Sophie Wilde: Get to Know the Star of Everything Now on Netflix

Image Credit: Sophie Wilde/Instagram

Marred by the ghosts of a fatal disorder, Netflix’s ‘Everything Now’ follows the life of Mia Polanco, a sixteen-year-old teenager from London who has been recently released from the hospital after struggling with anorexia nervosa. As she rejoins the ranks of Westmere School, she realizes that her close friends are no longer the same people she knew a few months ago.

To ensure that the horrors of her eating disorder don’t taint her life, Mia decides to create a bucket list and accrue all the experiences that her peers are familiar with. Created by Ripley Parker, the coming-of-age comedy show coalesces the fears and revelations of growing up. Sophia Wilde leads the cast as Mia Polanco. Giving an authentic portrayal filled with nuance, fans have been curious to know more about the actress. So, if you’re wondering the same, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Sophie Wilde’s Background

Discovering a penchant for the theatrical arts at a very young, Sophie Wilde’s journey was filled with an array of experiences. Born to an Ivorian mother, Monalisa, and an Australian father, Simon, the 26-year-old was brought up in suburban Sydney with her younger brother, Enmore. By the age of five, Sophie was hooked on the magic of cinema and theatre. Having visited opera and musicals with her kin, she was enchanted by how things would unfold on stage. After Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Roman Holiday’ sealed the deal for her, she enrolled at the National Institute of Dramatic Art and the Australian Theatre for Young People.

Besides these short acting courses, she attended Sydney’s Newtown High School of the Performing Arts before returning to NIDA and graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. In addition to exploring the avenues of her abilities, Sophie is also close with her parents. In 2014, the actress trekked to the Himalayas with her father following the snowstorm disaster in Nepal. The daughter-father duo had been reportedly missing for nine days before resuming contact. The duo had traveled to a remote area of the Himalayas when the avalanche hit. In tune with her adventurous spirit, Sophie has also explored the extent of her skills.

Sophie Wilde’s Profession

Gaining a renewed worldview through her time in acting school, Sophie tested the waters as an actress. Following graduation, her first acting job entailed the portrayal of Ophelia’s longing madness in Shakespeare’s renowned ‘Hamlet.’ Before long, she began auditioning for different roles. Eventually, she was cast in the drama series, ‘Eden,’ where she played the role of Scout Lewis, a 20-year-old musician who returns from Julliard to live at her mother’s wellness centre.

Slowly, Sophie began emerging as an actress with a promising future on the Australian stage. However, the Ivorian-Australian didn’t want to limit herself to any boundaries. In a feat to explore the height of her abilities, she ventured far and beyond. Next, she backed up her skills by appearing in the BBC miniseries ‘You Don’t Know Me.’ Before making a blockbuster appearance on the horrors of an embalmed hand in ‘Talk To Me,’ Sophie also appeared in ‘The Portable Door.’ Gaining a meteoric rise, the actress has since appeared in the miniseries, ‘Tom Jones.’

In a feat to expand the horizons of her skills, Sophie decided to audition for Ripley Parker’s ‘Everything Now.’ Besides developing a resonance with the character, she also hoped to display the incapacitating struggles that come with eating disorders. Despite her Australian roots, Sophie quickly embodied the afflictions, inhibitions, and demeanor of a sixteen-year-old teenager from London who suffers from anorexia nervosa.

Is Sophie Wilde Dating Anyone? Is She Single?

With an array of roles coming her way, Sophie isn’t just expanding her portfolio as an actress but also refining her skills as an entertainer and artist. Naturally, keeping up with her work engagements leaves little room for the actress to pursue a romantic interest. So, as far as we can tell, Sophie Wilde is currently single. Moreover, the absence of a partner on social media also leads us to believe that the actress is single and focusing on her work and commitments. While romance may not be on the cards for Sophie at the moment, it does not mean she’s not experiencing life to the fullest.

In addition to creating a family-like bond with her co-stars, Sophie also enjoys pouring her heart out with her friends and loved ones. Despite giving in long hours to photoshoots and interviews, she still finds time to unwind and party with her friends. The actress regularly takes to her Instagram to post snippets of the time she enjoys with her close ones. So, even though Sophie is single at the moment, it is apparent that several personal and professional milestones still lie ahead in her future!

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