Tevin M. Davis From Survivor is an Established Theater Artist

Tevin Marion Davis, a compelling contestant on CBS’ ‘Survivor‘ season 46, unveiled a resilient spirit shaped by a tumultuous past. In his introductory video, Davis revealed the adversity he conquered, witnessing his parents navigate the challenges of financial strain, enduring power outages, evictions, and foreclosures. These hardships sculpted the tenacious individual he is today. Amidst the struggle, he discovered his true self. Eager to unravel the depths of his character, he embarked on this expedition with a hunger for self-discovery, embracing the opportunity to redefine his identity through the demanding ‘Survivor’ experience.

At The Age of Four, Tevin Marion Davis Lent His Voice to The Church

Tevin Marion Davis, a multifaceted individual born on April 24, 1999, hails from the charming town of Goochland, Virginia. Currently residing in Richmond, Virginia, his formative years were profoundly shaped by his close relationship with his aunt Gogo, a bond forged through shared moments watching ‘Survivor.’ His childhood was a tapestry woven with challenges, witnessing his parents navigate financial strife, eviction threats, and even moments devoid of electricity.


As a beacon of inspiration, he found solace and purpose in his church, where he lent his voice to hymns and spiritual melodies from the age of four. Tevin’s educational journey commenced at Goochland Midland School, culminating in a meaningful graduation from Goochland High School in 2017, where he earned the title of Mr. Goochland. The high school theater scene witnessed his ascendancy, with accolades such as Most Outstanding Actor and Theater Performer of the Year adorning his achievements.

A first-generation college student, he embarked on a transformative academic odyssey, pursuing a B.F.A. in Theater Arts with a concentration in Performance at Virginia Commonwealth University. Graduating in 2021 with Magna Cum Laude honors, Tevin’s academic triumphs were complemented by scholarships that spared his family the burden of tuition and housing expenses. His artistic prowess blossomed further through training at Actors Express, where he became part of the Acting Apprentice Company under the mentorship of Freddie Ashley in 2022.

He also participated in a Pre-Production Workshop for the National Tour of Amazing Grace the Musical, showcasing his dedication to honing his craft. Tragically, the specter of grief loomed large in Tevin’s life as he lost his father in July 2022, just before his ‘Survivor’ adventure began. The pain of this loss served as a poignant backdrop to his first venture outside the United States, landing him in the captivating environs of Fiji for ‘Survivor 46.’ Beyond the spotlight, he is a virtuoso in the realm of music, playing an array of instruments including the piano, trombone, drums, percussion, upright bass, melodica, and flute.

His artistic repertoire extends to certification in Unarmed Stage Combat and Puppeteer Experience, reflecting a commitment to versatility in his craft. Tevin’s interests transcend the stage, encompassing love for the beach, music, and fashion. His television preferences mirror a nostalgic nod to classics like ‘Sanford and Son,’ ‘Leave it to Beaver,’ ‘Andy Griffith,’ and ‘Good Times.’ Notably, he is an unabashed admirer of Whitney Houston, citing her iconic song “The Greatest Love of All” as the catalyst for his journey into acting.

His dedication to the arts deepened in eighth grade when he discovered musical theater, catalyzed by a request from his school’s teacher, Neil Burch, to join the ensemble of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ after a captivating performance at a Black History Month assembly. Tevin’s advocacy extends beyond the stage, where he courageously champions the cause of blacks, minorities, and the oppressed. In October 2023, he underwent hernia repair surgery, demonstrating resilience in the face of personal challenges.

Tevin Marion Davis is Not Just a Theater Artist But Also a Music Director

Tevin Marion Davis, a luminary in both theater and commerce, has left an indelible mark on the stage and screen. His theatrical journey is punctuated by stellar performances in productions like ‘The Tempest,’ ‘Pericles,’ and ‘A Christmas Carol,’ gracing renowned stages such as the American Shakespeare Center, Virginia Repertory Theater, and VCU Arts Theater. Notably, his excellence in the arts earned him a prestigious $5,000 grant from the National Society of Arts and Letters. In a candid conversation with Parade, Tevin shared his unorthodox dream of challenging gender norms on Broadway, expressing a desire to play Heather Chandler, a character traditionally portrayed by women.


Embracing the power and strength inherent in roles typically written for women, his ambition transcends conventional expectations, showcasing his eagerness to tackle diverse and compelling characters. Beyond the stage, he is a versatile music director, showcasing his prowess in steering the sonic landscapes of various productions. His passion for the arts extends to the realm of reality television, with ‘Survivor’ serving as a profound inspiration. Influenced by the journeys of contestants Maryanne and Cochran, Tevin immersed himself in the unpredictable world, adding a unique chapter to his multifaceted career.

His foray into the realm of television and movies further enriches his artistic tapestry. While roles in ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond‘ and ‘Swagger‘ may have been modest, they contributed significantly to his evolving career. His involvement in projects like ‘Songs and Stories,’ ‘Welcome to the Show,’ and ‘Sunshine Songs’ showcases his dedication to exploring different avenues within the entertainment industry. In February 2024, Tevin embarked on a new entrepreneurial venture, launching Treasures By Tevin, an online commercial business specializing in clothing merchandise. From pet clothing to hoodies and mugs, his creative flair extends beyond the stage, offering fans a tangible connection to his artistic vision.

His dynamic move into e-commerce showcases his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. Adding another feather to his cap, Tevin secured representation by Lily’s Talent, signaling a new chapter in his professional journey. Personal milestones complement his ascent in the entertainment industry, including purchasing his first car in 2021. This symbolizes not just a mode of transportation, but a tangible marker of his growth and success. His unwavering commitment to artistic exploration, paired with an entrepreneurial spirit, exemplifies a modern artist whose influence extends far beyond the footlights, creating a legacy that transcends traditional boundaries.

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