The Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate: Cast and Guide to Filming Locations

Lifetime is no stranger to thrillers, and their latest offering, ‘Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate,’ promises to be a great addition to their already diverse collection. The movie follows a young woman named Olivia Bolton, who gets drawn in by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and agrees to become the surrogate of one of Hollywood’s (fictional) biggest stars, Ava Von Richter.

However, Olivia’s illusions about Hollywood and its pristine yet glamorous life are shattered when she becomes an unwilling party to the dark and twisted practices of Ava and her husband. Before Olivia can process her situation and react, she realizes that both herself and her unborn son are in mortal danger, and the film follows her efforts to break free from the sinister couple.

Where Was Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate Filmed? 

Although the movie revolves around a fictional Hollywood star and her surrogate, ‘Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate’ was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. By the director, Mark Gantt’s admission, New Mexico offers tax benefits for shooting films or television series, and these benefits were part of the reason as to why New Mexico was chosen for shooting. However, while these benefits helped manage the budget, Gantt also said that shooting within the stipulated period allotted to the film in New Mexico was the biggest challenge he encountered while making the movie. You can check out a post about filming taking place here.

Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate Cast: 

‘Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate’ has a small cast among whom three stand out as the most important characters in the movie. The protagonist, Olivia, is played by Carrie Wampler, popularly known for her appearance beside Jennifer Aniston and Alden Ehrenreich in Alexander Moors’ war drama ‘The Yellow Birds.’ Also, Wampler is known for playing Becca or Ant Girl in the scripted comedy television series ‘Tales of Titans.’ Carrie has also had small roles to play in the popular HBO drama series ‘Big Little Lies‘ and has played minor roles in several other television series and movies. You can see her promoting the Lifetime movie below.

Meanwhile, Hollywood hotshot Ava Von Richter is played by Brianne Davis, who happens to be director Mark Gantt’s wife. Mark and Brianne have been together for 15 years, and according to the director, the entire process of filming was “like a big family affair” since he was working primarily with people he and his wife had known for years. Apart from Brianna’s involvement in Mark’s work, the actress has appeared in dozens of television series over the years, including some trendy ones like ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,’ ‘CSI: Miami,’ ‘Desperate Housewives,’ and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles.’ Here’s Brianne urging others to see the work.

In addition to Wampler and Davies, Carl Beukes is also listed as being among the main cast, and plays the role of Ava’s husband. Although Beukes is not exactly a household name, he has previously appeared in several popular television shows, including but not limited to ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Homeland‘ and ‘Troy: Fall of a City.’ You can check out Carl’s post promoting the film.

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