The Continental Episode 1 Recap: Winston Searches For His Brother

Peacock’s ‘The Continental: From the World of John Wick’ (or simply ‘The Continental’) is an action-thriller series developed for television by Greg Coolidge, Kirk Ward, and Shawn Simmons. It is a prequel/spin-off to the mainline ‘John Wick.’ ‘The Continental’ is set during the 1970s and follows Wick’s trusted companion, Winston Scott, as he rises to power and undergoes a grueling and emotionally taxing journey to become the manager of the titular hotel.

The first episode introduces viewers to a Young Winston as he is set on a journey to protect his brother, Frankie, from dangerous assassins and criminals after Frankie stole an object valuable to The Continental. If you are looking for answers about the brothers’ fate and the missing object’s whereabouts, here is a recap of the events of The Continental’ episode 1! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Continental Episode 1 Recap

The first episode, titled ‘Brothers In Arms – Night 1,’ opens with a Young Winston Scott (Colin Woodell) and his elder brother, Francis “Frankie” Scott (Ben Robson), being arrested for a crime in New York City. Frankie takes the fall for the crime by forcing Winston to remain quiet. Years later, Frankie works at The Continental Hotel in New York, operated by Cormac O’Connor (Mel Gibson), a former crime boss. However, Frankie steals a safe hidden in the hotel on New Year’s Eve. Although Frankie is betrayed by his partner, he escapes with the device with the help of a Vietnamese woman, Yen. Cormac learns of the theft and realizes Frankie stole an ancient coin press that mints the special coins that offer sanctuary to assassins.

Meanwhile, Winston works in finance in London, UK, and is conning his way into starting a parking lot business. However, he is kidnapped by Cormac’s men and dragged to New York. Cormac reveals that Frankie stole something from him and demands Winston find his brother and retrieve the object. Winston claims to have cut ties with his brother years ago and is escorted out of the hotel by a Young Charon (Ayomide Adegun). Winston tries tracking Frankie’s location and meets Uncle Charlie, who directs him to Frankie’s last known location, a dojo in Chinatown.

Elsewhere, The Adjudicator interrogates Frankie’s partner about the coin press’ location. When the partner fails to reveal the object’s whereabouts, he is tortured by The Adjudicator’s henchman. On the other hand, Miles and Lou are caught up in a botched arms deal while being tracked by police officers KD and Mayhew. When the buyer escapes the site, KD follows him to The Continental but is stopped by Mayhew before she can enter the establishment. Later, KD returns to the hotel and discovers its strange ways before abruptly leaving. At the same time, Cormac’s men tail Winston as he searches for Frankie.

Winston arrives in Chinatown and encounters Miles, Lou, and Lemmy at the dojo. Miles reveals that he and Frankie served in the army during the Vietnam War. After returning to New York, they worked together on an illegal arms business. However, Frankie abandoned the group to work for Cormac, leaving Miles feeling betrayed. Miles helps Winston because Frankie saved his life numerous times during the war. As a result, he guides Winston to a theater that was Frankie and Winston’s former stomping ground. Winston finds Frankie and Yen at the theater and learns about Frankie’s entanglement with Cormac. However, when Comrac’s group surrounds them, the trio is forced to escape the theater.

The Continental Episode 1 Ending: Are Winston and Frankie Caught? Is Frankie Dead?

In the episode’s final act, Winston learns that Frankie is married to Yen. Frankie was forced to work for Cormac after a loan taken by their father ruined their lives and forced the brothers into crime. However, Frankie chose to cut Winston out of his life to protect him from a life of crime. Winston also learns that Frankie stole the coin press after he took an assignment from a crew known as the Anhilius. However, the plan went sideways, and Frankie and Yen could not start a new life as they had hoped. Winston helps Frankie and Yen escape Cormac’s goons, forcing Cormac to send seasoned assassins Hansel and Gretel after the brothers. Winston, Frankie, and Yen seek asylum with Uncle Charlie. Winston promises to take Frankie and Yen away so that they can make a fresh start.

While Uncle Charlie prepares a chopper for the group to escape, one of his crew members informs Cormac of Frankie’s location. As a result, a lengthy battle ensues while the trio tries to escape in the chopper. In the process, Gretel shoots Yen, and Cormac’s men surround the group. Frankie realizes that trying to save his life will only endanger Yen and Winston, two people he loves the most. As a result, Frankie surrenders himself with the coin press. However, Hansel and Gretel kill Frankie before retrieving the coin press. Frankie dies, leaving Yen and Winston to look after each other, further reinforcing the emotional weight of his sacrifice to protect his loved ones, setting Winston on a journey to understand his brother’s choices.

Does Cormac Find the Coin Press?

Cormac O’Connor is the proprietor of the titular hotel and is responsible for running Frankie and Winston’s lives. The episode implies that Cormac had Frankie under his thumb, and the latter’s attempts to escape Cormac’s control proved futile. Frankie sees the assignment to steal the coin press as his ticket to a fresh start with Yen. Therefore, the episode ends almost anticlimacticly when Cormac retrieves the box containing the coin press. However, when the box is opened, Cormac is surprised to find the box empty.

Frankie likely hid the coin press with Winston and Yen and left clues behind to find it. The episode ends with Winston taking an injured Yen to the dojo in Chinatown, seeking Miles and his group’s help in exacting revenge on Cormac. With the coin press still missing and Frankie dead, the conflict between Cormac and Winston is about to escalate further. Winston’s desire to avenge his brother’s death will directly lead him to become the General Manager of The Continental. However, what emotional costs Winston has to pay in the process remains to be seen.

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