Ted Lasso: Does Richmond Win the Premier League?

Apple TV+’s ‘Ted Lasso‘ prepares to release its lovable cast of footballers and coaches into the next chapter with the conclusion of the third season. The season 3 finale, most likely intended to serve as the series finale, sees AFC Richmond playing the final game of their season with the Premier League title at stake. It has been a long and hard road for the Greyhounds as they prove their doubts wrong by delivering incredible performances in the latter portion of the season to come within a point of winning it all. As a result, viewers must be wondering whether Richmond wins the Premier League at long last. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Richmond Wins Hearts But Not the Title

The first season of ‘Ted Lasso’ introduces viewers to AFC Richmond, a London-based English Premier League club. However, Richmond is known as a bottom-tier club with only flashes of success coming their way since the club’s inception in 1897. In the first season, owner Rebecca Welton sabotages the club in her bid to get revenge over her ex-husband, who previously owned the club. Despite Rebecca’s change of heart, newly appointed Head Coach Ted Lasso cannot prevent the team from getting related to the EFL Championship. However, in the second season, Ted guides the team to an incredible return to the Premier League after the club secures promotion through play-offs.

In the third season premiere, Richmond is touted to finish last in the league by every football pundit, given their disastrous run in the Premier League under Ted. However, Richmond surprises everyone by going on a winning streak after drawing their first game with the addition of the mercurial striker Zava. However, the team’s performances dipped after their humiliating loss to West Ham, and they sank lower in the league table. After Ted switches tactics and trains the team to play Total Football, Richmond turns things around and goes on a 16-game winning streak.

In the third season finale, Richmond is a single point away from winning the Premier League, provided rivals Manchester City lose or draw their final match of the season against Liverpool. Thus, if Richmond finishes first, they would complete a fairytale title-winning season, going from relegation contenders to champions within a year. However, Richmond faces West Ham in the season’s final match, and things do not go well for the Greyhounds. Richmond ends the first half two goals down. But a motivating speech from Ted helps the players regain their self-belief. As a result, Richmond sealed a 3-2 comeback in the second half.

Ted even performs his trademark dance to celebrate the victory, implying Richmond has won the title. However, as the commentators shift focus to Manchester City’s match, we fade to black before catching up with Ted at the airport. At the airport, Ted meets the same person he met on his flight to London when he first got the job as Richmond’s coach. However, this time, the person supports Ted instead of criticizing the American football coach. His conversation with Ted also confirms that Richmond did not win the Premier League. Instead, City won their final match to clinch the title.

Ultimately, Richmond does not win the Premier League, which is a fitting ending for the show despite Ted promising Rebecca that they will win the whole damn thing at the end of season 1. During his conversation with Trent Crimm in season 1, Ted explains that to him, success is not the sum total of your wins and losses. Instead, he views helping others become better versions of themselves as true success. Richmond giving it their all and nearly winning the title matches with Ted’s fundamental idea of success, and the series ends with the goofy Coach Lasso returning to his home of Kansas, United States, having positively impacted everyone at Richmond and leaving behind a culture that will almost certainly ensure Premier League success for the club in the future. But until then – Gradarius Firmus Victoria!

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