Where Was The Help Filmed?

Based on the book of the same name by Kathryn Stockett, ‘The Help’ is set in the early 60s during the Civil Rights Movement. The film has an all-star cast of Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, and Bryce Dallas Howard. It follows the story of two African-American women who become the focus of a book written by a young white journalist. The film recounts the racist tendencies of those times and sheds light on the conditions of black domestic workers in the 60s.

Because it is a period drama, it was essential to get the right look of the 60s, while also portraying the America of that time. Here are the locations where ‘The Help’ was filmed.

The Help Filming Locations

‘The Help’ is set in Jackson, Mississippi, and Stockett wanted the film to be shot in the same locales. However, the scouting finally led the crew to Greenwood. It allowed them to get the 60s feel of Jackson, even for the things that were modernized in the real Jackson after the economic boost. Greenwood serves as the primary filming location, but several scenes were also filmed in Jackson and Clarksdale.

Greenwood, Mississippi

The story of ‘The Help’ is primarily focused around the household of the women that are central to its story. Their houses represent their stature in society, and to film them, the production opted for real homes than made-up sets.

Aibileen’s house is at 203 West Taft Street, while Minny’s house is located on Stephens Road in the Baptist Town neighborhood. Hilly Holbrook’s house is at 413 Grand Boulevard, and Elizabeth Leefolt lives at 1101 Poplar Street. Celia Foote’s house is on Old Granada Road, north of Carrollton. Skeeter lives at the Whittington Farm, 7300 County Road 518, but its interiors were filmed at 613 River Road. The scenes featuring Constantine’s house were filmed at 1080 County Road 150.

The church scenes have been filmed at Little Zion MB Church on 63530 County Road. The scene where Hilly’s sanitation initiative takes flight was filmed at the Mississippi Garden Club Headquarters on 401 East Market Street. The benefit ball scene had interior scenes at the Old Greenwood Elks Lodge on 102 West Washington Street, and the exteriors at the Leflore County Courthouse on 306 West Market Street.

The bookstore where Skeeter’s book finally goes on sale was filmed at A Pocket Full of Posies on 309 Howard Street. At the end of the film, Aibileen is sacked, and we see her walk down the road- this scene was filmed on Greenwood’s Grand Boulevard.

Jackson, Mississippi

While most of the film was shot in Greenwood, the filmmakers also used a couple of real locations in Jackson. One of them is Brent’s Drugs at 655 Duling Avenue. This is where Skeeter goes to lunch and runs into her old friends. The other location is the Mayflower Cafe on 123 West Capitol Street at North Roach Street. This is the restaurant where Skeeter goes on a date with Stuart.

In one of the scenes, Skeeter researches for her book and gets a copy of the Jim Crow laws for segregation. The filming of this scene took place at the State Capitol Building. Another scene to be filmed in Jackson is the one featuring Shell gas station. It is filmed at 3025 North State Street.


Before working on the book, Skeeter applies for a job at the Jackson Journal. The filming for this scene took place at the Clarksdale Press Register at 123 East 2nd Street. In another scene, Minny and Aibileen find out that the book is selling out. It is filmed at Wong’s Foodland on 520 Anderson Boulevard.

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