The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

Apple TV+’s ‘The Afterparty‘ is a comedy-drama series created by Christopher Miller. The show’s second season follows Danner and Aniq as they investigate the murder of billionaire Edgar Minnows, who is found dead on the morning after his wedding. The fifth episode sees Danner interrogating Edgar’s business partner, Sebastian, who appears to have a very clear motive for the murder. However, Sebastian’s story brings forward some shocking revelations that bring just about everyone present at the wedding under suspicion for the crime. If you are wondering how Sebastian’s testimony changes the tide of Danner and Aniq’s investigation, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Afterparty’ season 2, episode 5! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

The fifth episode, titled ‘Sebastian,’ opens with an awkward interaction between the Zhu and Minnows family. However, Isabel takes the opportunity to accuse Grace of killing her son. Zoe hits back at Isabel by revealing that the poison used to kill Edgar was from Hannah’s garden. Isabell then insinuates that Grace and her family planned Edgar’s murder so they could become rich with his money. Meanwhile, Sebastian continues to take care of business in Edgar’s absence. Aniq and Danner move on to the next suspect in their investigation – Sebastian.

Danner confronts Sebastian about Edgar firing him mere days before the wedding. Elsewhere, Zoe complains to Aniq about Isabel’s accusations. Aniq asks Zoe to find evidence to back up her claims. Meanwhile, Sebastian claims that he did not kill Edgar. Although Sebastian admits Edgar fired him, he claims he was not upset with his business partner. Sebastian begins his side of the story by telling Aniq and Danner about his childhood in California. Sebastian and his cousins Judson and Jaxson were small-time hustlers who would con people for their money. However, Sebastian decided to move away from the life of petty crime. As a result, he conned his way into a fancy boarding school.

At the boarding school, Sebastian met Edgar, where he developed a fake British accent to impress his classmates. Edgar looked down upon Sebastian but was interested in his rare baseball trading card. Edgar and Sebastian played a game of Connect 4 for the card, with Edgar outsmarting Sebastian to take away the priceless memorabilia. However, it led to Sebastian and Edgar developing a friendship to help them pull off big cons, including a large hedge fund for scamming people. A few days before the wedding, Edgar discovered that Sebastian held back 20% of their capital, leading to Edgar losing money. As a result, Edgar fired Sebastian for undermining him.

Edgar asks Sebastian to withhold his resignation letter until after the wedding not to cause any scene. However, Sebastian became disheartened with Edgar removing him from his business empire. Meanwhile, Vivian and Feng try to get rid of the centerpiece flowers they had taken as a keepsake. However, they are caught by Isabel, who accuses them of killing her son, only for Zoe and Grace to reveal that Vivian is a hoarder. On the other hand, Sebastian reveals he broke his cousins out of prison to help him pull off a heist. Sebastian’s target is the safe in Edgar’s office, which contains all his crypto money.

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 5 Ending: Did Sebastian Kill Edgar?

In the episode’s final act, Sebastian explains how he pulled off a heist to get into Edgar’s safe. However, Edgar caught him before he could escape with the loot. Sebastian explains that he never wanted the money. He only wanted to take back the baseball card Edgar had as t signified the start of their friendship and partnership. With Edgar kicking him out of the company and ending their partnership, Sebastian wanted to retake the card. However, when Edgar caught him, they played another game of Connect 4.

Sebastian knew he couldn’t beat Edgar, so he replaced the card with an identical one, which Edgar ripped to pieces. Ultimately, Sebastian makes a solid case for not being Edgar’s killer, except that his story can only be verified by Edgar, who is dead. As a result, Aniq is convinced that Sebastian is behind Edgar’s murder. However, Sebastian also reveals that he was Ulysses meddling with a drink at the bar. As a result, Danner decides to continue the investigation and explains that she let Sebastian charm her so he would make a mistake.

Meanwhile, Danner decides to tell Aniq about why she left her police detective job. Elsewhere, Zoe sees Hannah and Grace talking by the pool, and Hannah claims she wasn’t honest with Danner during her interrogation. The episode ends with two new leads for Danner and Aniq, seemingly confirming Edgar’s death was part of a larger conspiracy and Sebastian’s cop was only a small part of it. Nonetheless, Sebastian cannot be ruled out as a suspect unless concrete evidence proving his innocence is found.

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