The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

The second season of ‘The Afterparty‘ reaches a boiling point in the seventh episode when Aniq and Danner hear the story of Ulysses. The second season revolves around the mystery of billionaire Edgar Minnows’ death. Edgar is killed on the morning after his wedding, and Danner has her hands full with several suspects. In the seventh episode, Ulysses makes some shocking revelations about his relationship with the Zhu family, especially Grace. As a result, Danner and Aniq’s investigation takes a new direction and gives them a new prime suspect to focus upon. If you are looking to catch up on the clues and revelations in the murder case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Afterparty’ season 2, episode 7! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

The seventh episode, titled ‘Ulysses,’ opens with Aniq telling Zoe that her family must be interrogated, and he wants to start with Zoe’s uncle Ulysses. However, Zoe is appalled by Aniq’s suggestion that her family might be responsible for Edgar’s death, especially Ulysses, who barely knew Edgar and had only met him at the wedding. As a result, Aniq and Zoe argue, and Zoe leaves to speak with her parents, Vivian and Feng. On the other hand, Aniq and Detective Danner speak with Ulysses, who gladly agrees to speak with them and help in the investigation. Conversely, Vivian and Feng refuse to participate in the investigation, drawing further suspicion toward them.

Aniq and Danner ask Ulysses about what he was doing at the bar on the night of Edgar and Grace’s wedding. However, Ulysses explains that he can only justify his actions by revealing his past. Flashbacks reveal Ulysses was a professional dancer who traveled to a war-ravaged country with the USO. However, an attack from the enemy caused Ulysses and his troop to get caught in the crossfire, leading to Ulysses being traumatized by war and losing his will to live. Ulysses’s half-brother, Feng, takes him in after he returns to the United States.

Feng suggests Ulysses participate in competitive ballroom dancing with his wife, Vivian, to overcome his depression. Ulysses and Vivian start dancing together and grow close to each other, leading to an affair between them. Vivian continues to cheat on Feng with Ulysses until she becomes pregnant with Grace. As a result, Vivian breaks up with Ulysses, and the latter is heartbroken. However, Ulysses finds solace in being Zoe and Grace’s “fun” uncle. Nonetheless, Ulysses is dissatisfied with Vivian not choosing to be with him and decides to leave the family. However, Feng learns about Vivian and Ulysses’ affair, and they have a falling out.

Ulysses spent several years traveling the world trying to heal his wounded heart. However, Edgar finds Ulysses and invites him to his and Grace’s wedding. Ulysses refuses to return to his family and attend the wedding because of his falling out with Feng. Edgar deduces that Ulysses and Vivian had an affair and implies Ulysses might be Grace’s father. As a result, Ulysses becomes convinced to attend the wedding. During the wedding, Ulysses questions Vivian about Grace’s parentage, but Vivian refuses the possibility and claims to have done a paternity test. However, Ulysses is unconvinced and decides to do his own investigation.

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 7 Ending: Did Ulysses Kill Edgar?

Ultimately, Ulysses claims that he was not involved in Edgar’s murder. He only wanted to discover if Grace was his daughter. Given the timeline of Grace’s birth and Ulysses’ affair with Vivian, it is possible that Grace might not be Feng’s daughter. Therefore, to get to the truth, Ulysses meddled with Grace’s glass at the afterparty, trying to get a DNA sample to do a paternity test. However, Ulysses also explains that he was concerned about Feng since his brother became unhappy with Ulysses expressing the possibility that Grace might be his daughter. Ulysses reveals that Edgar knew Vivian’s secret – her affair with him.

Moreover, Ulysses claimed Edgar was convinced that Grace is Ulysses’s daughter and might have tried to reveal the truth to his bride. However, Feng, unhappy with the revelation, might have killed Edgar to keep Grace’s true parentage a secret. The episode ends with Ulysses indicating that he was in no way involved with Edgar’s death, especially since Edgar was to one who brought Ulysses back to his family and told him about Grace’s parentage.

After Ulysses leaves the room, Danner becomes convinced that Feng has enough motive to murder Edgar. Furthermore, Feng’s refusal to participate in the investigation further adds suspicion to his activities and motivations. Therefore, the episode’s ending implies that Feng might be responsible for Edgar’s death. However, Ulysses might also be trying to frame Feng for Edgar’s death since he saw Feng as a hindrance to his romance with Vivian. The final moments reveal that Zoe has tracked down Kyler, the videographer Feng hired to shoot the wedding. As a result, Aniq and Danner now have concrete visual evidence to support their theories and get to the truth about Edgar’s murder.

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