Victor Gonzalez: Where is Love Island USA Contestant Now?

Based on the eponymous British series, Peacock’s ‘Love Island USA‘ has captured the attention of dating show fans nationwide with its real-time updates and unique twists and turns. Given the format of the reality series, each day brings something new into the life of the cast members as they try to find their best match. However, not everyone is lucky to win the heart of viewers, like Victor Gonzalez (AKA Victor Rahl), whose on-screen journey ended very early on in season 5. Naturally, people are curious about where he is these days, and we are here to explore the same!

Victor Gonzalez’s Love Island USA Journey

As it turns out, Victor may not have had the best start in the Peacock show since none of the present five girls chose to couple with him when he entered the arena. Yet, as he was the fourth one to enter the house, he got to choose between Jasmine Sklavanitis and Anna Kurdys, ultimately deciding to partner with the former. Despite the unlikely circumstances in which they came together, this particular pair tried their level best to get to know each other, though many did not think they were as compatible as others in the show after Day 1.

Nevertheless, things for Victor quickly turned around as the days progressed. Not only did he start gaining much admiration from the present female population in the show, but he was also chosen by newly arrived Hannah Wright as her date. In fact, for a significant time on Days 2 and 3, Victor became her favorite. However, there was also a mutual attraction between him and Carmen Kocourek.

As the evening of Day 3 approached, Jasmine tried to rekindle the connection between her and Victor. The two even shared a kiss at her request. Hence, it hurt her even more when, on the evening of the same day, Carmen revealed that she wanted to “steal” Victor from her, a power that the newly arrived girls had been given. Unhappy about the apparent betrayal, Jasmine decided to let go of everything between her and Victor.

Meanwhile, the connection between Carmen and Victor started to fizzle out, likely because the former disliked physical affection. Victor grew more upset as she grew closer to Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen but said he did not think the fellow islander was a competition. Still, he agreed to take a step back when Carmen expressed a desire to see where things might go with her and Bergie.

The next twist came after an Indiana Jones-themed task where all the ladies kissed the men they were coupled with, except for Carmen, who kissed Bergie instead of Victor. This upset the latter as he felt he had been disrespected on some level. Things only got worse after Bergie shared with her how Victor had apparently told him earlier that she was only interested in him as a friend.

After Carmen confronted Victor about the same, he was far from happy about Bergie’s actions and told him the same. When she once again learned about Victor’s words to Bergie, she decided to talk to him again, effectively ending any understanding they may have had. Meanwhile, Victor’s frustration with Bergie split the rest of the men in the house, unsure of whom to side with.

The first public dumping revealed that the audience had chosen Carmen and Victor as the least favorite couple, and the cast members had to vote on which person to send him between the two. Seeing a potential connection between Bergie and Carmen, the rest of the participants voted Victor out, though the votes were initially split between him and his then-partner. Nonetheless, Hannah and Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray ended up flipping their votes.

Victor Gonzalez is Content Creation and Modeling Now

Recently, Victor has been subject to immense public backlash as many viewers have expressed displeasure about his actions towards Bergie. In fact, many of the fans have claimed that the reality TV star’s behavior was similar to bullying. Albeit, Victor has only just returned from Fiji after his time on the Peacock show and has yet to address the allegations that the public has made against him.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Victor came to the show at 28. He is an internet content creator who primarily posts videos on TikTok, with over 224K followers. While he has a YouTube channel, he has yet to post any videos there. Having graduated from Life University in June 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, Victor now seems focused on adventuring, modeling, acting, and sports.

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