10 Best Movies of 2013

What were the best movies of2013? Let’s check them out. 2013, in my opinion, was the best year for movies since the year 2000. I haven’t seen such series of quality films release one after another. Not just quality, but 2013 was also about variety. From science fiction to romance, 2013 had everything. Here is the list of best movies of 2013 that will be remembered for a long, long time. (That’s why you will find many of the films on the list also found a place in our “Best Movies of this Decade” list.)


1. Upstream Color

Compellingly enigmatic, mythical, lyrical and at the same time deeply philosophical, ‘Upstream Color’ is a rare cinematic commodity that will resonate long after the credits have rolled and will inspire conversations for years to come. Easily the best movie of 2013.

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2. Gravity

Breathtaking, visceral, visually awe-inspiring (more than anything on-screen till date) and a technological marvel in every aspect, ‘Gravity’ set a new standard for every other film that comes after it.

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3. Before Midnight

Before Midnight like its predecessors is talky, witty and funny (in fact funniest amongst all]) but it’s more matter of fact or pragmatic in its approach, shedding the mushy romanticism for bare truths about love and life. Breathtaking, visceral, visually awe-inspiring (more than anything you have seen on screen till date) and a technological marvel in every aspect, Gravity should find its place among seven wonders of cinema – if there are any.

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4. 12 Years A Slave

Brutally honest in its rendering, and unflinchingly told, 12 years A Slave shows us the mirror in which we can see the extremities of cruelty that humans are capable of committing on other fellow humans.

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5. Blue Jasmine

Sly and darkly funny, Blue Jasmine works both as a satirical commentary and a character study. It’s a showcase of Woody Allen’s glibly amusing writing. Possibly his best film in years.

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6. The Wolf of Wall Street

Daringly audacious and deliriously funny, The Wolf of Wall Street might very well be Martin Scorsese’s boldest film till date.

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7. Blue is the Warmest Color

A story of sexual awakening that’s so honest in its rendering that you seamlessly find yourself submerged in it, without realizing that you are watching a cinematic fiction, and not a reality.

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8. Her

There’s something sublimely beautiful and subtly profound about Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’, one of the most imaginative movies ever made. It’s one of those films, which leaves you with a lingering feeling and at the same time, a lot to think about.

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9. The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now, with a delightfully tender love story at its center, is a coming of age film that not only hits all the right notes but also is a breeze of fresh air.

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10. Nebraska

Inherently charming and willfully funny, Nebraska tells an amusing tale of pursuit and self-discovery. Feel good film of the year.

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