What Happens to Greg at the End of Succession?

HBO’s ‘Succession‘ season 4 follows the Roy family as their internal conflict to succeed their father by taking over his company, Waystar RoyCo, reaches an enthralling conclusion. In the end, a surprising winner is chosen as the new CEO, while other characters are forced to examine the consequences of their loss. Greg’s ending is comparatively indecisive amid the other winners and losers, leaving viewers craving some answers. Hence, viewers must be curious to learn what happens to Greg at the end of ‘Succession.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Greg Stays at Waystar

Greg Hirsch, also known as Cousin Greg among fans, is the grand nephew of Logan Roy. His grandfather is Ewan Roy, Logan’s elder brother. At the show’s start, Greg enters the rough corporate terrain by joining Waystar RoyCo and also seeks a place within the Roy family. He becomes tied with Tom Wambsgans after joining Waystar since they are both essentially outsiders in the Roy family and only share a distant relationship with Logan, Kendall, and Roman Roy. Over the seasons, Greg constantly shifts his allegiances to ensure he gets a bigger piece of the cake and climbs up the corporate ladder. However, he eventually finds himself right next to Tom, who does not shy away from treating Greg as a personal servant, as do the other Roys.

In the fourth season, Greg mostly remains in the background until he tries to get in the good books of Lukas Matsson, who is set to purchase Waystar RoyCo. However, Greg also helps Kendall block Gojo’s deal to acquire Waystar since he fears he could be fired under the new regime. In the series finale, Greg plays a big role in helping Kendall get back in the game after Shiv’s play confirms the board members will vote to sell Waystar to Matsson’s company, GoJo. However, Greg informs Kendall that the CEO seat promised to Shiv will be given to someone else, resulting in Shiv aligning with Kendall only to turn on him during the final vote. Ultimately, Tom is appointed as the CEO, and Greg’s betrayal is seen as harmless, with Tom admitting he will keep Greg on at Waystar under his regime.

What Is the Meaning of Greg’s Ending?

Cousin Greg is considered one of the most unpredictable characters in ‘Succession,’ and many fans theorized that he could win it all. However, while Greg does not get to sit on the throne, he somewhat ends up a winner in the massive fallout from the board meeting that seals Waystar’s sale. In the finale, Greg fears losing his job and the handsome $200,000 he makes a year at the company. Moreover, Tom informs Greg that even if he stays on as the Head of ATN, he cannot save Greg’s job. As a result, Greg tries to help Kendall block the deal. Meanwhile, Greg makes it to Matsson’s good books, which helps him save grace despite betraying the group.

In the final scenes, Matsson jokingly calls Greg “Judas” for betraying him but quickly dismisses the matter. Later, Tom assures that he has Greg’s back. However, Tom’s words are supplemented by putting a sticker on Greg that signifies he now owns Greg. Over the show’s course, Greg tries to be equal to Tom, given their strong friendship, while Tom only sees Greg as his underling. As the narrative progresses, Greg rises to a level where it is difficult for Tom not to acknowledge him, and at one point, Greg has Tom at his mercy.

Greg’s ending returns his relationship with Tom to square one, with Tom essentially reminding Greg that the latter will always be his underling. It also highlights how Greg cannot deliver the decisive blow despite having the tendency to betray others for his own goals. In an interview, actor Nicholas Braun, who plays Greg, stated that Greg will likely remain by Tom’s side until he finds a better opportunity. Hence, it is safe to say that Greg’s ending remains true to his character as he will continue serving powerful people until he gets an opportunity to further his goals and won’t shy away from betraying or abandoning his friends in doing so.

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