Suspicion Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

The fifth episode of Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘Suspicion’ begins with the aftermath of Aadesh, Tara, Walker, and Natalie’s abduction. Sean takes them to a temporary safe haven to unravel the mystery behind Leo Newman’s kidnapping. The suspects reveal the secrets they haven’t told the authorities to find a lead.

Under the leadership of the wanted criminal, Aadesh, Tara, Walker, and Natalie decide to find the real kidnappers of Leo Newman to prove their innocence. As the episode ends with an ambiguous revelation, it becomes clear that the suspects aren’t the innocent individuals they pretend to be. If you are interested in the nuances of the episode’s ending, let us guide you to it after a quick recap! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Suspicion Episode 5 Recap

The fifth episode, titled ‘What Does a Kidnapper Look Like?’ begins with Sean’s attempts to hide from the anonymous people trying to kill him and Aadesh, Tara, Walker, and Natalie. He leads the others to the house of the man who tried to kill him. Sean instructs the others to tell the truth about their involvement in the case to unravel the mystery behind Leo’s kidnapping. He makes it clear that the only way for everyone to walk out of the mess is to prove their innocence by telling the truth.

Tara reveals that she has tried to unfold the discrepancies around Leo’s admission even after the formal investigation. Walker says that he may have talked to Leo or been at the same pub with him for the authorities to arrest him. As they discuss their involvement, Natalie shares her suspicions concerning Sean’s involvement. Aadesh, on the other hand, insists on contacting the police. Walker struggles with his wound and Sean helps him by attending to it. As they discuss, a neighbor named David comes to check on the house. Tara and Sean pretend to be the acquaintances of the house owner to avoid suspicions.

Meanwhile, Natalie attempts to kill herself with Sean’s gun for Monique’s death. However, she fails to do it. Aadesh opens the laptop of the man who tried to kill Sean and finds an email to Martin Copeland, the COO of Cooper Newman PR. As they consider the possibilities of Martin’s involvement in the case, David realizes that Sean and Tara aren’t who they pretend to be. He calls the police and goes to check on them.

Suspicion Episode 5 Ending: Why Do Sean, Natalie, Tara, Aadesh, and Walker Leave for New York? Did Martin Copeland Kidnap Leo?

When Aadesh reveals that he had hacked Cooper Newman PR to impress them to get a job, Sean and others ask him whether he did come across anything vital about Leo Newman. He reveals that he did read some e-mails of Martin Copeland regarding Leo’s succession to run the company. Sean expresses his suspicion that Martin is involved in Leo’s kidnapping upon listening to Aadesh. He informs the others that he is going to New York to confront Martin for trying to kill him and putting an end to his livelihood. Natalie joins him upon swearing vengeance on Martin for possibly paving the way for her sister’s death.

Meanwhile, Tara enquires about joining Sean and Natalie from Aadesh and Walker. She realizes that she or the others can never be safe in the UK when they don’t even know who is after them. As Sean says, New York will be the last place their enemies or the authorities will doubt they are in, which opens a gateway for them to investigate the kidnapping themselves to prove their innocence without the fear of harm. Tara convinces Sean to leave for New York as a group since the predicament isn’t just about Sean or Natalie.

Thus, the five of them decide to go to New York for safety and to find the truth behind Martin Copeland’s involvement. As Sean suspects, Martin Copeland can be involved in Leo’s kidnapping. Since discussions regarding Leo’s succession to become the head of Cooper Newman PR were happening, Martin may have orchestrated the kidnapping to prevent the boy from becoming the next CEO of the company. Exposing a controversial chapter from the Newmans’ lives — specifically regarding Eric Cresswell — gives Martin a chance to become the next commander of CNPR.

Martin, who may have lived all his career under the shadow of Katherine Newman, maybe seeking a way to come out of such a position to establish his own authority in his company and influence in the society. Since the kidnappers want the doom of the Newmans instead of money, it is guaranteed that Leo’s kidnapping isn’t financially motivated. If the kidnappers succeed to ensure the downfall of Katherine and possibly Leo, Martin may benefit in several ways, which can be deduced as a possible motive behind the kidnapping.

Whom Does Eddie Walker Text? Why?

After leaving the house to go to New York, Eddie Walker uses a secret device to text that Sean, Natalie, Tara, and Aadesh are on the move. Even though the receiver of the text isn’t revealed, Walker’s actions show that he isn’t just a suspect as the others. Walker can be an undercover agent employed by the FBI, NCA, or even Katherine Newman to find out the truth behind Leo and his kidnappers. Since the authorities fail to produce a lead concerning the kidnappers, they may have instructed Walker to join the suspects as one among them to retrieve any information regarding Leo and their involvement in Leo’s case.

Walker may have tricked Aadesh by coming up with the idea that the arrested suspects should team up to prove their innocence. His meeting with Aadesh eventually leads him to Sean, Tara, and Natalie as well. His pixelated photographs in the newspapers indicate the need of protecting his identity. His late arrest indicates that he was employed after the authorities’ realization that there isn’t any ordinary way to extract leads from the suspects. If not the authorities, Walker may be employed by Katherine Newman, after realizing the incompetence of the authorities to find her son. She may be using Walker to find out the whereabouts of Leo without involving the authorities to hide “the truth” from the FBI or NCA.

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