The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Danner’s Flashback

The second season of Apple TV+’s ‘The Afterparty‘ follows Aniq and Detective Danner as they investigate the murder of billionaire Edgar Minnows. However, in the sixth episode, the investigation takes a slight detour as Danner expresses an important point to Aniq. In the process, we learn how and why Danner decided to quit the police force. Meanwhile, Travis’ machinations lead to an important discovery that makes everyone an equal suspect in Edgar’s murder. ‘The Afterparty’ season 2, episode 6, ends with a major twist about Danner’s past and how it affects the progress of her investigation. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode, titled ‘Danner’s Fire,’ opens with Danner advising Aniq about keeping his feelings in check during the investigation. Danner tells him she did not leave the police force to become an author. In fact, her social media image as a successful author is a scam, and she actually left the job as a detective because she lost her confidence. Danner explains that after catching Yasper, she was assigned to work on another case that involved a series of arsons. The officers apprehended a suspect named Leonard Vurr. Leonard was recently released from prison after serving time for committing multiple arsons. Moreover, he is connected to two of the three places burned down.

Leonard claims he is fascinated with fire but stopped committing arson after working in therapy with Dr. Quentin Devereaux, who specializes in dealing with deviant behavior and pyromaniacs. Danner speaks to Dr. Devereaux about Leonard but quickly finds herself attracted to Dr. Devereaux. However, Dr. Devereaux supports Leonard and claims the latter no longer starts fires. Danner is intent on understanding the mind of an arsonist. Dr. Devereaux asks Danner out for dinner and promises to help her in her investigation. Dr. Devereaux and Danner speak about passion, leading to their hooking up.

While Danner gives Aniq distributing and explicit details of her sexual interactions with Dr. Devereaux, Zoe talks with Uncle Ulysses. After discussing her and Grace’s childhood, Zoe questions why Ulysses suddenly left the family. However, the two are interrupted when they discover Travis drinking tea made from the Devil’s Trumpet flowers to examine whether it could be used to kill someone. Travis claims to have taken a microdose, but Zoe and Ulysses realize he has drunk a lot of tea. As a result, Zoe and Ulysses must find a way to get the toxins out of Travis’ system.

After Dr. Devereaux convinces Danner that Leonard did not commit the arsons, she releases the suspect. Dr. Devereaux asks Danner out for another date, but her partner, Detective Culp, warns Danner she is getting too close to someone directly involved in her case, clouding her judgment. Meanwhile, Travis suffers from hallucinations caused by the flowers, and Ulysses tries to deal with him. Danner reveals that her interactions with Dr. Devereaux revealed Leonard was also connected to the third location that was burned down. As a result, Danner tracks down Leonard and feels ashamed for letting her judgment get clouded.

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 6 Ending: Why Did Danner Quit?

After Leonard is arrested, Danner visits Dr. Devereaux’s apartment, where she finds clues that link him to the arsons. Danner deduces that Dr. Devereaux committed the arson and framed Leonard by placing the evidence in his car trunk. However, Dr. Devereaux also realizes that Danner is on to him. Therefore, he cuffs her to the bed’s headboard and sets his apartment on fire, leaving Danner to die. However, Danner had left Detective Culp a voicemail, and he arrived to save her in the nick of time. While Danner survives the fire, Dr. Devereaux gets away and is never caught. Therefore, Danner feels ashamed for not doing her job and quits the police force.

In the present, Danner convinces Aniq to look at Edgar’s murder objectively and treat Zoe’s family as suspects. Aniq agrees not to let his judgment be clouded. Meanwhile, Ulysses saves Travis from dying because of the poisoned tea. However, Travis proves his point that anyone in the house could have easily made the poisonous tea using the flowers and killed Edgar. The episode’s final moments see Zoe sneaking into the room with Edgar’s dead body and finding a teapot that was left behind.

The moment implies Zoe knows more about Edgar’s death than she lets on. However, Zoe likely removed the teapot to protect her sister. However, Zoe is forced to hide when Isabel enters the room after overhearing the sound of Sebastian speaking over the phone. As a result, Zoe is forced to hide in the bathroom and place the teapot in a cabinet in the bathroom. Although Zoe might be acting through her love for her sister, she has clearly lost objectivity in the case, which Danner reinforces is necessary to catch the killer. Ultimately, the episode forces Aniq and the viewers to question the motivations of both families and consider the possibility that one of them might be the killer.

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