The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: A Twisted Affair

The second season of Apple TV+’s ‘The Afterparty‘ takes a steep turn with its fourth episode. The second season’s focus revolves around the murder of billionaire Edgar Minnows, and the fourth episode views the events of Edgar’s adoptive sister, Hannah. However, Hannah’s story makes some startling revelations about Grace and Edgar’s relationship, furthering the mystery of the latter’s demise. ‘The Afterparty‘ season 2 episode 4 ends with Hannah dropping a major revelation that guides Aniq and Danner’s investigation in a new direction. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode, titled ‘Hannah,’ opens with Zoe heading to confront Hannah about her supposed involvement in her adoptive brother, Edgar’s murder. However, Aniq tries to calm her down, and Danner insists they hear Hannah’s side of the story before accusing her. Zoe insists on leading the interrogation and questions Hannah about the poisonous plant that seemingly caused Edgar’s death. Hannah tells her story in the third person and reveals the Minows family adopted her as a young girl. However, her mother was cold, and her father was mainly absent during childhood. As a result, she ended up bonding with Edgar, who shared her love for unconventional hobbies.

After growing up, Edgar became busy with the family business while Hannah started living in a tent she built herself in the family’s yard. Edgar purchased an old typewriter from Grace to gift Hannah, leading to Grace and Hannah’s meeting. As Grace and Edgar started their romance, Edgar often absconded to attend to business matters. Meanwhile, Hannah kept Grace company, and the two quickly grew close. Hannah reveals that she and Grace started an affair and would often hook up when Edgar wasn’t around. Her feelings for Grace prompted Hannah to stop her brother’s wedding with Travis’ help.

Zoe believes that Hannah is lying about her relationship with Grace. Therefore, she leaves the integration to speak with Grace. Grace privately confirms that she had an affair with Hannah while engaged to Edgar. However, Grace deems it a fling, and she always wanted to marry Edgar. Meanwhile, Hannah continues telling her story to Aniq and Danner. Hannah reveals that Edgar’s business partner, Sebastian, tried to hook up with her the night before Edgar’s wedding, but she turned him down.

Hannah encountered Uncle Feng, and his words encouraged her to try to stop the wedding and proclaim her true feelings for Grace. Later, Hannah tried to stop the wedding by using the proof Travis had gathered about Edgar’s cryptocurrency fraud. However, she changed her mind when she realized Edgar truly loved Grace and delivered a loving wedding vow. Hannah’s story also reveals that she had given Edgar the typewriter key as a wedding gift before telling her brother she would be leaving their family’s estate for almost a year. On the morning after Edgar’s wedding, he was found dead.

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 4 Ending: Did Hannah Kill Edgar?

The episode ends with Hannah completing her story about the events leading up to Edgar’s death. However, her story ends without Hannah denying the obvious motives for killing Edgar. Hannah’s affair with Grace and the resulting feelings make her an ideal suspect in the murder case. Moreover, the plants from Hannah’s garden were likely used to poison Edgar. Hence, Hannah finds herself troubled because of the tragedy of her brother’s death and the guilt of her affair with Grace. As a result, when Danner asks Hannah whether she will try to get back together with Grace, she refuses to answer the question affirmatively.

Nonetheless, Hannah can’t be cleared of suspicion since she has a strong motive to kill Edgar. However, Hannah’s story gives Aniq and Danner a new lead guiding their investigation. Hannah mentioned briefly interacting with Sebastian, Edgar’s business partner, during her story. When Sebastian came to Hannah’s tent the night before Edgar’s wedding, he said he was sad about losing a business partner. Aniq realizes that Sebastian is likely talking about Edgar firing him. However, Edgar never got the time to make the firing official. As a result, Sebastian has continued to work at Edgar’s company.

Moreover, Edgar firing Sebastian would result in a massive loss and embarrassment for the latter, giving him the motive to kill Edgar. In the first episode, when Edgar’s dead body is found, Sebastian advises Isabel not to call the police, which could affect the company’s stock price. Meanwhile, Sebastian has been working behind the scenes, posing as Edgar to transfer the decision-making authority to himself. The episode’s final moments show Sebastian succeeding in taking control of Edgar’s company, strongly implying that he planned to remove Edgar from his path to taking over the business. As a result, Sebastian has become the prime suspect in the case, taking away the light of suspicion from Hannah.

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