uncover gold and valuable artifacts rumored to have been stashed away by the Japanese during World War II. The series combines historical research, state-of-the-art technology, and the challenges of the dense Philippine jungle, offering an exciting adventure as the team unravels the mysteries of this elusive treasure, much like ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ in its treasure-seeking premise.

1. Expedition Unknown (2015-)

‘Expedition Unknown’ is your passport to adventure, led by the charismatic host Josh Gates. With a diverse team of experts, Gates explores hidden treasures, historical enigmas, and unsolved mysteries across the globe. Much like ‘The Curse of Oak Island,’ it offers a riveting mix of history, high-tech exploration, and the unwavering quest for elusive secrets. If you’re a fan of the thrill that comes with uncovering long-lost truths and discovering historical treasures, ‘Expedition Unknown’ is a must-watch. With Gates’ infectious enthusiasm and compelling storytelling, every episode promises an exhilarating and engaging journey into the world’s greatest enigmas.

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