The Dirty D: Is the Show Based on True Events?

‘The Dirty D’ is a drama series that premiered on Tubi in 2022 before climbing its way to Peacock’s roster of shows. Created by Lisa Brown, the soap opera offers a raw and unfiltered look at the disorderly lives of various characters involved in Detroit’s nightclub scene. With a cast featuring talented artists such as Philip Granger, Demaris Harvey, Makeiva Albritten, Cierra Smith, Kaamel Hasaun, James Perkins, and rapper Gmac Cash, the adult drama dives deep into a world of drugs, money, sex, and power.

Known for frequent double-crosses, flashy twists, neon lighting, and steamy scenes, it provides a narrative that may be as addictive for some viewers as the substance it satirically comments about. The exploration of the mysterious deeds happening inside such infamous gatherings often piques curiosity within the fans regarding the inspiration behind ‘The Dirty D,’ making them wonder if the story of the beloved series might have any sense of truth that goes behind the set and onto the streets.

The Dirty D is a Work of Fiction

Despite its gritty realism, which attracted the attention of the viewers in the first place, ‘The Dirty D’ is not based on actual events. Writer-director Lisa Brown created the series from scratch, incorporating an unknown quantity of truth and misconceptions surrounding the city’s nightlife into her screenplays. Brown’s decision to retain complete creative control over the project, rejecting offers from mainstream platforms, ensures the show remains true to her vision.

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This approach allows for a more intense and dramatized portrayal of the high-stakes world of nightclubs, filled with betrayal and moral corruption. Featuring contributions from directors Kamal Smith and Antonio Williams Jr. — both of whom were born and raised in Detroit — the series takes creative liberties to heighten the drama but does not miss out on the perception, prejudices, and shared experiences of the local population.

The Dirty D Explores Realistic Themes of Greed and Lust

One of the most apparent things that makes one ponder over the realistic nature of ‘The Dirty D’ is the show’s complexity. Reminiscing the Baltimore crime scene in HBO’s ‘The Wire,’ the series has multiple storylines at once, though all the subplots and their respective characters converge into one. The most prominent players in the drama are Brick and Tiffany Davis, a married couple who own an exclusive club that operates as a front for illegal activities.

A trick used frequently in television — such as the car wash in ‘Breaking Bad’ and the many ventures from ‘Ozark,’ from the funeral home to a casino — this mask accurately portrays the ulterior objectives owners might disguise under a regular business. Throughout history, innumerable clubs and bars have been involved in such operations before shutting down following strict actions, varying from minor raids to extensive sting operations. The employees who work in the club mainly comprise cocktail waitresses, who are secretly manipulative.

Even in realistic terms, bottle girls have been present for as long as bars and are skilled in persuading customers to spend as much money as possible. One of the waitresses, Kyra, has a boyfriend who is an undercover cop investigating the club. Rather than turning into an old-school hero who brings integrity and salvation, the character is shown to be cheating on Kyra and even has a baby unbeknownst to her. Brown’s sense of realism pretty much peaks at this revelation, warning the viewers that no one is innocent in the eyes of others, no matter how many good deeds they have done in the meantime.

The Dirty D Redefines Power Addiction and Moral Ambiguity

At the core of ‘The Dirty D’ is how partaking in negative means to obtain pleasure and financial gains at the cost of others’ well-being is no different than a drug addiction in and of itself. The series carefully shifts between glorifying the masses involved in illegal profits and drug abuse and — based on the social and economic differences — victimizing them. Substance abuse is depicted not just as a vice but as a currency in the power dynamics of the club scene. This juxtaposition is rooted in the complexities of human desires and moral ambiguities.

As with those mentioned above, ‘The Dirty D’ also has a simultaneous omnipresence. All of these characters are driven by their insatiable hunger for money, power, and respect, leading them down paths of corruption and deceit. Lust and pleasure poured by the cocktail waitresses and men who are cheating on the side often blur the lines between genuine emotion and manipulative intent. The series’ masterful handling of how these elements intertwine creates a volatile environment where every relationship and decision is fraught with tension and potential betrayal.

The Dirty D Features an Authentic Portrayal of Detroit

‘The Dirty D’ stands out for its authentic representation of the Motor City, both in its casting and setting. By filming on location and featuring a predominantly local cast, the series captures the city’s unique essence. Detroit’s vibrant yet challenging landscape provides a fitting backdrop for the show’s intense narrative. This commitment to authenticity not only enhances the storytelling but also brings attention to the flourishing arts scene in the area, spotlighting homegrown talent and their contributions to the entertainment industry. The drama also balances the sexy allure of the city’s night scene with adequate dangers that follow those, highlighting the double-edged sword of glamor.

Despite all the glorification, the production — like the club setting — does not shy away from shining some negative light on the city, especially with the exaggerated notion of people’s morality. Strengthening this realistic and gritty appeal — even when exaggerated for narrative impact — are the real-life crime and substance abuse rate statistics that are attributed to the Michigan city. Detroit is no stranger to the cases of malicious activities being entertained in its clubs, some of which include prostitution, indecent exposure, rampant racism, and even mass shootings. This honest and detailed commentary over the shady and illicit nightlife of certain public places definitely uplifts ‘The Dirty D’ beyond a mere fictional affair.

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