Ted Lasso: What Happens to Rebecca at the End? Does She End Up With the Dutchman?

Apple TV+’s ‘Ted Lasso‘ is a sports-comedy series that transcends the world of soccer to become something much larger than itself. It revolves around Ted Lasso, an American football coach who sets out to win hearts with his optimistic outlook on life, positively impacting those around him. The show’s third and potentially final season concludes by providing a meaningful resolution to several of its main characters. As Richmond plays the season’s final game, Ted makes an important decision, and Rebecca contemplates her future at the club. If you are wondering how Rebecca’s story ends, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens to Rebecca at the End?

Rebecca Welton is the owner of AFC Richmond, and she receives the club in her divorce settlement from her ex-husband, Rupert Mannion. Initially, Rebecca is disliked by the club faithful as she has no experience of running the club and is looked down upon for being a woman in a men-dominated footballing landscape. Rebecca sets out to destroy AFC Richmond since it is the only thing Rupert truly loves. However, Rebecca soon finds compassion and respect at Richmond and abandons her plan to get revenge on Rupert by sabotaging the club. In the third season finale, Rebecca realizes she no longer cares about destroying Rupert as his affairs are exposed, and his image is tarnished in the media. Consequently, Rebecca considers selling AFC Richmond since she no longer needs it to hurt Rupert.

Leslie suggests selling 49% of the club and states that selling the whole club would get Rebecca $2 billion. Moreover, Rebecca tries to convince Ted to stay at AFC Richmond by expressing her desire to sell the club if he leaves. However, Ted’s mind is made up about returning to the United States to be with his son, Henry. Ultimately, Rebecca realizes what she has built at Richmond is special when she goes to Mae’s pub. Baz, Jeremy, and Paul refer to Rebecca as the club’s mother, praising her passion and contributions to Richmond. Moved by their sentiments, Rebecca sells 49% of the club to its fans. Thus, she cements her place at the club and its future success for years to come. Rebecca embraces her role as the owner of Richmond and a champion of progressive thinking in football as a whole while she is referred to as the “Club Matriarch” in the media.

Does Rebecca End Up With the Dutchman?

In the season 3 finale’s final moments, Rebbecca gladly accepts her role at Richmond with a renewed spirit. However, she goes to the airport to say her final goodbye to the men who stopped her from giving in to the corruption spread inside her by her divorce. By continuing to run Richmond, Rebecca honors everything Ted has taught her and signifies what he means to her. In the process, Rebecca becomes the “mother” to the club fans and falls in love with Richmond, seemingly fulfilling Tish’s predictions from earlier in the season. However, Rebecca also finds true happiness and companionship, and it is implied she starts an actual family.

After Rebecca leaves the airport, she sees a small girl who turns out to be the daughter of a Dutchman from Amsterdam. The Dutchman was introduced as a love interest for Rebecca in the sixth episode of season 3, but she and the Dutchman parted ways without as much as knowing each other’s name. However, their chance encounter at the airport suggests it is the start of their romantic relationship, and the same is foreshadowed earlier when Ted jokes about a rom-com meet-cute moment for Rebecca. In the final scene, Rebecca is seen attending a barbeque party with the Dutchman and his daughter at Leslie’s house, confirming they end up together. Thus, Rebecca’s arc in the series concludes with her regaining her self-worth, finding a purpose, and gaining a family.

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