What Happens to the Baby in Vikings: Valhalla? Does She Die?

Image Credit: Bernard Walsh / Netflix

A sequel to the History Channel’s popular series ‘Vikings,’ ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ explores a transitional period of Scandinavian history. In the 11th century, the conflict between the believers of the old Pagan religion and Christianity enters its last stage in the twilight days of the Viking Age. Like the original series, ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ candidly depicts the rampant suffering of the ordinary people while their leaders seek glory, land, and vengeance. While making their pilgrimage to the temple in Uppsala, Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson) and her companions are ambushed by a Christian berserker. Freydis and another woman survive the encounter. With her friend on the verge of death, Freydis arrives at a Pagan settlement and asks the healer there for help. The healer has a child of her own. If you are wondering what happened to this child by the end of season 1, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens to the Baby?

The baby first appears in episode 3 of the first season. While her brother and Harald are busy fighting the English marshes, Freydis goes on a pilgrimage to the temple of Uppsala with two fellow Greenlanders and a few others. On their way, they are attacked by a Christian berserker. Freydis later learns that he is known for attacking and killing pilgrims. She manages to kill the attacker, but not before he has killed almost all members of her group except her and another Greenlander. They find a Pagan settlement, and Freydis takes her friend there.

The healer asks Freydis to take care of her daughter while she tends to the injuries of her friend. Upon learning what happened, she urges Freydis to go to Uppsala. She knows that the berserker served the fanatic Christian warlord Jarl Kåre and he will soon come seeking answers. And that’s what happens. Kåre finds the settlement and murders everyone, including the healer and Freydis’ friend. However, he doesn’t kill the baby girl. He goes to Uppsala to speak to the Seer. It is revealed that when he was young, his older brother was sacrificed to the Pagan gods before his eyes. Since then, he has hated the religion of his parents and sought retribution. Kåre destroys Uppsala, perhaps the last vestige of Paganism in Scandinavia, and joins forces with Olaf Haraldsson to defeat Jarl Haakon of Kattegat, one of the last Pagan rulers.

Kåre and his people send a ship as an ominous warning to the defenders of Kattegat. It is adorned with the heads of the priests of Uppsala. The head priestess’ body is tied to the mast. The baby is left on the deck — still alive. There is a baptism cross on his forehead, which Kåre earlier made with his own blood.

Does the Baby Die?

No, the baby doesn’t die in ‘Vikings: Valhalla.’ The last time we see the baby, she is alive. Leif, Freydis, and the others retrieve her from the ship. Jarl Haakon sends Leif, Freydis, and Harald to inspect what has happened in Uppsala. We can presume that the baby was placed in the custody of one of the citizens of Kattegat. If they have managed to survive the subsequent battle, the baby is most likely alive.

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