15 Best Toddler Movies of All Time

Babies are cute, and if you think otherwise then you mustn’t have been a cute baby, either! The thing is babies are innocent and even if they say a bad word or punch you in the face(!), it still feels quite adorable. But, that’s just the good part. While we shower our love on people’s babies, losing our hearts over their endearing actions, the parents know that taking care of babies is an absolutely exhausting task. Yes, they do love their children more than anything in the world, but until they grow up to take care of themselves, toddlers can tend to be nightmarish beings! Still, they are cute.

If you are someone who finds others’ babies delightful, or if you are a parent who wants some rest while your baby is sleeping, you will find the following top movies on toddlers quite enlightening, entertaining and in the case of the parents, relatable, at the same time. We bet, even toddlers are going to love some of these movies. You can watch several of these best toddler movies on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

15. Baby Geniuses (1999)

Two scientists believe that before the babies start to learn the language of the humans, they speak a language of their own. Supposedly, babies are born with vast knowledge about a lot of things and because they speak a language that grownups can’t understand we will never know what they know. The scientists’ goal is to crack that code. To do this, they have a secret facility where they research on toddlers, mostly taken up from orphanages, and turn them into little geniuses. One such genius toddler is Sylvester who succeeds in escaping from the facility and later formulates a plan to help rescue other babies, too.

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14. Bobbikins (1959)

Ben and Betty Barnaby welcome a baby in their home. One day, Ben discovers that the baby can talk. Not like the babies are supposed to, not the gibberish, the first words or something. The baby talks like adults do, he discusses things like the stock market with his father and even gives tips to him. Ben tries to tell this to others but the baby only seems to talk like this when they are alone. While in the beginning, this seems to be fun, trouble ensues after everything starts to tumble, from his professional life to his marriage. Ben realises that since the baby got him into all this trouble, he is the only one who can get him out.

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13. Baby’s Day Out (1994)

Baby Bink has a very loving and rich family. He is about to appear in a newspaper for which photographers are to arrive in their mansion. But, before the professionals come, three kidnappers disguise themselves to be from the newspaper and in the excuse of taking his picture, abduct Baby Bink. They wish to extort money from his rich parents, but in the meantime, they have to take care of the baby. This proves to be quite a difficult task because they underestimate the curiosity that drives Bink. He successfully, though unknowingly, escapes their clutches and roams about in the city chasing the pictures he had seen in a picture-book.

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12. Look Who’s Talking (1989)

Mollie is in a secret relationship with her executive. When she becomes pregnant, he assures her that he will leave his wife by the time the baby is born and then they can be together. However, as the date of delivery inches closer, it is revealed that the executive is a womanizer and has been fooling around with someone else. Upset and troubled by everything, Mollie goes into labour assisted by a cab driver who gets her to the hospital and witnesses the birth of her child, Mikey. Mikey starts observing his surrounding and the people around him as soon as he is born. He comments on everything that happens around him but only other babies can understand his language.

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11. Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (1992)

Wayne Szalinski is a brilliant scientist who comes up with strange new inventions. Four years after he shrunk his kids in ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’, this film shows him working for a big company on his new invention. Only this time, his machine will not shrink things, it will increase their size. While showing his lab and his invention to his kids, Wayne tests the machine on his two-year-old son, Adam’s toy. But, he makes the mistake of turning his back on him, during which his toddler son tries to retrieve his toy and comes in the firing range of the machine. Now, every time Adam is exposed to something electrical, he grows in size.

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10. Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)

After the events of the first ‘Hotel Transylvania’, this film shows Dracula trying to handle the vampire lessness of his grandson. Mavis and Johnny got married in the first film and have a son named Dennis. Mavis wants to go live with the humans while Johnny and Dracula don’t want her to leave Hotel Transylvania. In order to show her how human life is not for her, Johnny takes her on a vacation to his hometown. During this time, Dracula is left alone with Dennis. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Dracula invites his friends to help him bring out the vampiric traits in Dennis.

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9. Three Men and a Baby (1987)

Based on the 1985 French film (another film to feature on this list), this film tells the story of three men who are forced to take care of a child. Peter, Michael and Jack live together in an apartment in New York City. They party a lot and have a string of one-night stands. Once, while Jack is away, filming for a movie, he sends a message to Peter and Michael about a package that his director will be sending to their apartment. When the package arrives, it is not the one that Jack sent. It is sent by his ex-lover who claims that she got pregnant when they hooked up while they were working on a play. The package is a baby and now they have to take care of it.

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8. Jack and Sarah (1995)

After his wife dies during childbirth, Jack is left alone to take care of his new-born child. However, juggling work and taking care of the baby simultaneously proves to be a difficult thing. Even when he has help from his wife’s parents and, also, his own, he feels like more is needed to be done to find a solid solution to his problem. He hires a nanny to take care of the baby while he is free to immerse himself in work. The nanny, even though completely inexperienced in the matter, takes the responsibility of the child and compels Jack to pay more attention to his kid whom he is avoiding so badly.

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7. Storks (2016)

There was a time when someone wanted a baby they had to send a letter to the storks of the Stork Mountain who would then make and deliver the babies. And then one stork decided to keep a baby for himself. After this episode, the CEO of the storks decided to stop the baby making business and decided to focus on the package delivery part. Years later, the baby grew up to become a girl who wants to help the company but her ideas only create more problems. She is transferred to work in the mail service where she receives a letter from a boy who wants a sibling. She goes into the abandoned factory and creates a child. Now, with the help of another stork, she has to find a way to deliver this child to her rightful place.

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6. Babies (2010)

This is more of a documentary that focuses on the four different types of children, who grow up in different surroundings with different levels of privileges. While one child is born in a hut, the other is born in a well-off hospital. While one lives in a rural area, the other lives in a house full of toys. The film plays out without any narration, without any commentary about the things that we see on-screen. Through four different babies, we are allowed to look into four different cultures and the ways these kids grow up in contrasting conditions. It is not as much a piece of entertainment as it is a thing to ponder on and engage your thought process with.

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5. Baby Boom (1987)

In this film, Diane Keaton plays the role of J. C. Wiatt, a headstrong, career-oriented woman who is doing very well in her current company. She lives with a man who shares the same ideology about work and is as busy and dedicated to his work as she is to hers. Life is good, until, one day, J. C. receives the news of her cousin’s death and that she has inherited the responsibility of taking care of their toddler child, Elizabeth. In the beginning, J. C wants to give up Elizabeth for adoption but later decides against it because of finding herself attached to the child. This, however, doesn’t bode well with his partner who finds the child a distraction in both of their works and decides to move out. J.C also faces problems at work and life becomes even more hectic. What will she do now?

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4. Three Men and a Cradle (1985)

This French comedy has been the source of a handful of other films made in different languages. It was perhaps the idea of the film that was so funny and full of potential that filmmakers couldn’t stop themselves from using it over and over. Jacques, Pierre and Michel are best of friends who live by some ground rules. They spend their life partying and have made a pact of never spending more than one night with the same girl.

Apart from this, they also get indulged with a person who then tries to use them to deliver a package of heroin. A package does arrive at their doorstep, but it is not what they had been expecting. It’s a baby and while they figure out who’s it is, they have to not only take care of it but also save themselves from the dangerous lingering of mobsters and the vigil eyes of cops around them.

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3. Raising Arizona (1987)

In this film by the Coen Brothers, Nicholas Cage plays the role of a robber, Herbert “Hi” McDunnough. He falls in love with a police officer named Edwina. After he is released from jail, he and Edwina get married and Hi decides to give up his felonious ways. They try to have a child but can’t, because of Edwina’s infertility. When they hear about a local business magnate having quintuplet sons, they hatch a plan. Believing that the magnate has had enough kids while they have none, Hi decides to balance the scales by kidnapping one of the babies. However, wishing about having a baby and actually taking care of one are completely different things. Hi and Edwina soon find out the problems they have created for themselves.

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2. Rob-B-Hood (2006)

Jackie Chan is one of those actors who has done such films throughout their career that you can pick any to watch any day and they’ll still be as great as they were when you first watched them. ‘Rob-B-Hood’ is one such film.

Jackie Chan played the role of Thongs, a compulsive gambler who robs people for a living. He is assisted by Octopus, played by Louis Koo, who is a spendthrift and expends all his money on a rich girl he is trying to woo. They are managed by The Landlord who teaches them how to break into safes and other tricks that help them in their heists. In one job, Thongs and Octopus unknowingly rob a baby and are stuck with it until they can deliver it to the gangster they stole it for. As they spend time with the baby, they realise how difficult it is to take care of a toddler.

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1. The Boss Baby (2017)

Tim has loving parents. He enjoys being the centre of their undivided love and attention. Things change when, one day, his parents bring home a baby. The baby starts receiving all of their attention and Tim starts being jealous of the baby. He believes that the baby is not the innocent being that he appears in front of his parents. First off, the baby wears a suit! Then, Tim discovers that the baby can talk, that too, in the voice of an adult man. Turns out, the baby has been sent by the Baby Corp, the place where babies come from (now we finally know!). Over time, the puppies have been receiving more love than the babies from the humans and the Boss Baby has been sent there to foil the plan of a man who wants to create puppies that never grow old.

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