26 Best Adult Movies on Amazon Prime (May 2024)

Amazon Prime has great adult movies in its vast collection of varied films. While there are many R-rated and even NC-17-rated films on the platform, you won’t find the ones that are classified as porn because, frankly, the MPAA hasn’t created a category for a film to be labeled as one. As filmmakers are making a welcome choice of picking bold subject matters, the use of graphic sexual content is becoming a necessity to showcase the human experience and the vulnerability of the skin. Be that as it may, the range of movies being made is surprising. This is perhaps also a sign of society slowly accepting and addressing what was once considered a taboo unless it was behind “closed doors.” Here’s the best that Prime Video offers in the genre.

26. Mortal Passions (1989)

Emily (Krista Errickson) is a femme fatale with a string of affairs, and her latest catch is her husband Todd’s (Zach Galligan) brother Darcy (Luca Bercovici), an idiot of a person. But there’s a motive here and not just desire. With Darcy’s assistance, Emily intends to get rid of Todd to receive the insurance money and the mansion Todd has inherited. A collage of sex scenes sewed using a lousy story, ‘Mortal Passions’ is a clichéd addition and yet a rightful one owing to its adultness. The film is directed by Andrew Lane. You can watch it here.

25. Bones and All (2022)

Director Luca Guadagnino gave us a very rare kind of adult film that picks at your brain in a way that makes you struggle to decide how to judge it. We follow two outcasts/cannibals in love as they journey across 1980s America. There’s a lot of blood and gore, along with sexy scenes that add to the film’s R-rated nature. To add to this, the way the film showcases the same-pole kind of relationship between the lead characters of Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell, which keeps them close and yet repels them owing to their cannibal nature, makes ‘Bones and All’ a compulsive watch. You can watch it here.

24. The Babysitter’s Seduction (1996)

18-year-old Michelle (Keri Russell) hits the jackpot when she gets hired as a babysitter by Bill (Stephen Collins) and Sally Bartrand (Dawn Lambing), a wealthy couple. However, soon Sally is found dead in what seems to be a case of suicide. It is up to the detectives to find out the truth. Meanwhile, Bill starts to play a game of seduction with Michelle, one to which she also gives in. But when she becomes the prime suspect in Sally’s murder, it dawns on Michelle that she is stuck in a web of lies from which there seems to be no way out. Luscious and dark, ‘The Babysitter’s Seduction’ carries the classic vibe of the 90s while giving us a neat thriller. Directed by David Burton Morris, ‘The Babysitter’s Seduction’ can be streamed here.

23. Mulligans (2008)

Directed by Chip Hale, this drama shows what happens when Nathan’s (Dan Payne) college-going son Tyler (Derek Baynham) brings over his friend Chase (Charlie David) for a summer break. While Chase comes out as gay, Nathan realizes that his suppressed attraction towards men is returning, thanks to Chase and the way he is. As Nathan starts spending more time with Chase, their affair becomes evident and affects those around them. Both Nathan’s relationship with his family (including his wife) and Chase’s friendship with Tyler is compromised. Can there be any second chances for the two men? To find out, you can watch ‘Mulligans’ here.

22. Getting Go: The Go Doc Project (2013)

Written and directed by Cory Krueckeberg, ‘Getting Go: The Go Doc Project’ is a pseudo-documentary that gives it a touch of reality. The movie follows the story of Doc, a college student whose life is limited to his online friends. He becomes obsessed with Go, a go-go dancer, and in a drunken stupor, offers to make a documentary about him and his lifestyle. When Go unexpectedly agrees, he and Doc embark on a life-changing adventure. They also grow close during the making of the documentary and discover a lot of things about one another. You can watch the movie here.

21. The Escort (2020)

Written by Vivian Chiji and directed by Emem Isong, ‘The Escort’ follows the story of two people who fall in love with each other and discover the many challenges in their path. The protagonist is a businesswoman who knows her husband is cheating on her, but she can do nothing about it. She tries to find sexual gratification with an escort, but things get complicated when he falls in love with her. You can watch the film here.

20. Birds of Paradise (2021)

Directed by Sarah Adina Smith, ‘Birds of Paradise’ is based on the 2019 novel ‘Bright Burning Stars’ by A.K. Small. It follows the story of two girls, Marine and Kate, who become each other’s staunch competitors at the ballet academy, where the competition is cutthroat. Both girls are focused on becoming the best dancer in the academy and winning the prize to change their lives. While they start as each other’s nemesis, they soon find common ground and become friends. Instead of simplifying matters, this only makes things more complicated for them as they get caught up in a cycle of love and competition where they care for each other but also want to come out on top. You may watch ‘Birds of Paradise’ here.

19. The Feels (2017)

Starring Constance Wu and Angela Trimbur, ‘The Feels’ follows the story of two women whose seemingly perfect relationship is called to a test after a startling revelation. Andi and Lu are getting married soon and attend a bachelorette party arranged by their close friends. It is supposed to be a fun night that the couple should look back on fondly once they are married. However, when Lu reveals that she has never had an orgasm, things start to derail as they reconsider the true level of their relationship. You can watch the movie here.

18. The Only Living Boy in New York (2017)

Starring Kate Beckinsale, Callum Turner, and Pierce Brosnan, ‘The Only Living Boy in New York’ follows the story of a young man named Thomas who discovers that his father is having an affair. In trying to protect his parents’ marriage, Thomas approaches the woman, Johanna, asking her to stay away from his family, but instead falls for her. Things get more complicated as Thomas discovers more things about his father and the failing marriage of his parents, which had been under a facade for far too long. All of this only further pushes him towards Johanna. You can watch the film on Amazon Prime here.

17. Allure (2018)

Written and directed by Carlos and Jason Sanchez, ‘Allure’ stars Evan Rachel Wood as Laura, an emotionally troubled person who tries to find meaning in a relationship with a teenage girl, Eva, played by Julia Sarah Stone. The thriller film begins with Laura and Eva, both unhappy with their lives, crossing paths and being drawn to one another. Their connection leads Eva to move in with Laura, leaving behind the oppressive environment at her home. However, as time passes, things get complicated as Laura’s actions become shadier. You can watch ‘Allure’ on Amazon Prime here.

16. Girl/Girl Scene – The Movie (2019)

Based on the TV series of the same name, ‘Girl/Girl Scene’ tells the story of a group of young lesbian women living in a world that is not entirely modern. The film is written and directed by Tucky Williams and stars Williams, Maya Jamner, Amanda K. Morales, and Roni Jonah. Williams portrays the quintessential bad girl, Evan, whereas Jamner’s character, Ryan, is known for being a wild party girl. Meanwhile, Morales portrays Bridget, the tall blonde beauty. The film follows these three women and their friends as they try to live the best versions of their lives. You can see the movie here.

15. Just Friends (2019)

Directed by Ellen Smit, ‘Just Friends’ is a Dutch romantic comedy that follows the story of Yad and Joris. They are worlds apart from each other. Yad is a refugee who is trying to find his independence away from home while trying to come to terms with his sexuality, among other things. Joris is still grieving his father while trying to find some direction in life. When their paths collide, the two young men find a lot in common with each other and fall in love, but things are not so easy. You can watch the film here.

14. The Neon Demon (2016)

Fashion is one of the most cutthroat industries. It is all about looks, beauty, and youth. This becomes the subject matter for ‘The Neon Demon.’ The film starts with Jesse, a 16-year-old girl who dreams of becoming a successful model. When she moves to Los Angeles, her spirits are lifted by her agent, who tells her that she is perfect for modeling. Despite her confidence, she feels intimidated by other models, who are jealous of her fresh face. Soon, Jesse learns to survive in the industry and becomes successful. But she has to pay the cost of success with her innocence. You can watch ‘The Neon Demon’ here.

13. Keep the Lights on (2012)

The narrative of ‘Keep the Lights On’ spans several years. Danish artist Erik meets lawyer Paul for the first time in 1998 in New York, and there is an instant connection. They end up having sex, and Erik later tells Paul about Pablo, his former boyfriend, who has been diagnosed with HIV. After Erik receives the news from his doctor that he doesn’t have HIV, Paul arranges a birthday party for him. The film then skips two years, and it seems that the two protagonists have come to resent each other during this period, though they are in a relationship and share an apartment. Paul’s drug use has gotten worse. After an incident in which Erik finds him unconscious in their apartment, Paul goes to rehab. The film then skips three years and resumes with Paul returning home. You can watch the film on Amazon Prime here.

12. Afternoon Delight (2013)

‘Afternoon Delight’ revolves around a woman named Rachel, who feels deeply unhappy about her current life stage. She is married, but she and her husband haven’t been intimate for some time. After meeting a 19-year-old stripper named McKenna, Rachel becomes concerned and later decides to invite the girl into her home, much to the dismay of her husband, Jeff. ‘Afternoon Delight’ appears to be a commentary on depression and focuses on exploring the idea of charity. Ultimately, it’s a slice-of-life drama that assures us that happy endings are possible if we recognize the problem and learn to work through it. You can watch it here.

11. Sins Of Desire (1993)

Starring Gail Thackray, John Henry Richardson, and Delia Sheppard, ‘Sins Of Desire’ is a suspense drama directed by Jim Wynorski. The movie revolves around Kay Egan, a young woman whose sister passed away after joining a suspicious sex clinic. Determined to find the truth, Egan investigates the sketchy couple that runs the place, but will she ever be able to find the truth? The thriller movie is filled with suspense and drama, made even more engaging because of its hot sex scenes. You can watch ‘Sins Of Desire’ on Amazon Prime here.

10. Exploited (2022)

‘Exploited’ follows the story of Brian, who has a lot on his plate. He has just started college, and this is also when he is coming to terms with his identity as a homosexual man. When Brian sees his roommate, Jeremy, he develops an instant attraction to him, even if Jeremy only seems interested in having girlfriends. Things get twistier when Brian finds a flash drive on the room’s floor and discovers it belongs to the person who lived there before him. On the drive are sex videos of the owner and other people, but the most interesting of them is the one that features a murder. You can see the movie here.

9. Good Kisser (2020)

Written and directed by Wendy Jo Carlton, ‘Good Kisser’ follows Jenna and Kate, who try to spice up their relationship by welcoming a third person, Mia. She was supposed to be a stranger to both Jenna and Kate, and the planned threesome between them was supposed to bring the couple closer to each other. However, as the night unfolds, Jenna realizes that Kate might not be as unfamiliar with Mia as she is, which leads to some uncomfortable conversations. You can watch the film here.

8. Firebird (2021)

A romantic war drama directed by Peeter Rebane, ‘Firebird’ is based on Sergey Fetisov’s memoir ‘The Story of Roman.’ Directed by Peeter Rebane and co-written by Rebane and Tom Prior, the film explores the affair between young Soviet Air Force private Sergey (Tom Prior) and a fighter pilot Roman (Oleg Zagorodnii) whom Sergey is assigned to assist during the Cold War. Despite knowing that the punishment for homosexuals within the Soviet regime is imprisonment, their love for each other only grows. Even after Roman gets married and has a child, he yearns for Sergey, who is in a different city. Will this be the end of Sergey and Roman’s love story? To find out, you can stream the film here.

7. Red, White and Royal Blue (2023)

Based on the novel of the same name by Casey McQuiston and directed by Matthew Lopez, ‘Red, White and Royal Blue’ follows the love story of Alex, the son of the President of the United States of America, and Henry, a British prince. Things start on the wrong foot for them, and they grow to dislike each other. Once the miscommunication is cleared, they discover that they like each other. However, their social standing puts them in a difficult situation, and they are forced to choose between love and their public image. In between this, they spend a lot of time exploring their relationship and one another. You can watch ‘Red, White and Royal Blue’ here.

6. My Fault (2023)

Directed by Domingo González, ‘My Fault’ is based on the book ‘Culpa Mia’ by Mercedes Ron. It follows the story of Noah and Nick, who fall in love with each other, but there is a huge problem. Noah is forced to leave her life behind so that her mother can start a new one with her new husband in his vast mansion. Noah is expected to accept her new family, but when she meets Nick, her stepbrother, they immediately clash. Slowly, however, they discover they are much more similar than they’d imagined. As they fall in love, they realize how complicated and messy their situation is. To be a part of their journey, you may watch the movie here.

5. XXY (2007)

Perhaps the best film on the platform that addresses gender identity, ‘XXY’ is directed by Lucía Puenzo. The film follows 15-year-old Alex Kraken (Inés Efron), an intersex person (having both male and female sexual organs) who carries herself as a female and takes medication to suppress his male features. How Alex and her family navigate this complex condition while living in a society that has set norms for every sex is what we see in this moving drama. Things get more complicated for Alex after she meets and develops feelings for her 16-year-old son Alvaro (Martín Piroyansky), the son of a friend of her mother, Suli (Valeria Bertuccelli). What Alex and her father, Nestor (Ricardo Darín), don’t know is that Suli has invited her friend’s family (the husband is a surgeon) to discuss sex reassignment surgery for Alex. But does Alex want that? Is there no other way for Alex to be who she wants to be? ‘XXY’ is based on the short story ‘Cinismo’ (Cynicism) in Sergio Bizzio’s book ‘Chicos’ (Boys). You can watch it here.

4. The Voyeurs (2021)

Directed by Michael Mohan, ‘The Voyeurs‘ is a drama film that focuses on a young couple obsessed with the sex life of their neighbors. Although their unhealthy curiosity is harmless initially, they take things too far after learning that one of the neighbors is cheating on the other. The movie has four graphic sex scenes and several other nude moments that play with the viewer’s imagination. The sexually provocative instances in the film easily make ‘The Voyeurs‘ one of the sexiest films on this list. You can watch the movie on Amazon Prime here.

3. My Policeman (2022)

Based on ‘My Policeman’ by Bethan Roberts and directed by Michael Grandage, this movie stars Harry Styles as Tom, a young policeman who falls in love with a man named Patrick (David Dawson). Later, when Tom meets Marion (Emma Corrin), and she becomes good friends with Patrick as well, Tom marries her while keeping his relationship with Patrick intact. Over time, however, things worsen for Tom and Patrick, mainly due to the criminalization of homosexuality at the time. Meanwhile, Marion is left wondering about the true nature of their relationship and where she stands with respect to that. You can watch ‘My Policeman’ here.

2. Saltburn (2023)

Directed by Emerald Fennell, this dark, erotic psychological thriller is one of the most underrated films of the genre. Set in England in the 2000s, it shows Oliver Quick’s experiences at his special friend Felix Catton’s mansion, Saltburn, where the latter invited the former for the summer. While Oliver is amazed at the sheer grandeur of the wealthy Catton family and its estate, he slowly begins to explore the dark secrets of the eccentric family, all the while letting his desires get the better of him. Bizarre, visually stunning, and erotically stylized, ‘Saltburn’ stars Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi, Rosamund Pike, Alison Oliver, Archie Madekwe, and Carey Mulligan. You can watch the film here.

1. The Handmaiden (2016)

Directed by Park Chan-wook, ‘The Handmaiden’ received many awards, including a BAFTA for Best Film Not in the English Language in 2018 and even more nominations (including the prestigious Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival). An erotic historical thriller, the film is set in 1930s Japanese-occupied Korea. It follows a pickpocket woman named Sook-hee who is hired by a con man, Count Fujiwara, to infiltrate the house of Lady Hideko, a Japanese heiress as a handmaiden. Sook-hee shall then convince Hideko to marry Fujiwara, who will steal her inheritance by sending her to an asylum. But things take a wrong turn when Sook-hee starts getting romantically involved with Hideko. Will this jeopardize the plan? Or will love take over once again? A must-watch drama, you can stream ‘The Handmaiden’ here.

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