The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Feng’s Financial Woes

The second season of Apple TV+’s ‘The Afterparty‘ approaches its conclusion with a revelatory eighth episode centered on Feng. Season 2 of the mystery-comedy series revolves around the death of billionaire Edgar Minnows. In the eighth episode, video footage recorded on the wedding night is unearthed, leading to Grace’s father, Feng, coming under suspicion for the crime. The ending of ‘The Afterparty’ season 2, episode 8, deals with whether Feng killed Edgar and what other secrets those present at Edgar’s estate are hiding. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

The eighth episode, titled ‘Feng,’ opens with Zoe calling Kyler to see the video footage he recorded on the night of Edgar and Grace’s wedding. Aniq talks to Vivian and reveals Ulysses told him and Danner about their affair. As a result, Aniq convinces Vivian to speak to her daughters and come clean about the affair. Meanwhile, Kyler shares the video footage, and Aniq and Danner go through it. Feng also joins them, provides his iteration of the events, and explains his choices over the weekend. Feng claims everything he did was for his family’s sake. Feng reveals he hired Kyler to help boost the social media reach of his Baobing truck called “King of Bing.”

Zoe and Grace suspect Vivian of killing Edgar when she talks to them privately. However, Vivian tells her daughters about her affair with Ulysses. Meanwhile, the video footage reveals Feng was in deep financial trouble. His Baobing business had not taken off, and he owed money to his investors. However, Feng had kept his financial woes a secret from his family. Feng’s hopes of raising an investment were dented when his Baobing food truck was towed on the night of the rehearsal dinner. Feng explains that he wanted to convince Edgar to invest in his business by impressing him with his Baobing. As a result, Feng decided to serve Baobing using a manual ice-shaving machine.

Meanwhile, Feng was also distracted by Ulysses’ presence at the wedding. Feng ignored his brother and focused on saving his business. Feng tried to convince Edgar to invest $400,000 in his business before the wedding. However, Edgar refused since he did not like investing in brick-and-mortar businesses. Nonetheless, Edgar agrees to consider investing if he likes the product, especially since his pet lizard, Roxanne, dislikes cake, and he needs an alternative dessert for her. Later, Feng had a small altercation with Ulysses and asked his brother to stay away from him.

On the wedding night, Feng spent most of the reception in the kitchen preparing Baobings for the guests, and the dessert proved to be a hit. However, Edgar refuses to taste the dessert while involved in a verbal spat with his mother, Isabel. As a result, Feng had to wait until the afterparty to serve his dish to Edgar. Nonetheless, Edgar and Roxanne disliked the taste of Baobings, and Edgar refused to invest in the business, providing Feng with a motive to murder his son-in-law. While Feng defends his actions in front of Danner and Aniq, Vivian comes clean about her affair and admits to making a mistake. Vivian professes her love for Feng, leading to Grace admitting her feelings for Hannah.

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 8 Ending: Did Feng Kill Edgar?

The episode’s final act sees the evidence stacked against Feng. Firstly, Feng was upset with Edgar knowing about Ulysses and Vivian’s affair and suspected Grace was born out of the affair. Therefore, Feng had the motive to kill Edgar to save his family. Secondly, Feng’s business was struggling, and he was in a financial struggle. Feng’s plan to raise investment through Edgar had failed, leaving him out of options to save his business. Grace had not signed a prenup before marrying Edgar, making her the inheritor of his wealth. As a result, killing Edgar would solve all of Feng’s problems. Feng is devastated at the accusations against him and storms out.

Aniq chases after Feng and tries to speak with him. Aniq urges Feng to come clean about all his secrets, as it is the only way to protect him and Grace. The evidence strongly points to Feng killing Edgar, but Feng refuses to admit to the crime. Instead, Feng claims that he was only trying to save his business. Feng reveals that he wanted the Baobing business to succeed so that Vivian would see his adventurous side and fall in love with him again. Unbeknownst to Feng, Vivian admits to loving Feng and deems her affair a mistake. Nonetheless, Feng now finds himself as the prime suspect in Edgar’s death. However, the final moments add another twist to the tale when Danner decides to interrogate Isabel because of her spat with Edgar. Isabel, who spends most of the episode erasing evidence, claims to know the killer and reveals the culprit is someone other than Grace.

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