Jon Amiel to Direct ‘The Color of Flesh’ Next

Image Credit: BMI/YouTube

Jon Amiel is set to direct ‘The Color of Flesh’ as his next feature film venture. Filming for this project is slated to start filming in New York in September. Amiel will be directing from a script penned by Joel Gross.

‘The Color of Flesh’ is about a complex romantic entanglement amidst the backdrop of the French Revolution era. Elisabeth Vigée le Brun, a talented portrait painter, strategically engages in a romantic liaison with Count Alexis de Ligne, known for his political affiliations. Their affair facilitates Elisabeth’s opportunity to secure a commission to paint Queen Marie Antoinette. While both Elisabeth and Alexis exploit their connections with the Queen for personal gain, they unexpectedly develop genuine affection for her. Elisabeth forms a deep friendship with the Queen, while Alexis becomes her lover. As tensions rise, Elisabeth attempts to intervene in the scandalous relationship between the Queen and Alexis, driven by concern for the Queen’s political standing and her own feelings of jealousy. However, the eruption of the Revolution ultimately upheaves their lives in unforeseen ways.

Jon Amiel has a diverse portfolio, having directed episodes for numerous acclaimed television series. Recently, he helmed installments of ‘The Walking Dead,’ delving into the post-apocalyptic world of survival. He also contributed to ‘The Cleaning Lady,’ where the plot follows a resourceful Cambodian-Filipino doctor navigating the complexities of the American medical system to save her son. Amiel’s involvement extended to ‘American Gods,’ a series exploring the enigmatic encounters of a newly released ex-convict named Shadow. Among his other TV credits are ‘Spinning Out,’ ‘Carnival Row,’ and ‘Proven Innocent.’ Additionally, he directed the TV movie ‘Deliverance Creek,’ which depicts a widowed mother’s resilience in defending her family’s land amidst the chaos of the Civil War aftermath. In the realm of cinema, Amiel directed ‘Creation,’ a poignant biographical drama centering on Charles Darwin’s struggle between faith and science while navigating personal challenges.

Joel Gross’s writing credits include co-authoring the screenplay for ‘No Escape,’ a gripping tale following a soldier condemned for killing his superior officer, who finds himself stranded on a remote prison island among warring factions of inmates. Additionally, Gross penned the script for ‘Blind Man’s Bluff,’ which explores the tumultuous journey of Professor Thomas Booker, who, after losing his sight and his girlfriend in a tragic accident, reconstructs his life. However, his newfound stability is shattered when he becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his neighbor, Carolyn’s aunt. As Booker races against time to unravel the truth and clear his name, he realizes the culprit may be closer than he ever imagined, leading him into a perilous pursuit of justice and self-preservation.

Recent productions to come out of New York include ‘Fallout‘ and ‘Ripley.’

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