The Pentaverate Ending, Explained: Who Killed Jason Eccleston and Dr. Hobart Clark?

In Netflix’s ‘The Pentaverate,’ series creator and star Mike Myers expands on an old, seemingly throwaway scene from his 1993 film ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer.’ Stuart MacKenzie, the Scottish conspiracy theorist father of the protagonist Charlie (both portrayed by Mike Myers), goes on an extended rant about the Pentaverate, a secret society of the five wealthiest men in the world. They run everything in the world and meet tri-annually at a secret mansion in Colorado called the Meadows.

Although Myers was just coming off the massive success of ‘Wayne’s World,’ which was released a year earlier, ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’ received mixed reviews from the critics and was unsuccessful at the box office. However, the film has since come to be regarded as a cult classic. Now, about 30 years later, Myers returns to the screen as a lead actor with ‘The Pentaverate,’ and the show is as bizarre and wonderful as any of Myers’ best works. Here is everything you need to know about its ending. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Pentaverate Recap

The eponymous organization is a secret society of five — initially white — men. They are Lord Lordington, a British aristocrat and the highest-ranking member of the Pentaverate; Bruce Baldwin, a former Australian media mogul; Shep Gordon, a former manager of some of the most popular rockstars of all time; Mishu Ivanov, a former member of Putin’s oligarchy, and Jason Eccleston, a tech guru who invented the group’s supercomputer, the Mentor. However, Eccleston dies under mysterious circumstances, and nuclear physicist Dr. Hobart Clark (Keegan-Michael Key) is brought in to solve the climate crisis. But he perishes as well. The Pentaverate then recruits Skip Cho, a casino billionaire, on Baldwin’s suggestion.

Myers portrays several characters in the series, including all five original members of The Pentaverate and Ken Scarborough. The latter is a veteran Canadian newsman who has spent his entire life working for a local news channel in Toronto. Facing threats of losing his job, he travels to New York with young colleague Reilly Clayton and conspiracy theorist Anthony Lansdowne after Lansdowne tells him about The Pentaverate and its headquarters in the Big Apple. In the series finale, the nefarious plan of certain members of the Pentaverate is revealed. Scarborough discovers that he must embrace his destiny to save the world. As a last-ditch effort to protect humanity, the good members of the Pentaverate enact the Demetrius Protocols.

The Pentaverate Ending: Who Killed Jason Eccleston, Dr. Hobart Clark, and the Maester of Dubrovnik? Why?

As mentioned above, Eccleston created Mentor. Shortly after his death, Clark was recruited, and the Maester of Dubrovnik (Jennifer Saunders) was brought in to investigate the matter. Clark was close to solving climate change when he was killed, while the Maester of Dubrovnik had almost figured out who killed Eccleston and then Clark when he was killed. In episode 4, it is finally revealed that Baldwin and Cho — quite expectedly — are the bad guys of the series. After all, one virtually created disinformation, and the other made money by exploiting an addiction.

The members of the Pentaverate are all dead to the world beyond. When Baldwin was forced to join the organization, he came to resent it. he already had plenty of power and influence in the real world. With the power of the media at his disposal, he was the kingmaker. But when he became a member of the Pentaverate, he had to pretend that he was a good guy. And he sincerely tried that for a while. He helped the Pentaverate negate the effects of the Y2K bug. When the internet arrived, he warned his colleagues that evil people would use it the same way he had used tabloids. Eccleston created Mentor to find the most agreed-upon version of truth after browsing through all the knowledge in the world. Unfortunately, the world at large doesn’t care about the truth. So, Baldwin and Cho have decided to sell the Mentor or the knowledge it contains to the highest bidder.

Each of the five members of the Pentaverate carries a key. There is also a sixth key or the parce clavem, which the Saester of Dubrovnik, the Maester’s sister, has in her possession until Scarborough travels there and claims it. Each key save parce clavem is infused with the DNA of the Pentaverate member it belongs to. Baldwin needs at least three keys to have control over the Pentaverate, so he can sell Mentor. He killed Eccleston and Clark so that Cho could have the second key. The parce clavem was supposed to be his third key, but Scarborough ended up bonding with it.

What is the Meadows?

In 1347, five learned men created the Pentaverate after realizing the true cause of the Black Plague because their findings opposed the doctrine of the church. The Meadows is an annual event in Switzerland where the Pentaverate meets the global leaders. At the Meadows, the Pentaverate celebrates their success and announces what issue they want to tackle next. Moreover, there is an orgy.

In the season finale, Baldwin and Cho try to sell off Mentor to the highest bidder. However, most global leaders leave. Putin ultimately wins the bid, but Baldwin’s plan is thwarted. Anthony Lansdowne grabs him and pulls him down through the “moon door,” which is a hole on the floor of the Meadows venue in the mountains.

What Are the Demetrius Protocols? What Is Septaverate?

The Demetrius Protocols are meant to serve as a final desperate effort to save the world if the Pentaverate were to fall into the nefarious hands. As that’s what happens with Baldwin and Cho, Lord Lordington, Mishu Ivanov, and Shep Gordon use their cyanide pill — the same one they were given at their initiation ceremony — to take their own lives.

Image Credit: Zoe Midford/Netflix

From the ashes of the Pentaverate rises the Septaverate, a new and more inclusive secret society committed to the betterment of the world. There are seven members in it, With Patty Davis (Debi Mazar, who appeared in ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’ alongside Myers) serving as its leader. Patty was the executive assistant of the Pentaverate. She all but ran that organization. No one is arguably more capable of running the new organization than her.

What Happened to Ken Scarborough and Bruce Baldwin?

Ken Scarborough finds his new destiny. He discovers that the Pentaverate sent Reilly to find Scarborough and convince him to join the Liechtenstein Guard, the group in charge of the security of the Pentaverate. Initially, Reilly didn’t see the point of the highly secret mission, but as time passed, she grew close to Scarborough and realized how kind the Canadian was. Scarborough replaces the existing human soul within Mentor, turning it into its greatest version: Kentor. One of the final scenes reveals that Reilly is now part of the Septaverate, and Kentor is the organization’s supercomputer.

Meanwhile, Baldwin has survived his several-hundred feet fall and has gotten a Face/Off operation. He now looks like Rob Lowe. If you are familiar with the plot of ‘Face/Off,’ you will realize that this means that Rob Lowe is somewhere out there in ‘The Pentaverate’ with the face of Bruce Baldwin.

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