Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Ted Finds New Inspiration

Apple TV+’s ‘Ted Lasso‘ season 3 episode 6 gives its character a brutal reality check as everyone’s favorite AFC Richmond crashes and burns after their strong but short-lived trailblazing return to the Premier League. In the episode, Ted deals with the team’s winless streak after Richmond loses a friendly match against the Dutch club Ajax in Amsterdam. As Ted seeks fresh inspiration, the AFC Richmond players try to connect with each other off the pitch, and the winds of new romance blow for Rebecca. The ending of ‘Ted Lasso’ season 3 episode 6 hints at Ted revamping Richmond’s playing style. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode, titled ‘Sunflowers,’ opens with AFC Richmond playing a friendly match against Ajax in Amsterdam. However, Richmond’s losing streak continues, as the team is beaten by a final scoreline of 5-0. The Richmond players’ confidence takes a hit, especially after Zava’s retirement, leading to poor performances. After the match, Roy Kent gives an explosive interview but refuses to accept that Zava’s absence has affected the team. Rebecca wants to make plans with Keeley and Leslie. However, Leslie is going to the Red Light District while Keeley is meeting Jack for a date. Roy learns from Rebecca about Keeley’s new romance and becomes furious.

On the team bus, Ted lifts the curfew to let the players enjoy themselves and relax. However, Roy takes out his anger on Jamie by removing him from the team and taking him to train. Meanwhile, the players gather in the hotel lobby to decide their plans for the night. However, the group has different suggestions and cannot seem to agree on the plan. Issac insists they must make only one as they are a team. Thus, the players vote for either attending a private party or watching a sex show.

After making an excuse, Colin sneaks out of the hotel and visits a gay pub. However, Trent Crimm follows Colin and reveals he has been aware of Colin’s secret all along. On the other hand, Rebecca takes a stroll in the city and meets a handsome Dutchman. However, she accidentally falls into a canal and is forced to stay with the Dutchman until her clothes dry. Soon, Rebecca and the Dutchman hit it off, and there is undeniable chemistry between them. Rebecca spends the night with the Dutchman as they share food, wine, and stories and fall in love.

Elsewhere, Coach Beard encourages Ted to try a tea-diluted drug that will open new neural pathways and help Ted find inspiration to resolve the team’s issues. Will Kitman tags along with Leslie for his visit to the Red Light District, where the duo attends a live jazz show. Roy and Jamie continue their training, but Jamie tricks Roy into sightseeing. After Jamie learns that Roy cannot ride the bike, he teaches Roy, bonding with his coach. Eventually, Roy reveals Keeley has a new girlfriend and apologizes to Jamie for projecting his negative emotions on the player.

Ted refuses to drink the drug-infused tea, and Coach Beard leaves to party while Ted is left alone in the hotel room. The players eventually agree to go to the party but stop to have dinner first. However, the group once again argues over what food they should have. Eventually, the players spend the night inside the hotel, having a pillow fight and enjoying themselves. Meanwhile, Colin confides in Trent about his sexuality, and Trent reveals he is also gay. After Trent helps Colin deal with his emotions, they party at a gay pub. On the other hand, Ted finally drinks the tea and goes on a mind-bending tour of the city.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 6 Ending: How Does Ted Find Inspiration?

In the episode’s final act, Ted visits an American burger joint, which reflects his aching for his homeland. However, on the way, Ted stops at an art museum and sees Vincent van Gogh’s paintings. One painting in particular, “Sunflowers,” represents different stages of the flower’s life, catches Ted’s attention, and encourages him to be resilient in the face of adversity. At the burger joint, Ted watches an old basketball match in which the Chicago Bulls employ the famous “Triangle Offense” tactic to demolish their opponents.

The painting, the basketball match, and the feeling of home inspire Ted to develop a new style of play, which he spends all night working on. The next morning, everyone reunites on the team bus, where Rebecca is smitten with the Dutchman. Will reveals he had a threesome, and the players are re-energized. Ted shows Coach Beard his new style of play that focuses on the players supporting each other in a triangular formation, always leaving the player in possession of the ball with two possible passing options.

However, Coach Beard explains that the style of play is called “Total Football,” invented in Amsterdam during the 70s. Nonetheless, Coach Beard believes they should implement the strategy. Ultimately, AFC Richmond players and coaches receive a well-needed break from the footballing action to process their emotions. The players stick together, proving they are a team, while others like Leslie, Jamie, and Trent come through for their friends in need of emotional support, just like Ted advised them in the first episode. Ted finally shows a tactical understanding of the sport, improving himself as a coach and increasing the team’s chances of making a comeback later in the season.

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