Does Charmaine Give Birth to Twins in Virgin River Season 5?

In the Netflix show ‘Virgin River,’ protagonist Mel Monroe’s big move to a small town is marked by her hunt for a fresh start as she seeks to leave her life in Los Angeles behind. Upon first moving to the new place as the Nurse practitioner for the local clinic, Mel finds an instant connection with the resident heartthrob, Jack Sheridan. The attraction and chemistry between the two are instantaneous. However, Jack’s existing friends-with-benefits relationship with Charmaine proposes some trouble for the couple.

Worse yet, Charmaine soon announces her pregnancy with Jack’s kids, driving another wedge between Mel and the man. After Jack and Mel are able to work out their relationship despite the former’s complicated ties to Charmaine, they discover that the woman has been lying about Jack’s relation to her unborn children. As such, Charmaine’s pregnancy— a plot point stretched thin within multiple seasons— easily becomes one of the key components of the show. Thus, viewers must be wondering, does Charmaine finally give birth to her twins in season 5? SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Conclusion To a Seasons-Long Pregnancy

Charmaine’s storyline revolving around her pregnancy is first introduced toward the end of Season 1. Since the show sports a compact timeline where only months pass in one season, the woman’s pregnancy continues for the following four seasons, and she nears her final trimester in the fifth installment. In the same season, the mysterious identity of the babies’ father is also disclosed through the surprising reveal that Calvin, the show’s primary protagonist, is alive and apparently the father to Charmaine’s unborn children.

Initially, Charmaine lies about Jack’s connection to her pregnancy because she’s worried about the influence Calvin, a known leader of a drug ring, will have over her kids if she allows him to be a part of her life. Therefore, now that the man has returned armed with the knowledge of his parentage, Charmaine’s worst fears have come true. Still, she persists through the unpleasant situation.

Due to her disconnect with Jack, Charmaine’s presence diminishes this season. Still, significant events like the Labor Day Carnival and the Christmas festive season bring her back into the fold. Furthermore, since the woman is in the later months of her pregnancy, Mel offers to be present for her if she needs any medical help during the holiday season. Eventually, Charmaine’s Braxton Hicks Contractions, a normal pregnancy phenomenon, aggressively kick in, compelling the woman to take the nurse on her offer.

As such, Mel finds herself at the clinic the afternoon before Christmas Eve, preparing to meet Charmaine. Once the woman turns up, Calvin, the presumed dead criminal, is behind her, which proposes a big surprise for Mel. Nevertheless, the nurse uses her authority to deal with Calvin, whose presence clearly only causes Charmaine more exasperation and stress.

Perhaps triggered by this same stress, Charmaine’s Braxton Hicks turn into actual contractions, followed by her water breaking and signaling the arrival of her twins. As a result, Mel calls Doc Mullins over to the clinic, and together, the two medical professionals smoothly help Charmaine through labor. While the process is rough and arduous, with only Mel and Doc around to provide Charmaine comfort, the woman pushes through and gives birth to two healthy baby boys.

In the end, Season 5 Episode 12 brings Charmaine’s pregnancy storyline to a conclusion, leaving her with a family of three. Needless to say, Calvin’s involvement in the pregnancy is bound to stir up some trouble for the woman and her babies in the future. Yet, Mel assured Charmaine that even though Calvin may be the father of her children, there are ways for her to keep him out of her and her kids’ lives. For now, Charmaine gets to spend her Christmas with her babies without worrying about the future.

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