Tough as Nails Season 4: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Eliminating room for ease and comfort, ‘Tough as Nails’ features twelve participants who compete in a streak of physically strenuous challenges. The CBS reality television show features contestants with blue-collar jobs who use their strength and endurance every day and aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. The contestants use several tactical strategies to elude elimination and beat their castmates. Season 4 of ‘Tough Nails’ features an intensive premise taut with tension.

Jorge Zavala Continues to Excel in Construction

Endowed with the ability to face strenuous physical challenges, Jorge’s work profile as a constructor allowed him to set a firm foot in the competition. After his union construction group posted an update on casting for ‘Tough as Nails,’ the star felt he’d be a good fit. Originally from Ontario, the man in his late 20s won the top prize by showcasing his stealth and strength throughout the season.

Since exiting reality television, the California-based star continues to excel in construction, mechanics, and carpentry. On the personal front, Jorge is still close to all his castmates, especially Sergio Robles, who even offered him a job. When Jorge is not working and focusing on other opportunities, he likes to spend time with his wife, Joy Zavala, and their children – Ezra and Niomie.

Mister Frost: Welding, Farming in Oklahoma

A craftsman and welder by trade, Mister Frost became one of the forerunners on the show through his strategic tactics, endurance, and grit. After finishing second on the show, Mister Frost has continued to climb the ladder of success. He has also appeared in an interview with Trap Spelling Bee. In his late 30s, the star is based in Oklahoma and continues honing his skills and running his farm. However, life on the farm isn’t easy too. The reality star has faced wild animals like bobcats and even lost chickens to carnivores. Nevertheless, Mister Frost embraces such challenges and expands his road to success along with his children, friends, and family.

Jake Cope is Spending Time With Family Now

After an injury to his quadriceps had rendered him incapable of competing in season 1, Jake Cope was invited once again to showcase his strength and ability on ‘Tough Nails.’ After claiming third place on the show, Jake has continued to exponentiate his career trajectory. Based in Little Meadows, Pennsylvania, the former Morotcross New York State Champion is continuing his role as a Pipeliner at Rockford PSC Corporation. In his 30s, Jake is also a Straw expert at Michels Corporation and continues to enjoy the fruits of his labor along with his friends and family.

Larron Ables: Diesel Tech in Tennessee

Depicting a penchant for strategy and mettle, Larron became one of the forerunners on the show. Even after leaving reality television, Larron has continued to map the road to success. After spending more than four years in Texas as a Diesel Technician, the reality star has returned to Tennessee to work and live closer to his family. With varied expertise, Larron is currently working as a Diesel Technician for Meade Tractor in Kingsport. While the star continues to hone his abilities through hard work, he also likes to spend time with his family and friends. In his 20s, the star has also grown extremely close to his fellow cast members and remains grateful for having gained another family.

Ellery Liburd: Duty Calls in Bronx

Based in the Bronx, New York, the star who’d served close to three decades in the Army, quickly established that his age would not become a factor in his performance. Even after leaving the show, Ellery has continued to exponentiate his growth. While consistently reporting to his call of duty, Ellery also likes to spend time with his loved ones. Approaching his 60s, the reality star likes to keep his personal life under wraps and focus his time on work and family. Ellery has also appeared in a virtual coffee interview with Paramount Veterans Network hosted by Phil Keoghan.

Ilima Shim is a Social Media Influencer Now

Based in Waianae, Ilima became the first woman from Hawaii to appear on the show. After proving her abilities on ‘Tough as Nails,’ the construction worker has explored different paths. In her 30s, Ilima continues her stint in building and construction and has diverted into social media. The reality star has also become an Instagram and TikTok creator. Since her exit from the show, Ilima has garnered a major following on social media and has even appeared on iHeart Radio. Apart from work and other commitments, the reality star likes to spend time with her girlfriend and two children.

Laura Bernotas: Contracting and Exploring

In her 30s, the Virginia-based general contractor skillfully displayed her tenacity to handle tough challenges. Even after exiting the show, the former Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach at the University of Michigan is still advancing on her path to acclaim. Along with her furry friend Tucker, Laura continues to create new milestones. With the support of her family, friends, and siblings, Laura helms operations at Delran Building Services Inc. When she is not working, the reality star likes to travel and explore new places.

Beth Salva-Clifford is Enjoying Family Life Today

Based in Norfolk, the shipboard electrician and U.S. Navy veteran had depicted earnest agility and strength. With over a decade of experience in the forces, Beth had accrued several skills that proved worthwhile on the reality television show. Even after exiting the show, Beth has continued celebrating life with her partner Lacy and their son Patrick. When Beth is not busy working or exploring other opportunities, the reality star in her 40s continues making new memories with her friends and loved ones.

Sergio Robles: Carpentry and Family Time

Despite his early exit, Sergio did not just showcase his endurance and abilities but also managed to walk away with several close bonds. Since his departure from the show, Sergio has continued to work as a Union Carpenter OC. Despite the health complications he faced, the kidney cancer survivor continues to embrace all the challenges life throws his way. Along with his wife Erin and their daughter Kylie, the man in his 50s keeps on creating new memories with his loved ones.

Aly Bala: Laboring and TikTok Creations

Despite being in her 20s, Aly showcased her resilience and ability to compete in challenging circumstances. After walking out from reality television, the Georgia-based laborer continues to embark on new adventures. In addition to continuing her work as a laborer in Covington, Aly has also become a TikTok creator. On the personal front, Aly is engrossed in duties as a loving aunt. When she is not hanging out with her friends, family, and siblings, she likes to spoil her nieces and nephews.

Renèe Kolar is a Business Owner

In her 50s, Renèe’s competitive spirit enthralled many. Despite her early exit from the show, Renèe has continued to achieve success and fulfil her aspirations. Based in Marshfield, Massachusetts, the reality star continues to serve an array of clients through her yard scapes business. Having kickstarted her business during the pandemic, Renee still excels as a dry mason worker. Apart from working at Yardscapes by Renèe & Sons, the former circus performer also likes to spend time with her loved ones.

Synethia Bland is Now a Carpenter, Spa Owner, and a Speaker

Approaching her 40s, the New Jersey-based carpenter is excelling in other fields as well. The Georgia-born reality star is also skilled in an array of trades besides woodworking. Besides carpentry, Synethia is also a licensed massage therapist, motivational speaker, day spa owner, credit specialist, and grant writer. Along with her daughter Destiny, Synethia keeps on creating new memories and hopes to exponentiate her success manifold.

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