10 Shows Like Emma Stone’s The Curse You Must Watch

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The Curse‘ is a satirical black comedy TV series co-created and written by Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie, featuring Emma Stone, Fielder, and Safdie in key roles. The storyline follows newlyweds Whitney and Asher Siegel as they grapple with challenges in realizing their eco-conscious housing vision in the small community of Española, N.M. Their endeavors are further complicated by an alleged curse and the eccentrically flawed reality TV producer, Dougie, who perceives potential in their narrative. Throughout the series, Whitney and Asher navigate a perplexing maze of ethical and moral gray areas, all while attempting to sustain their relationship and start a family. Here are 10 more shows like ‘The Curse’ you should consider watching.

10. Six Feet Under (2001-2005)

Six Feet Under‘ is a drama series created by Alan Ball, known for its blend of dark comedy and poignant exploration of mortality. The show revolves around the Fisher family, who owns a funeral home. Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall, Frances Conroy, and Rachel Griffiths lead the cast. Like ‘The Curse,’ it taps into unconventional themes, navigating the complexities of life and death with a satirical edge. Both series share a willingness to explore the darker aspects of human experience while injecting humor into their narratives, providing audiences with thought-provoking and entertaining storytelling.

9. Lucky Hank (2023)

Lucky Hank,’ a black comedy-drama series developed by Paul Lieberstein and Aaron Zelman, draws parallels with ‘The Curse’ in its exploration of unconventional themes. Adapted from Richard Russo’s novel ‘Straight Man,’ the show features Bob Odenkirk as Professor Hank Devereaux, an English department chairman at a financially strained Pennsylvania college. Like ‘The Curse,’ ‘Lucky Hank’ skillfully balances midlife crisis and comedic chaos in Hank’s personal and professional spheres. Both series share a knack for blending dark humor with insightful storytelling, offering viewers a unique perspective on the complexities of human experience.

8. Brockmire (2017-2020)

Brockmire,’ a comedy series created by Joel Church-Cooper, shares thematic similarities with ‘The Curse.’ Starring Hank Azaria, it centers around Jim Brockmire, a disgraced baseball announcer attempting a comeback. Much like ‘The Curse,’ it blends dark comedy with satire, exploring the unconventional and absurd aspects of its protagonist’s life. Both shows feature flawed characters navigating challenges, with ‘Brockmire’ delving into the complexities of redemption amid the backdrop of sports commentary. With its irreverent humor and nuanced character development, ‘Brockmire’ aligns with ‘The Curse’ in its ability to infuse laughter into the exploration of unconventional narratives and moral gray zones.

7. Loudermilk (2017-2020)

In the realm of dark comedy and satirical storytelling, ‘Loudermilk’ echoes the thematic essence of ‘The Curse.’ Developed by Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort, the series stars Ron Livingston as Sam Loudermilk, a substance abuse counselor with a biting sense of humor. Navigating the intricacies of helping others while wrestling with his own imperfections, Loudermilk’s character mirrors the unconventional and morally complex narratives found in ‘The Curse.’ Both shows weave humor and insightful character development into their stories, providing audiences with engaging experiences.

6. Happyish (2015)

‘Happyish,’ created by Shalom Auslander, aligns thematically with ‘The Curse’ through its exploration of dark humor and satirical storytelling. Starring Steve Coogan, the series delves into the life of Thom Payne, an advertising executive grappling with the challenges of modern existence. The show shares similarities with ‘The Curse’ in its portrayal of flawed characters navigating ethical gray zones. ‘Happyish’ offers a unique blend of humor and insightful character development, mirroring the unconventional narratives present in ‘The Curse.’

5. Kidding (2018-2020)

Fans of ‘The Curse’ may find resonance in ‘Kidding,’ created by Dave Holstein. Starring Jim Carrey, the series explores Jeff Pickles, a children’s television icon struggling with personal turmoil. Much like ‘The Curse,’ ‘Kidding’ masterfully blends dark humor with poignant storytelling, diving into the complexities of Jeff’s life and the consequences of his public persona. Carrey’s performance adds depth to the character, akin to the compelling portrayals in ‘The Curse.’ With its satirical take on fame, morality, and personal struggles, ‘Kidding’ offers a captivating narrative that complements the unorthodox and intellectually stimulating narrative approach of ‘The Curse.’

4. The Rehearsal (2022)

In ‘The Rehearsal,’ Nathan Fielder takes the helm as creator, writer, director, and star, offering viewers a distinctive docu-comedy experience. Much like ‘The Curse,’ Fielder navigates unconventional narratives, orchestrating scenarios where ordinary individuals practice challenging conversations and life events. The series mirrors the offbeat chaos seen in ‘The Curse,’ as characters delve into the intricacies of trivial confessions or complex parenting discussions. Fielder’s meticulous creation of extravagant sets and the use of unsuspecting subjects’ information for actor training parallel the moral gray zones explored in ‘The Curse.’

3. Barry (2018-2023)

‘Barry,’ co-created by Alec Berg and Bill Hader, is an ideal choice for fans of ‘The Curse’ due to its shared dark comedic tone. Starring Hader as Barry Berkman, a hitman turned aspiring actor, the series mirrors ‘The Curse’s’ exploration of morally complex situations while maintaining a humorous edge. Both shows skillfully navigate the challenges faced by their flawed protagonists, offering complex narratives. By cleverly intertwining the realms of crime and the performing arts, ‘Barry’ effortlessly syncs with the distinctive narrative approach of ‘The Curse.’ It proves to be an engaging choice for viewers in search of a fusion of wit and character intricacy.

2. Baskets (2016-2019)

Baskets‘ is a magnetic choice for devotees of ‘The Curse,’ beckoning them into a realm where comedic genius intertwines with poignant character exploration. Crafted by the comedic trio of Zach Galifianakis, Louis C.K., and Jonathan Krisel, ‘Baskets’ unravels the uproarious odyssey of Chip Baskets, a dreamer aspiring to master the art of professional clowning. Amid the uproarious chaos, the series mirrors the unconventional storytelling finesse of ‘The Curse,’ presenting a world where absurdity meets profound examinations of the human experience. Zach Galifianakis’s portrayal of Chip, backed by an exceptional cast including Martha Kelly and Louie Anderson, adds layers of complexity and humor to the narrative. ‘Baskets’ becomes an irresistible concoction of wit, quirk, and unabashed storytelling, creating a compelling haven for those seeking a unique blend of laughter and character depth akin to the allure of ‘The Curse.’

1. Nathan for You (2013-2017)

For enthusiasts of ‘The Curse,’ ‘Nathan for You‘ emerges as a must-watch, beckoning with a uniquely twisted humor that infiltrates the realm of reality TV. Created and fronted by the brilliant Nathan Fielder, the series is a tapestry of unconventional ideas and audacious stunts designed to help struggling businesses. In each episode, Fielder’s deadpan delivery and ingenuity create a comedic universe where the lines between sincerity and absurdity blur. Much like the satirical tone of ‘The Curse,’ ‘Nathan for You’ navigates the uncharted territories of human behavior, weaving genuine moments of hilarity with an intricate exploration of the human psyche. The show’s ability to find humor in the ordinary and subvert traditional norms makes it an engaging spectacle, ensuring that if you reveled in the unconventional brilliance of ‘The Curse,’ ‘Nathan for You’ will undoubtedly be your next comedic fixation.

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