Where is The Challenge: Total Madness Filmed?

The Challenge‘ is a reality television series from MTV that serves as the culmination of some of the network’s most popular shows in multiple ways. For starters, ‘The Challenge’ was conceived as a combination of ‘Road Rules’ and ‘The Real World,’ featuring contestants from both the shows. However, with ‘The Challenge’ progressively becoming a brand of its own, it has featured veterans from various other MTV television series like ‘Ex On the Beach‘ and ‘Are You the One?’

Generally, each season of the reality show has a tweaked format, frequently using a different title. For instance, the first season was titled ‘Road Rules: All Stars.’ The thirty-fifth season is called ‘The Challenge: Total Madness.’

Normally, the show features several challenges amongst the contestants who are placed into various teams. The contestants advance into subsequent rounds based on these challenges, aiming for a grand cash prize. However, ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ will see the show doing things slightly differently. It must be noted that the series is tweaked in considerable ways for each season.

‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ will witness the usage of solo gameplay as opposed to the traditional team-based one. Each contestant will be forced to fend for themselves and compete for a mammoth prize of $1 million. After the eleventh season, ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ will be the first installment to feature contestants who did NOT debut on ‘The Challenge.’

The contestants belong to various nationalities and are veterans of various other reality television series like ‘Big Brother’ and ‘The Amazing Race.’ The Challenge: Total Madness’ also features various mental challenges in addition to the standard competitions which test the contestants’ physical skills.

The Challenge Season 35 Filming Locations

‘The Challenge’ has taken its contestants to various places across the globe like Thailand and Africa. However, ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ is touted to be one of the toughest seasons of the show. One of the reasons that that is so is due to the place where the action is filmed. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the 35th installment is shot.

Prague, Czech Republic

The 35th season of ‘The Challenge’ has been entirely filmed in the capital of the Czech Republic: Prague. One generally thinks of a picturesque city when one visualizes Prague. However, the contestants of ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ see a completely different side of the East European city.


‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ takes place in a literal war zone! The contestants were made to live in a Cold War bunker with anti-aircraft facilities used by the Soviets to shoot down American espionage planes. The biggest challenge for the contestants had been the cold and harsh living conditions, upping the ante of the competition.

Here is what one of the contestants, Jonny Bananas told TV Insider: ” We’re underground with nothing to do. That was the real challenge this season. Normally you go on and you’re living in this amazing villa or mansion in Thailand or somewhere tropical. As brutal as the game is, the living environment is kind of like a reprieve from the game. This season it was not. It was almost like you’re looking forward to doing challenges rather than sitting in this bunker withering away and being left to your own devices. It was pretty gnarly.”

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