Survivor 34: Where Are The Contestants Now?

‘Survivor,’ a reality television show first premiered in 2000, had its 34th edition ‘Survivor: Game Changers — Mamanuca Islands’ aired in March 2017 on CBS. This season, known for its unique format, involved ‘Survivor’ alumni stranded in a remote location, forced to work together to survive the elements and various challenges while competing against each other. As the season wrapped up, these castaways embarked on new journeys beyond the tribal council. But where are these contestants today, and how have their experiences shaped their lives?

Sarah Lacina is a Hunter

‘Survivor 34’ standout victor Sarah Lacina has seamlessly transitioned from outwitting competitors on the island to maintaining law and order as a dedicated police officer. Her ‘Survivor’ journey continued in the intense showdown of ‘Winners at War’ in 2020, and remarkably, she conquered yet another reality TV challenge, emerging victorious in ‘The Challenge: USA.’ She has also appeared in Paramount+’s ‘The Challenge: World Championship’ in 2022.

Juggling her roles as a wife to Wyatt and a mother to son Knox, Sarah’s life extends beyond the adrenaline of competitions; she delves into the world of hunting and dedicates substantial time to rigorous training and fitness pursuits. Notably, in 2018, she embarked on the arduous World Marathon Challenge, conquering seven marathons in seven days across seven continents, showcasing her indomitable spirit.

Brad Culpepper is Now a Full-Time Attorney

On the flip side, Brad Culpepper, the gridiron gladiator turned legal luminary, took a different route after the show. Former professional footballer, husband to Monica Frakes, and father to the trio of football enthusiasts—Rex, Judge, and Honor—Brad keeps his life meticulously private in Tampa. Recognized in 2019 by the Florida Georgia Hall of Fame, his focus shifted from the sports arena to the legal one. Now a full-time attorney, Brad co-founded Culpepper Kurland, where he practices law with the same dedication that made up his ‘Survivor’ days.

Troy “Troyzan” Robertson is a Published Photographer

Troy “Troyzan” Robertson, the captivating runner-up from ‘Survivor 34,’ has transformed into an American photographer, capturing the essence of life through his lens. Currently residing in the vibrant landscape of South Florida, Troyzan hasn’t let go of his love for adventure. He is often seen in the company of his ‘Survivor’ comrade Tai, who keeps his spirit alive by frequent jungle escapades.

Troyzan isn’t just a photographer; he’s a visual storyteller whose works grace the pages of prestigious publications like Sports Illustrated, Condé Nast Traveler, Ocean Drive, Gotham, Golf Digest, and Self, and even find a place in the visual narratives of United Airlines, Marriott Hotels, and Turtle Island Resort. Beyond the lens, Troyzan’s cherished family includes not only his two loyal dogs, Dudley and Taylor, but also his unique Marmoset monkey clan, adding an extra touch of wild charm to his dynamic life.

Tai Trang is a Gardener and a Beekeeper

Tai Trang’s journey after the show is as captivating as his time on the island. Making a mark on the airwaves, he appeared on the ‘Happy to See Me with Erika Casupanan’ podcast, offering insights into his adventures, notably his impactful visit to Vietnam. True to his compassionate nature, Tai engages in the charity realm, participating in Hearts of Reality, where he continues to make a positive impact. Beyond altruistic endeavors, Tai has initiated a free library, promoting access to the world of books for all.

Still identifying himself as a professional gardener and beekeeper, Tai has rooted himself in San Francisco, where he holds a significant role as an Urban Forestry Council Member within the San Francisco Environment Department’s Urban Forestry Council, nurturing both his passion for nature and his commitment to community welfare. Tai, the green-thumb extraordinaire, remains deeply connected to the earth and the causes close to his heart.

Aubry Bracco is a Mom Today

Aubry Bracco has woven a compelling journey post-show. In a bold move, she embarked on a new venture in June 2017, launching the intriguing podcast ‘Odd With Aubry.’ Beyond the microphone, life took an emotional turn for Aubry in 2022 when her father underwent a successful heart transplant, a pivotal moment that now stands as a testament to resilience and familial bonds. But Aubry’s journey doesn’t end there; love found its way into her life when she started dating Tyler Morrow. Their love story blossomed as they welcomed their baby boy, OJM, in August 2023.

Ever the storyteller, Aubry appeared on the podcast ‘Talking Too Loud,’ sharing insights into her life after the show. Beyond the personal milestones, she has become a powerhouse in the corporate realm. Since 2021, Aubry has donned the hat of CEO at Coaching International, a testament to her leadership skills and strategic mindset. Not confined to a single role, she extends her expertise as a Marketing Consultant, leaving her mark on various companies and brands.

Cirie Fields Has Continued Her Reality TV Journey

Cirie Fields, a name synonymous with ‘Survivor’ greatness, continues to carve an extraordinary path in the realm of reality television. Regarded as one of the greatest players to never win, Cirie showcased her prowess by winning the first season of ‘The Traitors,’ solidifying her status as a master strategist. In a surprising twist, Cirie ventured into new territories in 2022, competing on the USA Network reality competition series ‘Snake in the Grass,’ showcasing her versatility. The journey didn’t stop there—2023 saw her grace the ‘Big Brother’ stage, participating in season 25 alongside her son, Jared Fields.

Despite finishing in 5th place, Cirie’s captivating presence earned her a spot in Variety’s 40 Most Powerful Women on Reality TV in 2023. Married to Clarencio “H.B.” Hacker, she has cultivated a loving home with her three children: John, Jamil, and Jared. Since 2020, she has held the esteemed position of Perioperative Systems Director at CarePoint Health System, demonstrating her leadership in the healthcare sector. Not confined to reality TV, Cirie even made a cameo appearance on the iconic show, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful.’

Michaela Bradshaw is a Sr. Program Manager

Post-‘Survivor,’ Michaela Bradshaw went into the competitive realm of MTV’s ‘The Challenge,’ participating in the 2021 season titled ‘Spies, Lies & Allies‘ and showcasing her tenacity. Unfazed by challenges, she returned for more in 2023, this time competing on CBS’s ‘The Challenge: USA 2,’ proving her mettle on yet another platform. In the corporate arena, Michaela has found her stride as a Senior Program Manager of talent Operations at NielsenIQ, where her strategic mindset undoubtedly plays a pivotal role. Her journey, marked by resilience and adaptability, has seen her conquer both reality TV and the corporate landscape with equal flair.

Andrea Boehlke is a TV Host

In the ‘Survivor’ universe, Andrea Boehlke is a force to be reckoned with. Her presence continues to be felt at various events, including the ‘Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Reunion Show’ in 2017. Beyond the island, Andrea has ventured into new territories, appearing in a promotional social media post for ‘Survivor Québec’ in 2023. Juggling multiple roles, she serves as a TV host for ‘Discover Wisconsin’ and ‘Morning Blend’ and also dons the hat of a travel host for The Design Network. Collaborating on a video photography venture named Sabrina and Andrea Boehlke, she showcases her creative flair. Adding to her repertoire, Andrea is an On-Air Host at PEOPLE Magazine. While her professional life is flourishing, Andrea keeps her dating profile private, adding an air of mystery to her intriguing persona.

Sierra Dawn Thomas is a Social Media Ambassador Today

Since season 34 ended, Sierra Dawn Thomas has embraced the challenges of ‘Celebrity Fear Factor’ in 2018, proving her mettle once again. However, the spotlight of her personal life shines even brighter. Engaged to fellow ‘Survivor’ alum Joe Anglim in April 2019, the couple officially tied the knot in November 2019. Their family expanded with the birth of daughter Della Dawn Anglim on May 29, 2021, and son Vander Joseph Anglim on August 15, 2022. Presently, Sierra thrives as a social media ambassador, effortlessly balancing her roles as a wife and mother, showcasing the resilience that defines her journey.

Zeke Smith Has Joined The GLAAD Board of Directors

Zeke Smith has now become a formidable advocate for transgender rights. His journey, marked by grace and resilience, led him to become a prominent figure in the LGBTQ+ community. Relocating to Los Angeles, Zeke joined the GLAAD Board of Directors, showcasing his commitment to advocacy. His impact extended to the academic and entertainment spheres, with recognition in the Out 100 list by The Out magazine. Moreover, he got featured in Netflix documentary film ‘Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen’ in 2020. He has been married to Nico Santos since November 6, 2023.

Debbie Wanner Lives in Pennsylvania

Debbie Wanner has grounded herself in Reading, Pennsylvania, where she dons the hat of a Laser Technician at Judson A. Smith. Amidst the hustle of everyday life, Debbie brings her unique ‘Survivor’ spirit to the world of lasers, proving that resilience extends beyond the island to the heart of Pennsylvania.

Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth Has Come Out as Bisexual

Legendary competitor Ozzy Lusth has taken on a new role as an advocate for sustainable development. Nestled in Venice Beach, California, Ozzy’s life involves frequent travels and a commitment to promoting local markets. Embracing his sexuality, he openly declared his bisexuality in 2022. Ozzy’s dynamic journey also includes a foray into adult content production on OnlyFans, a testament to his unapologetic self-expression and strengthening identity.

Hali Ford is an Attorney Now

Hali Ford, the legal luminary, not only conquered the courtroom but also found love in the most unexpected places. Engaged on July 1, 2017, to Ben Moreno, an attorney, she is now a mother of two and happily married to the attorney. Their unique love story began in the courtroom, where they met during trials and hearings against each other in criminal court. Currently an attorney at the Law Office of J. Hector Moreno and Associates, Hali’s journey seamlessly intertwines the professional with the personal, proving that love and law can coexist in perfect harmony.

Jeff Varner is Working in Real Estate Today

After his time on the show, Jeff Varner has embraced a life of diverse pursuits. From exploring the world as a solo traveler to judging Miss North Carolina USA in 2023, his journey is nothing short of a captivating adventure. Jeff has added Real Estate Broker to his repertoire, showcasing his versatility. As a writer, his storytelling prowess continues to shine, making Jeff Varner a true Renaissance soul navigating the various chapters of life with flair.

Sandra Diaz-Twine Again Appeared on TV Screen in 2024

Sandra Diaz-Twine, a Survivor legend, continues to make her mark on the reality TV landscape. Beyond her victories, she transitioned into roles as a Mentor on ‘Survivor: Island of the Idols,’ a contestant on ‘Survivor: Winners at War,’ and a participant in Australian ‘Survivor: Blood VS Water, ‘and ‘The Traitors’ season 2. Currently residing in Fort Lewis, Washington, Sandra shares her life with her husband Marcus and their two children, Tatiana and Alanna, embodying the essence of an icon and a mentor to generations of reality TV enthusiasts.

James “J.T.” Thomas Jr. Keeps His Life Under Wraps

J.T. Thomas Jr. has found solace in the heart of Alabama alongside his wife, Cameron Bush. Maintaining an air of mystery, J.T. keeps his life intensely private. His hairstylist wife occasionally offers glimpses into their world, adding an element of intrigue for fans eager to catch a glimpse of the Southern gentleman’s life.

Malcolm Freberg is Engaged To His Girlfriend Now

Since 2021, Malcolm Freberg has become more than a legend. He’s a regular contributor for Insider, sharing his unique ‘Survivor’ insights. His storytelling journey extends to an appearance on ‘Snake in the Grass.’ Love also found its way to Malcolm, as he’s dating Taylor Von Elling. The couple got engaged in November 2022. In the bustling city of L.A., Malcolm is making waves behind the scenes, working with a production company and focusing on developing content for NPOs, as he revealed to EW News in 2021. Adding a touch of charm to his life, he shares it with his loyal companion, a dog named Theodore Jackhammer.

Caleb Reynolds is a Father of Four Today

Since his time on the show, Caleb Reynolds ventured into the celebrity arena with an appearance on ‘Celebrity Fear Factor.’ In his personal life, Caleb, alongside his wife Ashley, is the proud parent of three kids – Mila, Alyus, and Noa. As a stepfather to Kylie, the Reynolds family is a tight-knit unit. Caleb and Ashley also co-own Peach Perfect Wear, adding a dash of entrepreneurship to their dynamic partnership.

Tony Vlachos is Still a Police Officer

Tony Vlachos, the undercover genius of the show, continues his life as an American police officer in New Jersey. A true competitor, Tony secured his second win on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ in 2020. In his private world, Tony resides with his wife, Marissa, and their two children, Constantine Anthony and Anastasia Marie. A master at keeping his life under wraps, Tony navigates both the police force and family life with a remarkable level of discretion.

Ciera Eastin Now Goes by Her Maiden Name

Ciera Eastin has embarked on a multifaceted journey since her time on the show. As a mother of three – Landon, Layla, and Leo Daniel – she courageously navigates the challenges of parenthood. After separating from Marcus Eastin, she reverted to her maiden name, Morett. Ciera’s indomitable spirit faced the challenges of the game, and she has shared how the Lyme disease she contracted on the show resulted in her Bell’s palsy diagnosis. Undeterred, she currently thrives as a hairstylist, showcasing her work and resilience on her social media. Her personal life takes a positive turn as she mentioned to EW News about allegedly meeting a great guy in her hometown, adding a new chapter to Ciera’s ever-evolving story.

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