Survivor Season 3: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Amidst nowhere, ‘Survivor’ features sixteen castaways coming together to overcome numerous challenges on a deserted island. The reality television show follows the stranded group as they try to beat nature and scour for food, water, and shelter. Agog with anticipation, the show features the physical and mental strength of the contestants as they group into tribes and perform several challenges. Released in 2001, season 3 of the show brought several exhilarating ups and downs. Years since ‘Survivor: Africa’ first aired, fans continue being curious about the participants.

Ethan Zohn is a Motivational Speaker and Media Personality Now

The remarkable player known for his affable personality became one of the most endearing persons to compete on the show. After Ethan walked away from ‘Survivor’ with the grand prize and title, he continued to find new routes to success. The reality TV star later competed on ‘Survivor: All Stars,’ ‘The Amazing Race,’ and ‘Survivor: Winners at War.’ Additionally, he battled cancer twice, once in 2009 and the other in 2013.

Nevertheless, Ethan has soldiered on and is now a motivational speaker who has been invited to several international conventions for the same. He is also an active television and media personality known for his venture Grassroot Soccer. Moreover, Ethan has a website that sells customized apparel. Along with his wife, Lisa Heywood, he continues to climb new heights of success.

Kim Johnson is Cherishing Family Time and Tennis Association Roles

The retired teacher ultimately lost the top spot to Ethan. Nevertheless, Kim Johnson has continued to make worthwhile memories with friends and family. Interestingly, her association with the U.S. Tennis Association and the U.S. Platform Tennis Association continues. Approaching her 80s, Kim has largely refrained from the public eye. Nevertheless, the former reality TV contestant remains remembered for her stellar performance on the reality show and now keeps her life under wraps.

Lex van den Berghe is Excelling as Adobe’s Senior Product Manager

Since finishing third place, Lex has continued exploring many opportunities and furthering his career and aspirations. He is currently a Senior Product Manager for Adobe. However, Lex’s decade-old stint at the renowned company hasn’t let him give up on his other interests. In 2013, he co-created the short-lived television series, ‘Family Beef’ and returned to ‘Survivor: All Stars.’ On top of it, Lex is a drummer for several rock and roll bands. Along with his wife and two sons, he continues to enjoy every aspect of life and is an avid pet parent.

Tom Buchanan is Farming and Community Building in Virginia

Image Credit: Survivor BigTom/Facebook

Adding a cheerful merry to the show, Tom’s lighthearted goodness could elevate even the most grim situation. Since his exit, the Virginia-based star has continued to work as a goat and cattle farmer. He still runs his family-run Valley Views Farm in Rich Valley, Virginia. Here, “Big” Tom Buchanan has also become a significant part of the community and is known for bringing the same cheer to people around him.

Teresa Cooper is Balancing Airline Work and Real Estate Brokerage

Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper had emerged as a fan-favorite castaway on the show. After her exit, the mother of two continued to work as an International Flight Attendant for Delta Air Lines and has held the position for over 40 years as of writing. She is also a Real Estate Broker in Georgia. Furthermore, the Psychology Major appears on Rob Cesternino’s podcast, ‘Rob Has a Podcast,’ from time to time. Aside from her work, Teresa keeps busy making new milestones with her family, husband, and friends.

Kim Powers is Thriving in San Francisco With Family

The New Jersey-based contestant placed sixth on season 3 and continued exploring different avenues of success after her exit. Kim maintained contact with her friends and fellow castmates of ‘Survivor.’ Shortly after the cameras stopped rolling, Kim met Alex Bell, a contestant from ‘Survivor: The Amazon.’ The attraction ultimately led to marriage, and the couple even adopted a daughter named Bella and are now based in San Francisco, California.

Frank Garrison is Working as a Telephone Technician and Outdoorsman

After becoming the tenth contestant to be booted off the show, the Amsterdam-born star accrued infamy for his conservative opinions. Since his exit from the show, Frank has kept a low profile and primarily worked as a telephone technician. He also dabbles in other interests, such as hunting and fishing. The reality star now spends time with his wife, Holly, and their three daughters.

Brandon Quinton is Nursing and Enjoying Family Life in Dallas Now

Constantly at odds with the older cast members, Brandon left the show relatively early. After his exit, he maintained a low profile and even struggled with drinking. Eventually, the former ‘Survivor’ contestant managed to recoup, return to school, and become a registered nurse. Brandon works in a home for the elderly and enjoys life with friends and family. The star is now married to Evan Math, and the couple is raising their dog, Violet, in Dallas, Texas. Aside from work, the happy couple also travels a lot!

Kelly Goldsmith is Teaching Marketing at Vanderbilt University

A Behavior Research Analyst at the time she participated in the show, Kelly has continued to accelerate in her field. The Yale and Duke graduate is currently a Professor of Marketing at Vanderbilt University and has even delivered TEDxNash talks. In addition to working as a researcher and having an in-depth understanding of marketing and behavior, Kelly enjoys time with her family. The reality TV star got married in 2013 to Reid Shriner, and the couple share two children.

Clarence Black is Broadcasting and Running His Business in Detroit

After the infamous bean fiasco on the show, Clarence continued to build himself in different aspects. After leaving his job as a high school basketball coach, the Detroit-based star started working as a Sports Broadcaster, a position he still holds today. Clarence also hosted shows and events around Detroit after leaving television. In 2010, he enlisted in the Army and later starred in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ and ‘Detroiters.’ Clarence has even been involved in Public Affairs and has his own business. The star devotes equal time to his wife, children, and family.

Lindsey Richter is Leading Mountain Biking Workshops

Since her exit from the show, Lindsey has continued to put her physical acumen to the test. Now a professional Mountain Biker, her passion as an athlete hasn’t subdued. Lindsey appeared on ‘Hollywood Squares’ as a panelist in 2002 and married pro mountain biker Kirt Voreis the following year, who she later divorced. The reality TV star’s company, Ladies AllRide, teaches women to get involved in mountain biking and has even been featured in Forbes. She is also an ambassador for numerous brands.

Silas Gaither is Fulfilling Probation Terms in Tennessee

After his journey on ‘Survivor,’ Silas continued to try out his luck in acting. Following his stint in reality television, he starred in ‘My True Self,’ ‘The Pain Within,’ ‘What I Like About You,’ and ‘Prescriptions.’ Silas also owned a sports bar in Los Angeles for years before returning to his home state of Tennessee. In 2019, the reality star was arrested with felony counts of rape and aggravated assault on two women. Ultimately, he entered a plea deal to serve six years of probation and has been disallowed any contact with victims.

Linda Spencer is Advancing Career Counseling at Harvard University

Since her time in Africa, the mountaineer and cancer survivor has reached new heights. Along with her husband and children, the Massachusetts-based Linda has continued to climb new peaks of success as a Career Counselor. An Assistant Director at the Office of Career Services at Harvard when she appeared on ‘Survivor,’ she has since climbed to the spot of Director of Career Advising and Programming at the prestigious Ivy League University.

Carl Bilancione is Practicing Dentistry and Motivational Speaking in Florida

The dentist based in Massachusetts left the show relatively early but still mapped the road to success even outside the show. His dental practice is based in Maitland, Florida, where he also seeks to quench his adventurous spirit, dabbles in scuba diving, and runs marathons. Carl is still close to his castmates and even mentored fellow contestant Frank Garrison’s daughter in dentistry. Along the way, he also became a motivational speaker and has even released his memoir, ‘My Rise from the Wiseguys.’ Aside from his career, Carl loves spending time with his wife, children, and grandkids!

Jessie Camacho is Pursuing Acting, Directing, and Hosting in Media

Born in Puerto Rico, Jessie has continued to accelerate her career in the media post her exit. In 2002, she appeared on ‘Late Show with David Letterman,’ and was also the third-place winner on ‘Protagonistas De Novela.’ A few years down the line, Jessie finally decided to quit the police force and devoted herself entirely to acting. The star has since worked as an actor, casting director, and writer. Some of Jessie’s works include ‘Emily the Criminal,’ ‘Bloodline,’ ‘About My Father,’ ‘The Art of Passion’ and ‘Mouthpiece.’ In addition, she is the host of ‘Telemundo’s Descontrol.’

Diane Ogden is Focusing on Art and Family after Postal Career

After becoming the first contestant to be booted from Africa, the mail carrier and mother of two was also invited to star in ‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water.’ However, Diane ultimately rejected the offer. In 2014, she completed her 30-year stint with the U.S. Post Office. Since her retirement, the former ‘Survivor’ star has devoted time to her children and grandchildren. She has since become an artist, and her work has also been publicly recognized. Diane is still close to her castmates Ethan Zohn and Carl Bilancione and catches up with them from time to time.

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