The Morning Show: Will Alex and Paul End Up Together?

Apple TV+’s ‘The Morning Show‘ is a drama series loosely based on Brian Stelter’s book ‘Top of the Morning‘ and developed by Kerry Ehrin. The series follows Alexandra “Alex” (Jennifer Aniston), a news anchor navigating the complex and competitive world of the morning news business. In the show’s third season, Alex finds herself enamored by billionaire Paul Marks while the UBA is about to undergo drastic changes amidst its financial woes. As Alex and Paul grow close, viewers must be curious to learn about the possibility of a romance between them. In that case, here is everything you need to know about Alex and Paul’s romance in ‘The Morning Show.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between Alex and Paul Marks?

Paul Marks is introduced in the third season premiere of ‘The Morning Show,’ with actor Jon Hamm in the lead role. Paul is a tech billionaire who owns Hyperion, a company in the midst of purchasing the BA. In the first episode of season 3, Cory Ellison introduces TMS host Alex Levy to Paul as they prepare for a space launch promoting Hyperion’s space tech. However, Alex blows off the launch after learning of the potential deal between Cory and Paul. Later, Alex learns about the UBA’s financial woes as Cory explains the deal’s importance.

Paul refuses to buy the network after the UBA is hacked, and Cybil is fired from the board under accusations of systematic racism, tarnishing the media company’s legacy. However, Alex brings Paul back to the negotiation table by apologizing for blowing off the space launch. In the process, Alex and Paul get to know each other. In the sixth episode, Paul is on the verge of completing a deal to acquire UBA. However, Alex is skeptical of the deal and wants to interview Paul for her reality talk show. After Alex is impressed with Paul’s conduct during the interview, she stays behind at Paul’s house. Paul and Alex hook up and spend the night together, hinting at a possible romance.

Will Alex and Paul End Up Together?

In the sixth episode, Alex and Paul are at odds with each other as Paul’s takeover of the UBA nears. However, hints of a romance between Alex and Paul are given in the fourth episode when they spend a day together at an amusement park in Cony Islands. The sixth episode sees some friction between the two despite them gelling well a few days ago. Alex’s major concerns about Paul’s takeover of the UBA stem from the conflict of interest that could arise from a company relying on government contracts owning a legacy media network. However, Paul does his best to reassure Alex and address her concerns during the interview. Ultimately, Alex and Paul’s interactions so far prove they are opposite personalities.

However, Paul admires Alex’s tenacity and quest for truth, while Alex realizes Paul is honest in his intentions. Therefore, Alex and Paul are attracted to each other despite being polar opposites. However, the early tensions between Alex and Paul could also be signs of a doomed romance. Moreover, with Paul taking over the UBA, he is poised to become Alex’s boss, paving the way for further friction between him and Alex even if the duo pursues a romantic relationship. The ending of the sixth episode strongly implies that Alex and Paul will start dating. However, their professional ambitions and drastically different moralities will almost certainly complicate their relationship. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if Alex and Paul’s romance will last or crumble under the pressure.

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